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This article refers to the Empire of Brazil, to read about the Kingdom of Brazil, access Brazil Kingdom.
Empire of Brazil
1200px-ImperialFlag of Brazil (1870–1889).svg.png
Coat of Arms
Coat of arms of the Empire of Brazil.svg.png
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National Information
Full Name Empire of Brazil
National Anthem
Name in Towny Imperial_Brazil
Motto "Independence or Death!"
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Capital City Bandeira de Vitória.svg.png Vitória
Largest City 2000px-Bandeira do Distrito Federal (Brasil).svg.png Brasilia (Claims)

Bandeira de Gramado.jpg Gramado (Population)

Oldest City Bandeira da cidade de São Paulo.svg São Paulo "(Urbs Antiqua)"
Established January 8th of 2019
Government Information
Leader 21.png BlackQuartz
Chancellors 22.png luigihero1
Prime Minister 22.png luigihero1
Political System Government monarchy.png Monarchy
Economic System Gold Icon.png Laissez-faire Capitalism
Official Language Portugueselanguage.png Portuguese

Englishflag.jpg English

Official Religion Irreligion, Christianity
Army Size Classified
Part of
Historical Information
Past Leaders
Past Capitals 1200px-Bandeira londrina.svg.png Londrina

Imperial Brazil, officially the Empire of Brazil, used to be an union of monarchical states led by a leader called Emperor. The leader used to be Emperor BlackQuartz.

Nowadays this nation doesnt exist anymore and its capital was occupied by Brazil and now it is occupied by Brazil after the its own former Xingu.

The Empire of Brazil used to occupy the territories of Imperial Brazil, North Brazil, Mexico, Paraguay, and Baja, with the seat of government being in Brasilia


South America

The Empire of Brazil was mostly located in South America, in the east and northeast. Imperial Brazil borders the Kingdom of Brazil to the east and north, and Argentina to the south and west.

Also part of South America is the province of the Kingdom of North Brazil, which borders Pará to the south, Columbia to the west and Trinidad-Tobago to the north.

North America

The Kingdom of Baja, the first province outside of South America, is located in the southwestern territory of North America, bordering Southwest to the north and Comanche to the east by the sea.

In the southeast and south of North America, there is the Kingdom of Mexico, a province bordering Cuba and Comanche, to the east and west respectively through the city of Progreso. At the same time, it borders the Comanche and Confederacy to the east by the town of Milk.


There is also a city-state called Crete, located in southern Europe, bordering Byzantium to the east. Although it is territory of the Empire of Brazil, it is located in Byzantium.


There are no provinces in Antarctica, just a city-state called Igloo, located east of Elyria and Glacial Empire and northwest of the South Pole.


Fundation and New Projects

Imperial Brazil was founded by Aettos on January 6, 2018, being a second option for those who did not want to live under the dictatorship in the Federation of Brazil. The first two cities were Londrina and Brasilia, which used to be part of the Federation of Brazil.

Shortly after the country was founded, the city of Brasilia, formerly an abandoned city, was adopted by BlackQuartz, who started a reconstruction project in the city.

Later, the player DeusJabu when joining the nation formed the city of Vitoria. Since then the country has started a project connecting cities through a road and an underground connection. Except Loligrado, all the cities are connected via the iceways.

Brazilian War

After TwisterSelvagem separated from Brazil and founded the Confederation of Ecuador with the cities of Porto Alegre and Juazeiro, Emperor Aettos declared war on Brazil and an alliance between the Empire and the Confederation of Ecuador began.

The next day, there was a battle near the cities of Londrina, Rio de Janeiro (Confederador do Quador), São Paulo and Curitiba (Brazil).

Throughout the conflict, the mayor of Witmarsum, Roki017, remained detached from the rest of the nation. He didn't know about the conflict and didn't know what to do. So while walking around his city, he was killed by MareshallZorn and lost the items of his chest, which was outside the protected area. He blamed Emperor Aettos and was expelled from the nation. Soon after he finished the city and left the server.

After Brazil had its items stolen by traitors, the war remained stationary for months without Heinz officially signing the redemption. Currently only five players reside in Brazil in only three cities.

New Emperor

For personal reasons, Aettos decided to abandon the title of leader and to appoint the chancellor, BlackQuartz, in its place. From then on, on February 17, 2019, BlackQuartz became the new Emperor of Brazil Imperial. However, Aettos still remains as an elder, serving as counselor. From then on, Brasilia became the capital of the country.

The end

After a large time during peace and the slow death of its own population, the last town of the nation, Brasilia, tradically felt.


The government of the Empire of Brazil was constituted by four positions, being Emperor, King, Chancellor and Minister. The periods of government and its members are listed below.

Empire of Aettos (January-February)

  • Emperor: Aettos
  • Chancellor: Mad_Nekros (January); BlackQuartz (February)
  • Minister: Mad Nekros (February)

First Empire of BlackQuartz (February-April)

  • Emperor: BlackQuartz
  • Chancellor: luigihero1
  • Minister: RicardoHBS (Minister of Urban Development); ReiMarombeiro (Minister of Planning); PinguimArmado (Minister of Defense); TheKingSavage (Minister of Foreign Affairs)

Empire of ReiMarombeiro (April)

Second Empire of BlackQuartz (April-Currently)

Other Positions


The Elder is a position held by those who have stood out in the politics of Imperial Brazil. The elder is not considered a representative of the nation and has no responsibility to the Empire. However, he can vote in the Assembly, has access to the Imperial Cabinet and serves as a councilor.

Currently, the only Elder is the first Emperor, Aettos. BlackQuartz was an Elder during the Empire of ReiMarombeiro.


The Knights are citizens or members of the government who were recognized for their loyalty and efforts to the Empire of Brazil. Currently only four players are knights: BlackQuartz, luigihero1, goldenfelps and Walchia.


Flag Name Province Mayor Pop Size Founded
2000px-Bandeira do Distrito Federal (Brasil).svg.png Brasilia 1200px-ImperialFlag of Brazil (1870–1889).svg.png Imperial Brazil BlackQuartz 19 117 2018 12/18
1200px-Bandeira londrina.svg.png Londrina 1200px-ImperialFlag of Brazil (1870–1889).svg.png Imperial Brazil Aettos 2 105 2018 12/24
Bandeira da cidade de São Paulo.svg São Paulo 1200px-ImperialFlag of Brazil (1870–1889).svg.png Imperial Brazil PrestusHood 2 102 2018 10/28
Bandeira de Gramado.jpg Gramado 1200px-ImperialFlag of Brazil (1870–1889).svg.png Imperial Brazil TheKingSavage 20 84 2019 02/12
Bandeira de Florianópolis.svg Loligrado 1200px-ImperialFlag of Brazil (1870–1889).svg.png Imperial Brazil ReiMarombeiro 2 37 2019 01/23
Bandeira de Curitiba.svg.png Curitiba 1200px-ImperialFlag of Brazil (1870–1889).svg.png Imperial Brazil Heinz88 1 64 2018 11/01
Bandeira de Porto Alegre.svg.png Porto Alegre 1200px-ImperialFlag of Brazil (1870–1889).svg.png Imperial Brazil Sr_Marcola 12 74 2018 11/10
Bandeira de Vitória.svg.png Vitória Star.png 1200px-ImperialFlag of Brazil (1870–1889).svg.png Imperial Brazil luigihero1 2 3 2019 01/11
Bandeira de Belo Horizonte.png Novo Horizonte 1200px-ImperialFlag of Brazil (1870–1889).svg.png Imperial Brazil NextarBr 1 3 2019 03/21
1200px-Bandeira de Ribeirão Preto.svg.png Highgarden 1200px-ImperialFlag of Brazil (1870–1889).svg.png Imperial Brazil MrKaka_GOD 2 20 2019 03/06
Bandeira de Itaguaí.jpg Itaguai 1200px-ImperialFlag of Brazil (1870–1889).svg.png Imperial Brazil Rukamyro_ 1 6 2019 04/26
Bandeira-brasil-parana-cascavel-base-4-mastros-madeira-220cm-D NQ NP 821520-MLB29260465739 012019-F.jpg Cascavel 1200px-ImperialFlag of Brazil (1870–1889).svg.png Imperial Brazil _Guilherme_ 2 6 2019 04/27
Okctij0vlmw11.png Posadas 1200px-ImperialFlag of Brazil (1870–1889).svg.png Imperial Brazil Sphenisscidae 1 3 2019 04/29
Bandeira Bento Gonçalves.jpg Bento Gonçalves 1200px-ImperialFlag of Brazil (1870–1889).svg.png Imperial Brazil HVM08 1 4 2019 05/12
E.svg Peik 1200px-ImperialFlag of Brazil (1870–1889).svg.png Imperial Brazil Kjub12 2 16 2019 05/10
1280px-Flag of Asunción.svg.png Asuncion 1200px-ImperialFlag of Brazil (1870–1889).svg.png Imperial Brazil SirTioRed 2 11 2019 05/15
Bandeira de São Luís.svg.png São Luis 1200px-ImperialFlag of Brazil (1870–1889).svg.png Imperial Brazil Kngpig 2 1 2019 05/15
Bandeira de Campo Grande - MS.png Campo Grande 1200px-ImperialFlag of Brazil (1870–1889).svg.png Imperial Brazil IiIiBrunoGD 1 19 2019 03/03
8150867795a181bebd2077.jpg Braganey 1200px-ImperialFlag of Brazil (1870–1889).svg.png Imperial Brazil robinet45 4 8 2019 05/20
Bandeira Município de Amapá.jpg New Venice Star.png 1280px-Flag of Brazil 28ValadC3A3o project29.png North Brazil RicardoHBS 14 77 2018 12/06
Flag of La Paz BCS.png La Paz Star.png Baja.png Baja ___Alpha 5 25 2019 04/24
Baja.png Puertecitos Baja.png Baja ___Beta 1 18 2019 02/02
Bandera PRO.jpg Progreso Star.png 1024px-Flag of Mexico.svg.png Mexico MareshallZorn 1 8 2019 05/09
E.svg Milk 1024px-Flag of Mexico.svg.png Mexico K33nedik 1 4 2019 03/21
E.svg Igloo City-State tiagolima13 3 22 2019 04/09
E.svg Crete City-State Falatox 1 3 2019 04/04

Foreign Relations

In the past, the Empire of Brazil was one of the founders of the South American Alliance, but left after the Kingdom of Brazil was not expelled even after breaking several rules at once. The Empire of Brazil used to be a member of the Union of Nations.

Friendly Relations

Hostile Relations

In the past, the Empire of Brazil and the Kingdom of Brazil were allies. However, after the nation's leaders robbed the nation of MareshallZorn and declared war, the two nations assumed a hostile relationship. So the two nations and their dominions were at war, although the Empire of Brazil has already offered a peace agreement, which consisted in the return of the stolen nation. After a long time of war, the Imperial_Brazil felt and was occupied by Brazil.

Conflicts and War

  • Brazilian War
  • World War