Huron City Skyline

Huron City is the Oldest city in the nation of Michigan. It is located on the Saginaw penninsula North of the real life city Detroit.


Huron City was founded after Beaverman1s city Cascade Bay in Northwestern America fell to ruin. The location was chosen to be away from any big citys.

Virginia Age

The first nation Huron City joined was Virginia. They intended to join Ontario but Anorse reached out to the city before they could, inviting them to Virginia

Creation of Michigan

After awhile of peace in their location, new city started popping up everywhere. new city such as Flint, Alpena, and Chippewa. Eventually he confronted the city makers and grew to become friends with them. Eventually they made a nation called Michigan. After staying in Virginia they finally decided to join Michigan.


  • Archway Arena

This is the basketball arena that the basketball team "The Glaciers' Play inside of. There are rumors of a Mega-Arena being built to replace it but its still the biggest Basketball stadium in the world (Dedicated Plots). It is located in the Saginaw District.

  • Michigan National Prison

This Prison was built mostly for decoration as prisons aren't usually needed. But it is still a beautiful landmark of the history of Michigan.

  • The Michigan Building

This is a building soon to be finished that will host the official Huron City History Museum. It is located in the Sanilac District.

  • Old Town Tower

This cowboy style skyscraper right in the heart of the Saginaw District is a beautifu peace of land.

Notable People

  • Beaverman1 (Owner)
  • OST999 


This city consists of 3 Districts. The Sanilac District, The Saginaw District, and the Tuscola DistrictThe Sanilac District is the southeastern district. It consists of the spawn, And borders Lake HuronThe Saginaw District is the southwestern district. it consists of mostly houses, with two skyscrapers and is the second largest district. It borders The Saginaw BayThe Tuscola District is the largest of the three. It has not been fully made but will consist of the biggest skyline. and the future spawn of the city. It is still being planned out.

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