The current banner of Helsinki.

Town Information
Full Name Helsinki
National Anthem
Name in Towny
Established January 3rd 2020
Nation Finland (Jan 20, 2020 - )
Population 25
Continent Europe
Government Information
Mayor J1K J1K
Councillors Emerald tip Emerald_tip
Political System
Economic System Capitalism
Official Language Finland Finnish

Lataus (9) English

Official Religion
Historical Information
Past Nations Finland (Jan 3 - Jan 6, 2020)

Finnmark (Jan 6 - Jan 20, 2020)

Past Mayors
Past Councillors Notjamix NotJamix (Jan 6 - Jan 8, 2020)

Sl1dy Sl1dy (Jan 8 - Jan 11, 2020)

FireSenpai Fire_Senpai (Jan 11 - Jan 19, 2020)

Helsinki is a metropolis in Southern Finland with a small amount of landmass compared to their population. The town was founded January 3, 2020.


J1K decided he wanted to create a town in December 2019. Him and Rahalainen began to grow their funds to establish the town as soon as J1K decided to create Helsinki. Something they did while gathering funds was ice highway fixing, J1K got gold from someone who he helped with his CTM station. As soon as the gold was gathered, J1K got killed and he had to pay to get the stuff back. (This was the time when sign shops were down, so there was no other option.) That didn't bother J1K that much, he just continued mining gold. Helsinki was established on January 3, 2020 after all of that. 

CTM Station

The CTM station of Helsinki is around half built at the current time being. The project has been disbanded due to FTN being established by J1K. Nowadays the station works as a fancy junction.

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