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Illinois is an empire based around the real life state of Illinois. While it mainly has towns inside this area, there are also towns that stretch around the Michigan Lake, and three towns in New England. The capital of Illinois, Chicago, hosts a large number of members.


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The government of Illinois is a Diarchy: where two leader rules the country. The current leaders are Cencius and Smithy

There is also a second in command called the Prime Minister with power less then the the emperor: The office of the Prime Minister is currently held by Blitey for a second term, (July, August).

Prime Minister


The nation also has a few Cabinet Members who are under the Prime Minister and specially chosen by them. The current Cabinet Member are as follow:






Vassal states

Nation of Hamptons currently led by NewYorker9.

Nation of Michigan currently led by Ooban

Nation of West Jersey currently led by DAmOnD_Warrior.

Nation of Carolina currently led by n/a.

Nation of Indiana currently led by TJPlaysNow.

Nation of Missouri currently led by n/a.

Nation of Union States currently led by n/a.

Nation of Louisiana currently led by Jordan66K


Illinois is currently not at war.


One notable building is the Embassy in Chicago, a large building made out of sandstone. Every day Cencius is building more and more architectural innovations.

Notable People

  • Cencius
  • _smithyy
  • Blitey
  • Ooban
  • DripV2
  • CreatorWill
  • Blo_1590
  • Pyromaniacs
  • CameronChk



The capital and largest city of Illinois; Borders Plainfield (Illinois), Fort Wayne (Illinois), Green Bay (Wisconsin), Langton (Illinois), Riverton (Illinois), East Chicago (Michigan), and Lansing (Illinois). Mayor is Cencius.


Large city with the third largest population; Borders Allegany (Maryland), Philidelphia (Pennsylavania), Newark (New_Jersey), Washington (Union_States), Canton (Illinois), and Frederick (Illinois). Mayor is CreatorWill.


Large city directly with second largest population based south of Chicago; Borders Chicago (Illinois), Borders Plainfield (Illinois) Mayor is Blitey.


Small city east of Michigan with the fourth largest population; Borders Farwell (Illinois) and Chicago (Illinois). Mayor is Blo_1590.


Large city in the east with the fifth largest population; Borders Richmond (Virginia), Washington (Union_States), and Culpeper (Louisiana).


Medium City based far south east under Ohio bordering no town currently. Increasing population by far from other Illinois towns.

Green Bay

Medium City based north west of Chicago bordering Chicago to the South, Lacusmagnia to the North West and Marquette to North East. Known for being the town closest to resemblance of Wisconsin. Famous for being super old and transfer to Illinois multiple times.