House of Yorksgate

The House of Yorksgate was a House that was founded when the marriage of Logan C. York and Ebijiah D. Demung happened on September 28th, 2018. This created the House of Yorksgate.


The House of York and the House of Demung

The House of York

The foundation of the House of York is unknown, the furthest back that we know is Logan C. and his brother Max C. This house would not have any significance and when The Union of Yorksgate happened the house of York converted their name.

The House of Demung

The House of Demung is the house that is a branch off of The House of Valkyria. The only member of The House of Demung was Ebijiah D. whose fathers' were Brendan Valayria and Owentheguy.

The Yorksgate Split

With the death of Logan I the House of Yorksgate starts to split into pieces. It would split among his Children into multiple parts.

House of Yorksgate-Habsburg

One of Ebijiah and Logan's sons moved to Vienna here he founded the House of Yorksgate-Habsburg. This House would not last for too long as Vienna would be abandoned and Francis I would move to Cleveland afterwards.

House of Yorksgate-Luxembourg

After the death of Logan I in August of 2019 his youngest son Logan II would move to Europe, he tried to follow his fathers journey in Europe by going to Reims but he saw that Reims was no more and instead was Sedan. Instead he moved to Dieppe and then he founded Luxembourg creating the House of Yorksgate-Luxembourg.

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