1. Hotan Monastery
  2. History
    1. Pre-Creation
      1. Origins
      2. Settling
    2. Early History 
      1. Trading
  3. Buildings
  4. Notable People
  5. City Subdivisions
  6. Other stuff





Before the Settling in the Himalayas the primary settler (MrStarwalker) came from Southeastern Asia

to settle an outpost for Buddhist thought and religion. The Journey was long and some robbers tried to

rob the poor monk but they failed


After the primary settler came to the Himalayas he scoured the are to find a spot to settle the monastery.

The settler first wanted to settle in lower Himalayas but after some consideration it was settled that the

monastery would be settled in the northern Himalayas and an outpost was created

Early History


The monastery was founded on 9th of May 2019 and after its annoucement people from Manchuria and

Mongolia supported the monastery and the colonization of the Himalayas and the day after the

Monastery had a trade agreement with a person from Sudan with the Monastery selling Diorite and

Andesite for gold which was used for land expansion to the east.


When you come from the north you will be met with the stairs towards the Monastery which can be seen in

the distance. When you climb up the stairs you will be met with a small garden/corridor which has 5

directions, Left towards a courtyard, Left center to the dining hall, up the stairs towards the main square

right to a small room and behind to the exit.

Main Square

The main square has the Monastery Main hall, alchemy building and a small house to the right.

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