Kingdom of Indochina
Coat of Arms
Coat of arms of indochina
National Information
Full Name Kingdom of Indochina
National Anthem
Name in Towny Indochina
Motto "Unity amongst those uniting brings about success and prosperity."
Population 65
Chunks 1909
/n list page 4
Capital City Bangkok (Siam)
Vinh (Vietnam)
Largest City Bangkok
Oldest City Saigon
Established 4 July 2020
Government Information
Leader King
Fluxify I (Siam)
TheEarlOfSkeen (Vietnam)
Prime Minister Lumpoon
Political System Crown Unitary parliamentary diarchic constitutional monarchy
Economic System Gold Icon Capitalist
Official Language Englishflag English

Thailand-flag-small Thai
Vietnam drapeau Vietnamese

Official Religion Buddhism Buddhism
Army Size Classified
Part of Commonwealth
Historical Information
Past Leaders
Past Capitals

The Kingdom of Indochina is a nation in South East Asia which was founded on July 4th 2020 after Siam and Vietnam unified.


Founding of Indochina

After days of communicating, Vietnamese towns joined Siam and on July 4th Siam formed Indochina in a dual monarchy so both Siam and Vietnam have equal representation.

Integration of Kampuchea

After more than a month of combat between the 2 nations in Indochina and Kampuchea, on July 7th the leader of Kampuchea, Computer_x64, suddenly disbanded the nation of Kampuchea and told all towns in Kampuchea to join Indochina without making a official peace deal. The citizens of Kampuchea got citizenship in Indochina but did not have access to the mayoral or citizen chats inside the discord. Soon after Kampuchea disbanded, Computer_x64 returned to Korea.

For Pre-Indochina History: History of Siam, History of Vietnam

Politics and Government

Indochina is a unitary parliamentary diarchic constitutional monarchy led by Fluxify I and EarlOfSkeen who are both acting as Kings of Indochina. There are elections every 2 months to elect a Prime Minister for Indochina, the current Prime Minister being Lumpoon.

Mayors of towns in Indochina are Members of Parliament and vote in national decisions within the House of Representatives.

Administrative Regions

Indochina is composed of 11 Administrative Regions which are by Senators.

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