The current town of Helvétie was founded by Judge__Judy under the name of "Alpine Gaul" after leaving the Greater Roman Empire. Judy's intent in creating this town was to join France run by his ally, Barvaux. This town was known in the past as Lombardy, Romandy, and Bern.


Alpine Gaul

Helvétie was founded as Alpine Gaul in the alps. Judge__Judy expanded the town greatly, making a large hollow claim in the alps. Eventually, he decided to start claiming north of the alps. The claims north of the alps were filled in from the start.

A Time of Expansion 

It was in this period that Helvétie acquired the majority of its claims.

Expulsion from France 


In early May, the town, then named Romandy, was kicked out of France by King Cragno I. This was due to Cragno and Judge__Judy's political differences. Romandy spent the first week refusing to join a nation as proof of its continued commitment to France.

Removal of Alps hollow claim 


Helvétie's hollow claim was reported by the new nation of Switzerland after it refused to join them. This event was upsetting to Judy and prompted him to leave EMC for 7 days.

German Ultimatum 

The Kabinett Threatens Judy 

The German Kabinett demanded Judy hand over his town to a Swiss citizen. Judy refused, however no action was taken as the town did not have a nation. Heinikin, Kaiser of Germany, said that Germany would declare war on any nation Bern joined.

French Revolution 

Paris Grieved 

A few days after Romandy's hollowclaim was removed and it was expelled from France, Paris suffered a massive grief by a trusted councillor, Mocc. The Eiffel tower was destroyed and the Louvre raided. This event set the course for the French Revolution.

Cragno Abdicates 

Following the grief, King Cragno abdicated and took a back stage on EMC politics. Cactusinapumpkin was made the new King. This made way for a potential re-entry of Helvétie (Romandy) into France as Judy's political allies lobbied for him.

Re-Entry Vote 

The vote and the chaos that ensued was made by LogantheProdigy (Vwon) representing the town of Lyon. This caused a large chaos in France as senators argued about the re-entry.

Operation Rampjaar 

From the chaos, a group known as "Operation Rampjaar" formed between many French members that supported Helvétie's re-entry. Some of its members included: Fmr King Barvaux I, LogantheProdigy, Thanamos, Judge__Judy, and Lamye. Operation Rampjaar members drafted an ultimatum to Benja (Grand Protector at the time), Mikey (Minister at the time), and Cactus (King at the time).

Ultimatum Refused and 10 Days of War 

The recipients of the ultimatum refused. This begun the secession of separatist towns and the beginning of the First French Civil War. The separatists, known as the Royalists, weren't planning on owning a nation, allowing them to fight the civil war without the intervention from the Coalition of Europe and Germany.

Battle of Zurich (Swiss Capital) 

Meanwhile, Germany and Switzerland were still at odds with Judy. In a smart move, Helvétie joined Britain right after Germany violated a border treaty with them. With the help of Angloist, mayor of Dublin, a battle was started at the border between the Swiss capital and Helvétie. Switzerland and Germany admitted defeat following the event. The next day, Britain and Germany managed to fix their dispute so Helvétie left the nation, thanking them for their hospitality. This defeat forced Switzerland and Germany to re-negotiate a fair deal with Judy. The British victory at the Battle of Zurich will be remembered with the construction of "Britain Square" at the Helvétie-Zurich border.

The New Deal 

Following Switzerland's defeat at Zurich, the mayor of Helvétie and the Swiss foreign minister, Bunnyrich reached a new deal: Judge__Judy would keep the town that would be shared between both France and Switzerland.

Revolutionary Victory 

The revolutionaries and French King Cactusinapumpkin reached a deal, beginning the French Republic.

A Victory for Helvétie 

Judge__Judy, as a member of the revolution was promoted to Minister in France's new republican government and was granted citizenship in Germany.

The Future 

Judge__Judy intends on building Helvétie up into a popular tourist site accessible using /n spawn Switzerland. 


Helvétie is currently still wilderness, however plans have been made to start developing the town.

Notable People

  • Barvaux
  • Judge__Judy
  • Angloist


Made by Judge__Judy/kip#4804. The flag of Bern (Helvétie) is based off of Bern's real flag. The red represents the British victory at the battle of Zurich, the gold represents Bern's wealth and size, the Fleur de Lis represents Bern's French history. This flag is no longer in use following Helvétie's departure from Switzerland.

Made by Judge__Judy/kip#4804. This flag was Bern's flag during its short duration in Britain. This flag is a parody of Bern's real life flag and will be displayed at "Britain Square" to glorify the Battle of Zurich. Following Bern (Helvétie)'s departure from Switzerland, this will become the new official flag.

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