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General Info

Inca is a south american nation primarily centralized in Peru, being the location of 4/9 of Inca's towns, It has control over the galapagos island chain in Ecuador, and 2 towns in the North-Western Brazilian amazon. It is the only vassal(of California) to have vassals of its own, which are Grosso and Antarctic Coast.

It's leader is Prlckly, and it's Senators are: Guapathecat, SkeloPrime36, DAT_PACO and Nazgulbilbo

It is the birthplace of Melonism, though other nations have developed other versions on their own, (quebec, rhineland), Incans have the oldest version and Quebec has been helpful in the growth.

Before founding

Before founding's information can be found on the page Melun.

After Founding

The first day of nationhood:

for the first day of nationhood, Prlckly performed the Melun ritual of crowning the new Melon king (the spot had been vacant for a few days after a random destroyed it).

The process of the Melon ritual can be seen in more detail on the Melonism.

After this event that takes ~10 minutes, he started telling people to come to his nation to celebrate becoming a nation. (the mining for gold took him 2 months.) And, instead of like the other 30% of new nations, didn't start TP trapping. He quickly built good relations with a few smaller nations.

Spain Time (week 2 of nationhood.)

32Pengun just decided I was a spain colony one day and because I was a smol boi I just went with it, not complaining, it's least toxic major empire since Britain. This helped the Inca get some recognition and early allies. Other than that, it gave Prlckly a person to help build the town and nation better. He went inactive for ~1 month before returning.

Leaving Spain (month 2 of nationhood.)

Prlckly decided Spain wasn't doing much for him and left due to friends being active again, rendering having an empire to join useless, as he now has other people playing with him and giving him support. (sorry 32Pengun) all of Inca agreed that they didn't do too much for the nation, good experience though, Inca has stayed independent since.

Fast Expansion (month 3 of nationhood.)

When CassowaryLord, Prlckly, EggmanCBT, and others became active again, expansion of the nation quickly followed, in 1 month, they gained 11 residents, 3 town, and 45 chunks. The nation went from /n list 26 to /n list 15. GuapaTheCat founded constance_bay, a colony in antarctica, EggmanCBT founded a town called Ayora, in the galapagos, causing the only other galapagos town, Rayos_Luminosos to also join.

Ayora Controversy (month 4 of nationhood.)

After the founding of the SAU, (south american union) EggmanCBT wanted to create a centralized capital in the Brazilian amazon, that would become a nation, joining Inca before they could get big enough. This meant that EggmanCBT would sell Ayora, the town he currently led. After 3 days, they sold it to a player named LeDoge, who DISBANDED IT 1 DAY LATER. This put Prlckly in a 450 gold after funding Ayora, he had to mine for ~16 hours to make it back up. But thankfully, the loss was remade in the town of Tefe, next to Barcelos, owned by player GammyAmmy.

Expansion continues. (month 5 of nationhood.)

On april 9th, Callao joined the nation as the 2nd biggest town in the nation at the time, it previously was part of Bolivia-Peru, which had been slowly dying off for quite some time, Nazgulbilbo, the leader of Callao, being the only person who still played, after Cusco fell, one of the 3 1-man towns in Bolivia-Peru, Nazgulbilbo realized that he was the only person left other than the inactive leader, who hadn't logged in 24 days. Prlckly then game him a choice to join, telling naz the benefiets and the active community, and he joined an hour after. During this time as well, after a very annoyingly difficult time to contact him, Rayvaxlux1206 finally used his high gold deposit to claim the rest of the galapagos, with the removal of Ayora, his town went from 5 chunks to 28 chunks in just 1 day. At April 18th, City-17, which was 106 chunks at the time joined Inca making it the new largest town in the nation, And around April 21st, Melun hit 100 chunks.

Rio declares war on the SAU. (month 6 of nationhood)

On april 26th, Rio Grande declared war on the SAU, America, and the NAU, they had territory conflicts with America and NAU but the reason for declaration on the much disconnected SAU is still unknown. During this short time the SAU was in the war, Prlckly talked for hours to people trying to get them to withdraw war claims for the SAU, after Inca realised nothing will change, they left the SAU, cascading 2 days later for SAU to dissolve, and all of the members joined Gallegos, another south american alliance.

Bolivia-Peru falls. (month 6 of nationhood.)

On april 27th, the nation that Melun had previously belonged to fell, what was once the 2nd biggest south american nation became very inactive, the only sense of activity being in Melun, so they left. The previous leader of Bolivia-Peru was Blis_Ike, of whom prlckly talked to about the situation. Unfortunately, the Incans had been planning to raid it when it fell, but BonZZil, Heinkein, and Cubs_ raided it before anyone could've of gotten over to the location. DAT_PACO (Incan senator) was killed by BonZZil in his god armor whilst trying to raid it before all could be taken. Here's a list of inactive people of Bolivia-Peru that we will remember. VillagerFilms; the person who created the nation, Blis_Ike; the person who lead it during its height and downfall, GianMaster; the person who was the most helpful to us and generally a good person, Game_Top; the mayor of the last town to fall other than the capital, Twobabyninjas; the person who created a town named Pichari around the time Melun was created, 00Banyans; the councillor of Lima, Blis_Ike's town, BDong; the first person to go inactive and previous Prime Minister of Ecuador which now only has 1 resident, SteadyRadar; the owner of the town Trinidad and helped found Bolivia-Peru with VillagerFilms, and lastly, NeinKapwnd; the previous mayor of Callao who founded a town around 5 months ago marking the last town to join Bolivia-Peru, he also went inactive and leadership was passed to the now active Nazgulbilbo.

City-17 Leaves

City-17, the 2nd biggest town in Inca, left unexpectedly to become the new capital of Peru-Viceroyalty, the senators of Inca disliked this because NoxiousNet, City-17's leader, had been gifted the nation, basically blackmailing him to join their nation. Though, Machu-Picchu also joined afterwords. (fell 1 week later)

Towns, ranked by chunks. (Sept 28)

Town Name Chunk Size Residents Colony? Mayor Location
Melun (capital) 182 16 No Prlckly (king) North Peru
Badiraguato 175 14 Yes InYourSoul Mid-Eastern Mexico
Culiacán 145 1 Yes DanielTails Mid-Eastern Mexico
Hermetica 130 4 No Joshua_Gomez15 North Peru
Callao 91 1 No DAT_PACO Central Peru
LaPaz 68 1 No SkeloPrime36 Bolivia
Santo_Domingo 65 2 No Maxxosfd4 East Ecuador
Kingston 58 1 Yes Oswo Anzhu Islands, Russia
Cartel 40 1 Yes Mob NorthEast Mexico
NarcoVille 25 9 No Fsyrno East Amazon / South Colombia
Rayos_Luminosos 24 1 No Rayvaxlux1206 The Galapagos Islands, Ecuador.
Colombus 18 1 Yes Stlngray Central Amazon
Constance_Bay 16 1 Yes Guapathecat Antarctica
Barbosa 9 4 No (forgot name) East Colombia
Dream 5 1 No FakeLookRS East Amazon
Altamira 4 1 Yes Thatplace North East Brazil

Trivia / Random stuff

  • Inca's capital, Melun, was called Chota for the first month or so of it's existence.
  • Palau, Inca's past colony, is half manmade but the town owners still have no idea who built it and why they didn't build anything on the island afterwards.
  • The leader of Barcelos, EggmanCBT has resided in the most towns of any Incan, Berlin, Melun, Palau, Ayora, Barcelos, MacchuPicchu, LaPaz, and Puerto_Vallarta. 4 of these towns he founded himself.
  • We like melons :flushed: