Collapsed Nation, View Rhine Confederation or Germany

Holy Roman Empire

The Holy Roman Empire is the most epic nation ever.


Early History 

Pre Terra Nova 

The Holy Roman Empire as a concept originates from before terra nova, with syn creating a discord, however this story has been told multiple times, to get more information on the matter go take a look at this page and that page.

The Sleep 

After the Holy Roman Empire disbanded, it stopped existing for around 4 months until it woke up, and rose up from the ashes. On the 19th of January 2019, the HRE was created with burgundy Under Middle Francia.

The Awakening

On 27/01/2019 Ultil0l bought off Carolinga from Argaeus and now it is called HolyRomanEmpire.


After months Util0l stepped down as emperor to start anew in North America and handed leadership to SqueakyPenguin, who supposedly disbanded the HRE. Later joining the First Rhine Confederation but later leaving to join Germany after the collapse of the confederation.


The Holy Roman Empire is an elective monarchy using Radical Feudalism, meaning that the vassals of the emperor act as almost independent states.

Notable People

  • Ultil0l
  • SqueakyPenguin
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