Hacking of EarthMC

On January 21st 2020, EarthMC experienced extreme hacking from what staff believe are two perpetrators. They are known by the names of Reach and Zephix and they have hacked many other servers in the past, including Minecraft Monday. The hackers somehow got the admin controls, teleported everyone online on the server to London and started creating massive holes on the spawn, leaving the place griefed badly. One of the hackers even managed to get admin controls on the EarthMC discord and started banning a few people, also temporarily removing Fix and KarlOfDuty's roles on the discord. The server is now getting a rollback and is going to be down for 48 hours to fix the hack two horrible people have done to the server. During this time, Staff are also reviewing the server's security. The hacker posted a video on youtube showing the hacking. This is the worst hacking EarthMC has ever been subjected to to date.

A supposed picture of one of the hacker's txt files labaled 'OVER 700K IPs'.

Image of the hack.

It was originally thought that over 700,000 IPs were leaked, however many later disproved this as a rumour or bluff. The users spammed their YouTube and Twitter links in chat. There were numerous calls for Mods to come, and they told everyone to log off to avoid being IP leaked. However, soon afterwards, Fix confirmed that some IPs may have been leaked. He said IP banned accounts and players online at the time could've potentially had their IPs leaked had they not logged off before any information could be found.

18:39 CEST, Players fleeing as first craters are blown in front of the TESCO in London

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