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Gujarat is a nation located on the Indian Subcontinent. It was formed by indian7p after India was sold to the Yemenis in March 2020 after a brutal war against the Maurya Dynasty and Yemen. The nation was formerly Arabia, but was renamed to Gujarat after leader Tafffy handed it over to Yemen, who allowed indian7p to use it.

Gujarat was formerly a member of the Austrian Empire, as well as the Yemen Empire and the Sri Lankan Empire. It has had 4 Prime Ministers and 2 Presidents.


Beginnings with Yemen

Gujarat joined the Yemen Empire in March 2020.

The Bank of Rajkot. June 5, 2021.

The results of the first Gujarati election.

On June 8, 2020, Gujarat's first Prime Minister election was decided. zThunder7 became the nation's first Prime Minister after holding 2/3 of the popular vote. However, during his time as PM, he had accomplished little, only deciding to stay in Yemen's empire while offering free farms and highway infrastructure. He was also accused of begging for funds from citizens. These actions made his administration rather unpopular, and on the 21st of June, a new election was held which ousted Thunder and appointed navyaxD the new Prime Minister.

Gujarat under navyaxD

On the 1st of July 2020, by democratic means, Gujarat left the Yemen Empire. This was decided through a monthly election that instated zThunder7 as both Minister of Recruitment & Populace and Minister of Economical Activities, and re-elected navyaxD as Prime Minister. After leaving Yemen, Gujarat then joined Sri Lanka.

Prior to July 3rd, the governing body of Gujarat consisted of President indian7p, Prime Minister navyaxD, and a parliament of town mayors and a cabinet of ministers. However, that day, a council was created that would include anyone in any Gujarati town with the "councillor" rank. This council would replace the parliament, and all councillors, MPs, and ministers would be in it. Navya wanted councillors to have more power than MPs, but Indian refused the idea.

Presidential Power Struggle

Three days later, Navya would begin talk of a new constitution. He planned to install himself as president in this new document, but indian7p saw this as an attempted coup. On the sixteenth, Navya held a vote to increase councillor power above MPs, but was immediately vetoed by Indian. The council was temporarily closed to discuss terms of amendments to the constitution.

On July 17th, Gujarat left the Sri Lankan Empire due to the banning of Sri Lankan leaders being banned, as well as UghBraces selling Sri Lanka. The town of Latur defected to Sri Lanka, and negotiation efforts to bring the city back had failed.

Downtown Ahmedabad, capitol of Gujarat. July 3, 2020.

Gujarat on Hold

On the 20th, President indian7p was banned, because of rumors of an alleged doxxing of player Raining_Oranges' friend. A statement by Indian was written in response. During this time, Gujarat was becoming a much more populous nation (thanks to the efforts of navyaxD, who became the "Emergency President"), and Indian released a video on his situation. However, elections were put on hold, as if Indian was not unbanned, Navya would have to step in as the new president.

The City of Rajkot. August 21, 2020.

The next month, Prime Minister navyaxD would buy Mumbai from Sri Lanka, causing him to move from the city of Rajkot and continue his work at his new home. This would cause Rajkot's second period of inactivity, but Mumbai would expand in population quite rapidly.

The Treaty of Ahmedabad. This document shows the agreement between Gujarat and the Austrian Empire, ratified September 6th, 2020. Note: "Rajkot" in Austria term 1 was meant to say "Gujarat," but was written mistakenly.

On August 27th, indian7p was unbanned, and the third election of the Gujarati Prime Minister took place on the first of September. The candidates navyaxD and Pokemaster01 were the only choices, and Navya won by a landslide victory (6-0). This would be his third term as PM. Five days later, Gujarat opted into the Austrian Empire through the signing of the Treaty of Ahmedabad (shown left).

Gujarat under Austria

The day after the new treaty was signed, the Gujarati parliament was under investigation by indian7p. All MP ranks would be temporarily disabled until the investigation was complete. This caused some confusion from the MPs, but it was said by Indian that the target of the investigation was Prime Minister navyaxD. This was because Navya had positive relations with the town of Kraftier and the nation of Kosovo, but poor relations with Nubia, which had been allies with Gujarat since the 20th of June. After Navya agreed to break all ties with Kraftier, Indian's investigation ended. However, Navya's Prime Minister rank would not be returned to him until the 15th, as Indian became irritated when Navya asked him for his rank back.

Involvement with Pakistan

During a border conflict between Pakistan and Persia in late September, the council sided with Pakistan despite being enemies. This initiated peace talks with Jayden, the leader of Pakistan. If Pakistan became neutral or allied with Gujarat, the council would fund Jayden to aid him during the war. Jayden agreed to make a vote and let his people decide on whether his country should make peace with Gujarat. However, no conclusion was ever formally reached, and thus the two nations remained at odds. One possible explanation for why this was could be that Pakistan was an enemy of The Syndicate, a group of nations which the Austrian Empire was in. However, no particular reason for Jayden's abrupt abandonment of the summit was communicated.

The Veto Controversy

On the 22nd, navyaxD and a new MP, InfiniteTapWater, brought up an important issue during a council discussion: indian7p's powers as president. They cited the power of the veto as a reason why Indian had too much control over the government. Indian gave himself this power two days prior, and elaborated on his policy by stating, "Veto power only exists if the thing you are voting on exists or is in process, affects individual towns drastically or changes the political structure (where it is voted by citizens in general elections)." In a discussion regarding a tax bill by InfiniteTapWater, Indian also stated that taxation efforts would also be vetoed. No members of parliament agreed to this, causing an unstable relationship between president and council.

During the voting process of this new tax bill, indian7p continued to suggest amendments after the bill was already finalized, and on top of that, he had the final say, even if the bill was ratified by the entirety of parliament. This meant he had the power to bend the bill to his will, or else it could be voided entirely. Indian could also cast his own vote, which some MPs believed was undemocratic. The council agreed that reform must be made in order to protect Gujarat's democracy, or else Indian risked a revolution.

The official flag of the Democratic Rebellion of Gujarat.

Instability and the DRG

Without indian7p's knowledge, the parliament formed the Democratic Rebellion of Gujarat (DRG), and gained support from Austria, as well as ZodiakFlesh, the then-leader of Alabama, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Mississippi. The rebellion would not see action unless veto reform wasn't agreed to by Indian, and it would not turn violent unless absolutely necessary. The members of the group would split from Gujarat and form an independent nation if nothing was done, or it would attempt to reduce the president's power (or depose indian7p from office entirely.)

The next day, Prime Minister Navya would hold a vote to abolish the veto. Two PMs would vote in favor of it before indian7p vetoed it, adding to the DRG's reasons to rebel. However, on the 26th, indian7p would announce new changes to the structure of the government.

indian7p's message to the public regarding new voting policies.

Indian had reformed both voting and veto power, giving into the demand of parliament. There was no longer any need for the DRG, and thus it was disbanded. This act would finally end the Veto Controversy.

The Rise of InfiniteTapWater

In early September, the town of Bangalore was created by player InfiniteTapWater, a relatively new player on the server. It was quickly annexed by Gujarat, and Tap became its newest MP. He spent most of his time on the server gaining as much wealth as possible, and the rate at which he acquired it impressed other members of parliament. He began one of his largest contributions to the nation by drafting a taxation bill, which was seen and approved by members of the council. This tax bill would be the basis of the Veto Controversy, but would ultimately be approved by President indian7p.

On October 1st, Tap would run against navyaxD in Gujarat's fourth Prime Minister election. He won, and became Gujarat's third PM after only being a part of the nation for less than one month. During his time as PM, he appointed the members of his cabinet while on vacation, but soon afterwards, Tap explained that he had been dealing with "personal stuff." On top of that, the nation was at an all-time low in terms of activity, and it was declining in membership. He resigned as PM on the 21st to focus on real-world problems, and handed the position off to Mapscientist, a cabinet member and mayor of Rajkot. Tap remained in the cabinet during Mapscientist's time as PM.

The Dark Age Begins

navyaxD's speech on Gujarat's Dark Age.

On November 1st, the fifth PM election would take place, but only one person would be on the ballot: navyaxD. By this point, too many citizens had gone inactive for a close election to happen. Navya was reelected with the promise that he would revitalize Gujarat, and wanted every member of parliament to pour their energy into recruitment and growth. His return came with a somewhat more authoritarian approach, as he wanted to weaken the council but strengthen the PM and presidency, while expanding across the Indian Subcontinent.

Navya made a number of speeches and immediate changes, such as the renaming of the Prime Minister to Chancellor, and the introduction of "Outward Westernisation," a program to implement western philosophical ideas into the government.

Throughout Gujarat's time as a colony of the Austrian Empire, the colonists had not fulfilled their promises to Gujarat that were outlined in the Treaty of Ahmedabad. They did not aid Gujarat during its decline, nor did they assist with military protection. The Austrian government also did not allow Gujarat to ally with Nubia, which violated the treaty. indian7p held a vote on November 9th asking the people if Austria was right for them, and after it was decided that GJ would leave the empire, leader Toefte insulted Indian in a heated argument (that was since deleted). It was announced in the Austrian discord server that Gujarat was kicked, but this wording irritated Indian and Navya.

Gujarat under Darya

After leaving the Austrian Empire, Gujarat was free to ally or enemy any nation without worrying about the empire's cooperation. On the 19th of November 2020, Gujarat became one of four founding nations of the Darya Pact, along with Nubia, Somalia, and Kaapkust. The purpose of this alliance was to support each nation's development and defense.

Soon after joining the Darya Pact, false rumors began spreading of a Gujarati declaration of war against the Maurya Dynasty. indian7p addressed the allegations by stating they were indeed fake, and that someone had been impersonating him. Some confusion arose from this event, but no formal declarations were made.

In mid/late November, the members of Darya were preparing for the election the Maktaba, a group of individuals who manage all aspects of the pact. President indian7p campaigned for a position in the Maktaba as a Katib, a member who could oversee foreign policy, military, activity, urban development, or finances. On the 30th of November, the election results were released, and Indian became Katib of the Treasury.

Drafting the Constitution

Five days prior to the election, Indian would make an attempt to finish a draft of the Gujarati constitution the nation was waiting for. A vote was held to ask the people if the document should resemble Nubia's and there would be two affirmative votes. Three days later, another vote was held on what the constitution should include, and all citizens could participate. Chancellor navyaxD's term was extended to an undetermined date so that the constitution could be decided. As of this writing on June 19th, 2021, the constitution has not been finalized, and voting has not yet closed.

In one of the first steps to regrow Gujarat, MP Mapscientist announces his return to EarthMC.

The Last Attempt

By December 2020, Gujarat was largely inactive. Many towns only had one member left, and old members of the nation wanted to do something about it. Some members of parliament expressed interest in renewing Gujarat's activity. Ahmedabad was already going through radical changes, and Rajkot was experiencing new transformations as well. A new recruitment campaign began in some of the larger towns in an effort to start expansion again.

These new strides would not be enough to motivate Chancellor Navya to continue his work, however. On the 18th, navyaxD resigned as Chancellor, citing server and member activity for his reasons why. He also did not enjoy the server any longer, and wanted to distance himself from it as much as possible. The day after this resignation, indian7p appointed Mapscientist and InfiniteTapWater as the new chancellors. Gujarat never had two chancellors at once, but this was not a problem.

The next day, InfiniteTapWater relocated to Rajkot to assist Mapscientist with recruitment, and left Bangalore behind. A large construction project that was made possible by recruitment efforts and government funding was underway, and each town was pouring hours of work into recruitment. This, however, was still not enough, as the December election was cancelled due to the citizens' continued inactivity and unwillingness to campaign.

Navya's "navya Doctrine"; a bill that would attempt to change how Gujarat handled produce.

The Navya Doctrine

On the second day of the new year, cabinet member navyaxD proposed a new bill that would introduce radical changes to the government, which mainly served to change how the state handled agriculture. It was titled "navya Doctrine," and it contained a series of 11 clauses that would reform control over agricultural affairs. There was much debate over the various clauses, and was unfavorable among the chancellors and president. The next day, chancellors Mapscientist and InfiniteTapWater created a new doctrine based on Navya's that they believed had improved upon the old policies to rival the Navya Doctrine. There was no popular version by this point, so President indian7p created a "merger" agricultural doctrine to compromise. This version was not agreed to either, and there were no changes to the government.

The Death of Gujarat

After the events of January 2021, there was very little activity in-game from the members of the nation. On March 15th, Chancellor Mapscientist quit the server, but did not resign his position. Multiple towns fell due to inactivity, including Mumbai on the 11th of May. Some members still logged on just to keep their items and towns, but most of the country did not go online at all. Most towns only had one resident, aside from a recently-added town, Goa.

July Activity Spike

On July 17th, Chancellors Mapscientist and InfiniteTapWater logged onto the server. They surveyed the ruins of once-great towns of Gujarat, and concluded that the country was in a state of dishevelment. After raiding nearby ruins and killing players found in the wilderness, an agreement was reached to annex the town of Bengal from India. This, however, couldn't work, as the town was too far from Gujarati claims to be subsumed, so they settled on an alliance instead.

The following day, MP navyaxD and Chancellor InfiniteTapWater requested to become the presidents of Gujarat. In return for this position, they would return to the server and play actively. This is the agreement they came to with President indian7p:

King indian7p hands the Gujarati presidency to navyaxD and InfiniteTapWater, therefore removing Mapscientist from the chancellorship.

The new President navyaxD made some immediate changes, like changing Rajkot town policy, and President InfiniteTapWater began work on demolishing old buildings in Rajkot. However, activity from nation members was still relatively low, causing Tap to resign his presidency and leave Gujarat days later.

The ghost town of Mumbai. Nationless claims split the town into Mumbai and Bombay. June 19, 2021.

The remains of zThunder7's town, Indraprastha. June 19, 2021.

The town of Goa. June 19, 2021.


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