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Imperial Mexico
Coat of Arms
1200px-Sello de Gobierno del Primer Imperio Mexicano.svg.png
Map Unnavailable
National Information
Full Name El Imperio De México
National Anthem

Music Video
Name in Towny Imperial_Mexico
Motto Independencia, Unión y Religión
Population 4
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Capital City Veracrúz
Largest City Veracrúz
Oldest City Veracrúz
Established November 8, 2020
Government Information
Leader Regenta S0meth1ng
Prime Minister
Political System Absolute Monarchy
Economic System
Official Language Flagspain.png Spanish

Englishflag.jpg English

Official Religion Catholicism
Army Size Confidencial
Part of
  • Louisiana (Protectorate)
  • Gulf Coast Alliance
Historical Information
Past Leaders Virrey S0meth1ng
Past Capitals

Imperial Mexico (Spanish: Imperio Mexicano) a protectorate of Louisiana located in North America that was created on November 8th, 2020, under Regenta S0meth1ng, self-proclaimed Emperadora de México. It was shortly part of Spain as New Spain.


As a Spanish Viceroyality - New Spain

Creation (08/11/2020)

After being inactive and never playing much, S0meth1ng came back to the server with the goal of settling in the Americas in the name of the crown of Spain. As she joined, she began to discuss with Rey 32Pengun about the possibility of creating New Spain for Spain, it was decided that after S0meth1ng got the needed gold to make a town plus nation, she would settle in Veracruz since it was an important city historically.

S0meth1ng managed to quickly get the needed gold in under a week by mining and then the Viceroyalty of Spain was created in the November 7th of 2020,

Organizing New Spain (09/11/2020-27/11/2020)

After the creation of New Spain, S0meth1ng did border treaties with neighbor nations, the construction of Veracruz began and San Blas, a town that was part of New Spain, was created. During this period, New Spain joined the Gulf Coast Alliance and the North American Pact.

Independence (28/11/2020)

Due to personal reasons, New Spain left Spain and joined Louisiana as a protectorate. The nation was then renamed to Imperial Mexico.

The Regency Period


Currently, the Regenta S0meth1ng and the regency council control all affairs of state, diplomacy and military.

Notable People

  • S0meth1ng