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Han Dynasty 漢朝
Coat of Arms
None (At the moment)
Map of Han 1.jpg
National Information
Full Name
National Anthem
Name in Towny Han
Motto 修身、齊家、治國、平天下
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Capital City Heng-An 恆安
Largest City Changsha 長沙
Oldest City Macau 澳門
Established July 12, 2019
Government Information
Leader Empress Shia_Chan
Chancellors A1azan
Prime Minister XxSlayerMCxX
Political System Monarchy 君主制
Economic System Capitalism 資本主義
Official Language CN.gif Chinese 中文

Englishflag.jpg English 英文

Official Religion Slayerism, Sanaism, Synism, Highism, Chicken-beating-ism
Army Size Classified
Dominions Chu 楚
Part of
Historical Information
Past Leaders
Past Capitals Heng-An 恆安

Changsha 長沙

The Han Dynasty (commonly called Han) is a major country in Asia.

Their Discord is:


The Han Dynasty as a nation was formed on the 12th of July, 2019. The reason for the formation of the nation is the fall of The Qin Dynasty and the forming members wanted to continue the legacy of the falling Qin.


On 12 July 2019, the then Qin emperor XDA1 declared his abdication and the disband of Qin. Leaders of several major towns in Qin decided to create a new nation to continue the legacy of Qin and prevent opposing countries from gaining control of Qin's towns. And Han was born on the same day. On 14 July 2019, Qin was officially disbanded and most of the Qin's town joined Han.

On 1 August 2019, some Sui, Yue and Majapahit players tried to create a town called MajaPalace inside the under-constructing Han's palace. The town got deleted by the mods after receiving reports of claim blocking. On the same day, Han declared war on Sui_Dynasty and Yue. A few days later, Han declared war on Qin, the nation created by CobetKar, aka BommBap.

On 10 August 2019, Han's palace was primarily completed.

On 12 August 2019. Han became the most populated nation in the server. Later on, its population dropped sharply and it's now the 4th largest populated nation.

On 6 September 2019, Han was declared war by the Philippines due to an attack launched by Han, which is caused by the territory conflicts with the Philippines.

On 1 June 2020,shia_chen announced han became permanently neutral.

Foreign Relation

Han has a generally peaceful relationship with most of the nations in the server, especially Chinese nations.

Just like most of the Asian countries, Han is in the House of Uesugi and Empress Shia is one of the current Uesugi leaders, after Cascadian leader RangerMK01 stepped down from the position.

Besides the House of Uesugi, Han is also a member of Entente.

At the moment of writing, Han was having the following countries as enemies:

  • Sui_Dynasty
  • Yue
  • Qin (Note that this is not the well-known Chinese nation Qin, but the one created by CobetKar, aka BommBap)

The nations mentioned above are having war with Han due to the manslaughter of Chinese, especially Han members by those nations' members

  • Philippines

The nation mentioned above was having a war with Han due to a territory conflict over the real-life Macau location. Right now, the conflict ended with an agreement between two parties.



Flag Name Province Mayor Pop Size Founded
Heng An 恆安 Star.png Shaanxi Shia_Chan 5 180 2019 07/12
Macau 澳門 Macau A1azan 7 120 2019 03/23
Hefei 合肥 Anhui Johine 1 284 2019 05/12
Bianzhou 汴州 Henan Windyang 6 204 2019 05/13
Changsha 長沙 Hunan XxSlayerMCxX 79 804 2019 05/10
Yiyang 益陽 Hunan Dp_Dk_Fantasy 19 300 2019 05/11
Penghu 澎湖 Taiwan JustinG1057 4 171 2019 05/17
Susladich 高雄 Taiwan Shimizu_Miyahara 1 164 2019 09/03
Nanchang 南昌 Jiangxi Rileymonster42 1 185 2019 04/29
Jiujiang 九江 Jiangxi xiao_quan_ 2 114 2019 05/17
Wenzhou 溫州 Zhejiang Hanys_K 1 41 2019 07/17
Shan Tou 汕頭 Guangdong shuang_jiang 7 145 2019 08/03
Chongqing 重慶 Chongqing xpfung_YT 1 358 2019 05/09
Beijing West Beijing AmatsuKitsunes 2 127 2019 05/04
Forbidden City Beijing Dinfoerfader 1 148 2019 12/01
Kunming 昆明 Yunnan Xirui45 1 41 2019 08/31
JiNan 濟南 Shandong MC_cubes 20 189 2019 07/11
LinQing 臨清 Shandong Lftwl 1 52 2020 03/02
Qing Dao 青島 Shandong peaceCEO 1 27 2019 09/09
Sui Zhou 隨州 Hubei evanhou 1 65 2019 09/18
ChinaTown Hubei _Rempop 1 10 2019 12/10
Guilin 桂林 Guangxi doreamon12138 3 72 2019 11/10
San Ya 三亞 Hainan Xiaodu123 2 42 2020 01/29
Qiongbei AP Hainan XiaoMing_1218 3 36 2020 02/17

Notable people

  • Empress Shia_chan (formerly known as Maxifunseeker43)
  • Prince A1azan: Crown Prince
  • Prime Minister XxSlayerMCxX
  • Marshal xpfung_YT: one of its main fighters
  • Duke Fan_Gao: the leader of the Delta region of Changjiang
  • Duke windyang: the leader of Bianjing
  • Omoshiroi_Sana: was one of its main fighters
  • Toby_The: The Grand Builder of the nation


  • Empress Shia_chan (formerly known as Maxifunseeker43) was the mayor of Macau before creating Heng-an and becoming the leader of Han.
  • Han's population boomed to 250+ just within 4 days.
  • Han's palace was claim-blocked by its enemy nations
  • Han is the first main nation in Mainland China that is ruled by real-life Chinese