Imperial Brazil, originally, Império do Brasil, is a nation that occupies the eastern part of South America.

Description Edit

Imperial Brazil borders only one country, the Federation of Brazil. The nation currently has four cities, being Londrina (the capital), Brasilia, Vitória and Loligrado. However, there are already plans for new cities.

Government Edit

Imperial Brazil is a monarchy, currently ruled by Emperor BlackQuartz. Although a chancellor has not yet been nominated, two ministers have already been chosen, including ReiMarombeiro and RicardoHBS.

History Edit

Fundation and New Projects Edit

Imperial Brazil was founded by Aettos on January 6, 2018, being a second option for those who did not want to live under the dictatorship in the Federation of Brazil. The first two cities were Londrina and Brasilia, which used to be part of the Federation of Brazil.

Shortly after the country was founded, the city of Brasilia, formerly an abandoned city, was adopted by BlackQuartz, who started a reconstruction project in the city.

Later, the player DeusJabu when joining the nation formed the city of Vitoria. Since then the country has started a project connecting cities through a road and an underground connection. Except Loligrado, all the cities are connected via the iceways.

Brazilian War Edit

After TwisterSelvagem separated from Brazil and founded the Confederation of Ecuador with the cities of Porto Alegre and Juazeiro, Emperor Aettos declared war on Brazil and an alliance between the Empire and the Confederation of Ecuador began.

The next day, there was a battle near the cities of Londrina, Rio de Janeiro (Confederador do Quador), São Paulo and Curitiba (Brazil).

Throughout the conflict, the mayor of Witmarsum, Roki017, remained detached from the rest of the nation. He didn't know about the conflict and didn't know what to do. So while walking around his city, he was killed by MareshallZorn and lost the items of his chest, which was outside the protected area. He blamed Emperor Aettos and was expelled from the nation. Soon after he finished the city and left the server.

After Brazil had its items stolen by traitors, the war remained stationary for months without Heinz officially signing the redemption. Currently only five players reside in Brazil in only three cities.

New Emperor Edit

For personal reasons, Aettos decided to abandon the title of leader and to appoint the chancellor, BlackQuartz, in its place. From then on, on February 17, 2019, BlackQuartz became the new Emperor of Brazil Imperial. However, Aettos still remains as an elder, serving as counselor. From then on, Brasilia became the capital of the country.


The Imperial Brazil currently has four cities, these being:

Name Mayor Number of Users Size Founded
Londrina Aettos 8 102 December 24th, 2018
Brasilia Star BlackQuartz 16 95 December 14th, 2018
Vitória DeusJabu 1 17 January 11th, 2019
Loligrado ReiMarombeiro 4 29 January 23th, 2019
Gramado PinguimArmado 2 12 February 12th, 2019
Cascavel ElNochen 4 7 February 16th, 2019
Marilia DogeDogIs 12 17 February 15th, 2019

Conflicts and WarEdit