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GuyDio is currently a senator in Siam, after he left Vietnam on 19.07.2020.

Early Membership

He started his Vietnamese citizenship on 10/04/2019 along with his friend The_Impaler_.

He is credited as the sole maker of The Trans-Vietnam Ice Road, The Vinh Statues, Fort Vinh and The Vietnamese Arch of Triumph. He also participated in city expanding projects for Vinh as the pavement maker.

Pre War

Before the war, GuyDio created numerous VB2's (Vietnamese Bomber 2) for the newly founded Vietnamese Air force. The VB2 and VB1 (The Vietnamese Bomber 1 was deemed to dangerous for use by the pilot) are models created by him on a very tight budget. The relatively low resource requirement for these allowed for them to be manufactured in large quantities. It should be noted that GuyDio did not wish for a war with Siam, predicting that Vietnam would lose the war, instead opting to expand Vietnam's sphere of influence in Micronesia to seize their vast clay deposits. In fact, he proposed a SVB1 (Siamese-Vietnamese Bomber 1) model be created, one that would surely rule the skies and cause massive lag-spikes whenever it was used. His propositions were overruled by Doct_fr, the leader at the time. 

Siam-Vietnam War

 GuyDio participated as a general and soldier in the war, being credited for numerous attacks on Siam, that he would later express his regret for.

During the war, almost all of the VB2's he had made were lost.

At the peace conferece, Doct_fr would not accept any deal Fluxify made so he made one himself.

-Remove Bruh

-Remove Pursat

-Siam will pay 150g

In reality, Siam did not lose anything, because he paid the war expenses Siam would have paid himself, out of his own pocket.

Post War

After the war, he started a move towards democracy that succeeded and became the current president of Vietnam. After that he sold Vietnam to Japan as a direct colony. He was chancellor of Vietnam during the Japanese rule until he left the nation and joined Siam.

Kampuchean War

He was inactive during most of the war, only joining the fight in early summer, he founded the town of Lakebruh in Cambodia, and helping in the battles at Phnom Penh, by PvPing, setting up traps and digging the trench at Donaldgrad, at the time called, New Bangkok.

Indochinese Unification

He was a big supported of the unification with Vietnam. He attended the ceremony in Bangkok.

Later that summer, EarlofSkeen, the king of Vietnam, would be accused of bribery and he left the nation. This left only one king for Indochina, iFluxify (Fluxeeh). However when Earl left, Vinh (390 chunks) was in danger of falling, since his ineffective reign over the city left it with even less residents than it already had. A series of mayors were switched out until GuyDio (now GuyKakyoin) was selected as the town's head by the king in October.

First Indochina War

He is currently fighting in the First Indochina War, while also growing Vinh.