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India is a nation in Asia that is part of the Second Nubian Empire. It controls various parts of the Indian subcontinent



After the creation of Bollywood, peterhobo discussed the idea of getting a nation with StatusBrowser. After agreeing on the idea of such, they spoke to then leader of New York City in an attempt to buy the nation of India.

Eventually, they agreed on a deal, and the nation was bought, and capital moved to Bollywood.

Joining the Second Nubian Empire

Peterhobo and StatusBrowser both started off in Nubia, more specifically Mersa. They had maintained close relations with twomoo1119, who later proposed they join the Second Nubian Empire. After discussion amongst peterhobo's friend group, they thought it was a good idea and accepted.

Soon, after a vote passed in the Nubian Lower House, they were accepted in as members of the Second Nubian Empire, and welcomed in by Emperor twomoo1119.

Disputes with Gujarat

On the 7th of September 2020, the town of Delhi was created by StatusBrowser. It was right by the Gujarati town of Indraprastha. This started up disputes with Gujarat surrounding borders.

Discussion with the Nubian government

In a group chat between Nubian Emperor twomoo1119, Nubian Minister of Municipal Development gorkymoo1119 (who was also a key figure in Nubian foreign affairs) and the Gujarati leader indian7p, indian7p spoke of threats coming from peterhobo and the new town of Delhi.

After hearing these complaints, twomoo1119 added the Nubian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mengan_, to the group chat.

NavyaXD discussion

NavyaXD was the Gujarati Prime Minister during this period, and had threatened Nubia and India several times. This topic was brought up by gorkymoo1119, after indian7p said of receiving threats from peterhobo. It was discussed how this issue should be solved, and indian7p decided to suspend navyaXD from their Prime Minister term.

Border Agreement

After this and small discussion, the Nubian Foreign Affairs front and Gujarati leader, indian7p, came to an agreement on the borders. They also agreed that if the Gujaratis wanted to expand more eastwards, they should open a ticket on the Nubia discord to discuss any expansions to the border.

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