Hiroshima was first founded by EggzOnToast in early 2019, with Eggz building it up to be a fairly large town nof 26 Citizens. After some time, Eggz left the town, and Hiroshima became a ruin.

Shoyameow took over Hiroshima on August 30th 2019. He rebuilt much of the town, building a new Shrine, Station and linking Hiroshima up to Japan's Shinkansen Ice Network. Shoyameow also upped Hiroshima's chunk claims to 56.

On 26th November, Shoyameow left Hiroshima and KawadaJP took over Hiroshima. He oversaw the construction of Hiroshima Castle and began working on removing older buildings, replacing with newer ones. Kawada claimed more and more chunks on his first day in Hiroshima, bringing total chunks to 114. KawadaJP plans on building everything new in Hiroshima, such as the Resident Areas, Shops and Public Spaces. However he plans on keeping historic sites such as the Hiroshima Shrine.

December 2019

By the beginning of December, KawadaJP brought the total Chunks in Hiroshima to 176. KawadaJP built and oversaw the construction of many new things in Hiroshima during this period including Hiroshima Castle and its gardens/public spaces, Hiroshima Walls, Hiroshima Port and building a large resident area named "Northern Hiroshima Resident Village" which will house up to 20 Citizens in lovely cottages. Working on the projects with KawadaJP include Japanese Saayuuki, MrBooster01 and Shoyameow. KawadaJP also continues to knock down old ruins of Hiroshima, and plans to replace the old buildings with newly built ones.

Screenshot 39
Screenshot 52

The First Picture Shows Hiroshima on the day KawadaJP took over the city, and the second Picture shows the First of December and the many changes to the city.

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