Harrenhall Massacre

At the start of an EarthMC day, a bunch of people in Harrenhall started luring people into their prison by offering trade deals. Many came to the spawn and in seconds were brutally slaughtered, there stuff was stolen and the massacrers acted nothing like humans and those who still do massacre people still do act like this. Not responding to messages, murdering those who are in sight, etc.…….

The only way to freedom was either pay a bill which would increase each day (40G) or stay here for the rest of your life, and to the surprise of no one, the staff allowed this, they loved the idea so much they tried their best to increase the queue and create something just like it, but you have to pay real money, not gold.


Finally after a whole day of badly treated prisoners being killed, rioting, being beaten up and robbed, the moderators, who'd been sleeping and not caring that a bunch of players had just been temporarily banned from the server for no reason supposedly created a 2 block hole in the prison wall allowing people to escape, just not with their belongings.

This would make the moderators even more hated since they were already viewed as authoritarian Nazis who oppressed and taxed the server population.

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