Hefeistopolis is a town place in the actual Yemen. The ruler is Alkusito.

It started being only the home of his ruler with the name of Castellae and an old banner which is not used in nowadays.


The town was named when the ruler accepted one citizen and established his god Hefaistos

(God of Forge in Greek Mythology and Roman with the name Vulcanus).

Map of Hefeistopolis

The town joined to the nation of Saudi_Arabia in half February and have a lot of conflicts since that day with Japan. Fen declared that the citizens of Hefeistopolis made a crime against his nation and broke the alliance with Saudi Arabia and declared the citizens of Hefeistopolis as enemies.

General Info

His banner colors have a meaning. Blue meaning is the sea of this portuary city. Black meaning is the dark times Hefeistopolis suffered. Green meaning is the grass and ecofriendly energies used by the town and Red meaning is the fire of Hefaistos forge.
Banner he

Banner of Hefeistopolis

His first citizen is his ruler Alkusito and later joined iCloud3 and ByAntoinerGy in the era when Hefeistopolis was renamed.

The second group of citizens are BloodNight, Enfer, and theraidengamer94 who is a youtuber called Eugene Jackson who left Spain running of taxes of his country.

The third group of citizens are Afyzz and Josexu_Parralo who came atracted by the cultural atracts of the city.

His anthem is Cat and it is used when the town celebrate one event.

It felt into ruin the day of 14/03/2019

Alkusito (talk) 23:50, March 8, 2019 (UTC)

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