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How our Minecraft Server's Chicago Wang Gar started a World Gar, more known as How our Minecraft Server's Gang War started a World War, is a 2020 documentary written, directed, edited, and created by American Youtuber Dabs_All_OvarYT. It was produced under the EarthMC film company, 20th Century Faux. It features the leader of the nation of Avalon, MattyG2012.

The video features Dabs_All_OvarYT and MattyG2012 explaining the Poop Dealer vs Penis Inspector Gang War. Dabs was an important individual during the technically ongoing conflict.


Introduction (0:00 - 1:46)

The video begins with the logo of 20th Century Faux for a brief amount of time. Then, the screen fades to black, and a small clip of Pissism, our Joke Minecraft Server Religion fades in. On the clip, Dabs is talking briefly about the Poop Dealers vs Penis Inspectors Gang War, PDvsPIGW for short. Around the clip, YouTube comments start fading in. These comments are all related to the PDvsPIGW. Then, the screen cuts to black and, very quickly, Dabs_All_OvarYT starts talking. He starts briefly explaining what the documentary will be about. MattyG2012 enters to help Dabs start explain the Gang War and Dabs keeps describing the conflict. He talks about how the Poop Dealers and Penis Inspectors weren't always at war.

The Very Beggining (1:46 - 5:15)

Dabs starts explaining the origin of the Poop Dealers. How they were founded in Mumbai and the establishment of their California division. Although the Poop Dealers had their California division now, they couldn't make enough gold to survive in the long term. So, they began business in Chicago; a city that was described as having poor quality of life and many gangs. The Poop Dealers took advantage of this establishing their first plot in Chicago.


How our Minecraft Server's Chicago Wang Gar started a World Gar

The full documentary, available on Dabs' YouTube channel

Matty begins describing the background of the Penis Inspectors and their founding in the Vatican City. The Penis Inspectors were kicked out of Vatican City because of the Italian Civil War. The Penis Inspectors arrived in Avalon and took advantage of their religion, Pissism, as it basically worshipped what they were selling. The Penis Inspectors made enough gold to afford suitable housing and they arrived at Chicago. The story gets tense, as the two corporations or "gangs", as they would go on to be called, became clear rivals. The gangs tried to steal clients from each other.

The Geneva Convention II (5:15 - 7:45)

The Geneva Convention 2: Electric Boogaloo happened to calm down tensions. The representatives disagrred on the result of the debate, and judge Pierronus21 ruled that a straight line would divide the city between the cartels. Although the Poop Dealers liked this, the Penis Inspectors disagreed and tensions didn't fall. The opposite, everything escalated.

After this, the Assasination of Huey_Freeman01 took place. The event was an immense outrage to the cartels and tensions grew to an all time high. The state did nothing to respond. The Poop Dealers, after realising that the goverment would do nothing to stop them, declared war on the Penis Inspectors.

The Living Conditions (7:45 - 9:10)

The living conditions, especially for the average Chicagonese citizen, were unbearable!

—Dabs All Ovar,

Dabs describes how the PDvsPIGW drastically worsened the living condicions in the city. Customers with addictions to poop or pee would go to intense ends to get their materials.

The Snowball Effect (9:10 - 10:47)

Britain mistook the violation of the Geneva Convention 2 for the first Geneva Convention and joined the Penis Inspectors. The Poop Dealers pressured Alaska and Cascadia to join them and many other nations started to get involved and, eventually, a battle was arranged at the border of the border of the gangs. Huey_Freeman01 announced on Faux News that the battle would happen on the 16th of December, 2019. After ~5 minutes, the Penis Inspectors won with most of their firepower coming from Britain.

The Marvin Pact (10:47 - 11:23)

After the battle, a post in r/EarthMC revealed that the Marvin Pact controlled the Poop Dealers and Penis Inspectors all along. Reddit posting on the subject stopped and life came back to normal in Chicago.

outroduction (11:23 - 12:24)

[...] but with little memes on the subject anymore and more and more newboron Ilinese becoming not learnt of the topic, it seems (like) the piss-colored sun has set on this poopy meme.


Matty explains how the PDvsPIGW seems to have left its apogee. Dabs and Matty leave confused without a real conclusion or anything to learn from the war and credits roll.








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