The Hindustani-Indian war was made upon series of attacks coming from Indian, Nazi and Swedish forces upon the city of Nashik, part of the Nation of Hindustan and home to a population made up of only brazilians. After many clashes and skirmishes in the region, the Brazilian government voted to interfere on the conflict on Hindustan's side, in name of it's strong ties with the city of Nashik. Winning by unanimity on the Brazilian Federal Senate, the decision taken was to present an ultimatum to Indian authorities demanding immediate cease-fire and the payment of 40 golds as war reparations made by the prior clashes and attacks to Nashik.

Most Brazilian politicians and generals days prior to the dispatch of the Ultimatum seriously doubted that peace could be achieved without bloodshed. mass mobilization began before the war started and the Brazilian army changed its numbers from 5 soldiers to over 10 in one single day.

A Brazilian delegation was sent to Sweden to propose a cease-fire, the delegation was attented by the Swedish Marshall Sweharry and after negotiations peace was arranged. Sweden would remain neutral in the war and would cease it's attacks on Nashik. The next day Brazilian troops would start being sent to service overseas in Hindustan, anxiously waiting for the response to the Brazilian Ultimatum, with gun on hands and with orders to kill anything that tried to get in the city without permission.

The Ultimatum was denied by the Indian authority Shiva1234, followed by the statement "Go fuck yourself from India, Albania and Sweden". Later on it was confirmed by the Swedish Stateminister that Sweden would remain neutral in the war, with Albanian's declaring war hours later.

The war had began.


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