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Kingdom of Indochina
Coat of Arms
Coat of arms of indochina.png
National Information
Full Name Kingdom of Indochina
National Anthem
Name in Towny Indochina
Motto "Unity amongst those uniting brings about success and prosperity."
Population 176
Chunks 2392
/n list page 2
Capital City Bangkok
Largest City Bangkok
Oldest City Saigon
Established 4 July 2020
Government Information
Leader King Fluxeeh Rama I
Prime Minister Lumpoon
Political System Crown.png Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
Economic System Gold Icon.png Mixed Economy
Official Language Englishflag.jpg English

Thailand-flag-small.png Thai & Lao
2880px-Flag of Cambodia.svg.png Khmer
Vietnam drapeau.png Vietnamese

Official Religion
Army Size Classified
Part of Commonwealth
Rajasa Pact
Historical Information
Past Leaders
Past Capitals

The Kingdom of Indochina (also known as the United Kingdoms of Indochina, The Indochina realm or simply Indochina) is a nation primarily located in mainland South East Asia. It consists of 11 Administrative Regions which are governed by Senators. The nation capital is Bangkok, the second oldest city on the Indochinese Peninsula.

Prior to the Siamese-Vietnamese War, Siam and Vietnam were the two dominant powers in the Indochinese Peninsula. After the collapse of the Communist Vietnamese Government following the war, it experienced complete inactivity and began to slowly crumble whilst Siam continued to grow in population. By July 2020, with the two nations engaged in a war against Kampuchea together, the two nations unified together creating Indochina.


The Diarchy

(July 4th 2020 - September 14th 2020)

Union of Siam and Vietnam

After days of communicating, Vietnamese towns joined Siam and on July 4th. Indochina was formed as a diarchic monarchy which meant Fluxify and TheEarlOfSkeen were both Kings of Indochina.

Integration of Kampuchea

After more than 4 months of combat with Kampuchea, on July 7th the leader, Computer_x64, suddenly disbanded the nation of Kampuchea and told all towns in Kampuchea to join Indochina without making a official peace deal. The citizens of Kampuchea got citizenship in Indochina but did not have access to the mayoral or citizen chats inside the discord. Soon after Kampuchea disbanded, Computer_x64 returned to Korea.

The Skeen Scandal

After The King of Vietnam, TheEarlOfSkeen had written a new constitution and put a vote up on it (without consulting Fluxeeh or any of other needed legislation) during the vote there were multiple attempted bribes committed by Skeen, which were exposed. It was arranged that there would be a trial for him on charges of corruption. On the day of the trial, Skeen announced that he would not be attending supposedly due to the fact that he said the trial would be rigged.

The Aftermath of the Scandal

On 13 September 2020 as chaos had continued in the Indochinese Discord, a screenshot surfaced between one of the Nusantara's leaders and Skeen's private messages where Skeen asked if Indochina were to have civil war, would they rather support Vietnam or Siam. The screenshot, supplied by their loyal ally, one of the kings of Nusantara, was given to Fluxeeh who promptly posted it in the Indochina discord.

TheEarlofSkeen remained silent throughout all of this claiming to be doing homework when he was seen on the dynmap in Tokyo. The town of Vinh proceeded to leave Indochina and the leader of Japan, KawadaJP, contacted Char322 to discuss a deal about Vinh leaving or staying in Indochina for Japan, who forwarded the message to Fluxeeh.

At the end of the crisis Indochina paid off the debt of 700g they supposedly owed to Japan for the disbanding of Vietnam and Skeen would move to Japan in exchange for Indochina keeping the town of Vinh inside Indochina.

Post-Diarchic Period

(September 14th 2020 - October 27th 2020)

Rebuilding of Vinh

After TheEarlOfSkeen departed Vinh and Indochina, the town was handed to Whimblur and had many construction projects planned and also recruitment plans to bring the City back what it once was. On October 12th, GuyKakyoin, a former Vinh resident was made mayor and the city began to put these plans into motion.

Prime Minister Srieza Elected

On October 1st, Srieza was elected Prime Minister for October and November 2020, winning with a majority vote of 60.0% against Char322 and Bravoxd.

Tensions with Singapore

Border agreement between Indochina and Singapore. (Red line was the border on the mainland, blue line was the maritime border excluding mainland Sumatra.)

On October 1st 2020, Singapore placed a town in Indochinese Sumatra called Banda_Aceh after they began to experience a growth in activity. A vote was held in the House of Parliament regarding sending an ultimatum to Singapore to remove the town and come to an agreement regarding the border with Indochina otherwise there would be conflict between the two nations.

The ultimatum was sent to Singapore a day later and it was agreed that the town would be removed from Sumatra and that no others towns would be placed there and a border agreement was created which eased tensions but the two remained wary of each other.

First Indochina War

(October 27th 2020 - December 18th 2020)

Malaysia was created on October 25th in complete violation of Indochinese borders and after a vote in the House of Representatives, Indochina declared war on Malaysia beginning the First Indochina War. Vietnam would later be declared war on on the 29th after the creation of Dong_Ha deep in Indochinese territory.

Singapore began cooperating with Malaysia and Vietnam after the Indochinese war declarations by creating ASEAN with both nations. However, Singapore never joined the war against Indochina for unknown reasons.

Battles occurred outside Hanoi and Ipoh mainly as well as the other Malaysian towns all instigated by Indochina which generated many deaths for Malaysia and Vietnam. Important Vietnamese figurehead, Sparkar was permanently banned from the server for sharing a malicious link to Fluxeeh. This caused a decrease in Vietnamese motivation to continue the war and the nation itself and eventually lead to it's deletion on December 18th.

The war against Malaysia still continues on to present times, although fighting has essentially ceased due to the lack of Malaysian activity.

Entering the New Year

(January 1st 2021 - Present)

Indochinese-Yunnanese Border Dispute

Yunnan was created on January 12th 2021 and announced their claims to the area around the Hong River which is owned by Indochina and included the town of Vinh. After this, Indochina began to attack Dali, the Capital of Yunnan and placed land mines as well even after Yunnan said they were not going to claim the Northern Vietnam area.

The main reason for Indochina still continuing these attacks is because of the Yunnanese Prime Minister, ShadowSlash_, who had lived in Bangkok previously and was kicked after Fluxeeh noticed he was extremely uneducated about how the server worked, was hungry for power within Indochina and was unpopular among Indochinese citizens. ShadowSlash_, reacting to the news of him being kicked from Bangkok began to make plans to create a rebel nation within Indochina called the Kingdom of Chiang Mai in Northern Siam making his opinion among Indochinese citizens even worse. He eventually moved to Israel and then moved to Yunnan causing the Indochinese-Yunnanese Border Dispute.

Princeship of Lumpoon

After his Prime Minister term ended at the beginning of February and he was not going for re-election, Fluxeeh decided to make him a Prince for all the efforts he had contributed to Indochina in Kuala Lumpur and during his terms as Prime Minister.

Support in the Second Philippine Civil War

Indochina had known about the potential of a civil war occurring in the Philippines prior to the civil war being announced on February 12th 2021. Illidanlestat had negotiated with Indochina before about a dispute that could have started war before. But the conversation turned into updates about the Second Philippine Civil War and its background. These conversations make Indochina give their support to the pro-democratic side in the conflict.

Second Cambodian War

A former Cambodian from the First Cambodian War, known as EphixaTR returned to the Indochinese peninsula and created a new Cambodia on 28 February, causing Indochina to declare war on the newly formed nation. This conflict is still ongoing but has remained in stalemate since April 2021.

For Pre-Indochina History, see: History of Siam, History of Vietnam

Politics and Government

Before November 2019, Siam was an absolute monarchy. With the unification of Indochina and the integration of the Siamese Political System in a Diarchic system with both Fluxeeh and TheEarlOfSkeen being Kings of Indochina until TheEarlOfSkeen's exile from the nation after the Skeen Scandal.

Today, Indochina is a unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy led by Fluxeeh who is the King of Indochina. There are elections every 2 months to elect a Prime Minister for Indochina.

Mayors of towns in Indochina are Members of Parliament and can vote in national decisions within the House of Representatives.

Click here to see list of previous prime ministers.


Architectural Wonders

The Grand Palace

The Grand Palace is the official residence of the Indochinese Royal Family and is the oldest Architectural Wonder in the Indochinese Peninsula.

Bangkok Stadium

The Bangkok Stadium was constructed in late 2020 to hold PvP tournaments and for practice.

Wat Chai Temple

The Wat Chai Temple is a Buddhist temple which is based off of the real Wat Chai Watthanaram.

The Petronas Towers

The Petronas Towers are twin skyscrapers located in Kuala Lumpur and are based off the real towers in the city.

Vinh Economic Ministry Building


The nation is primarily located in mainland South-East Asia. It is made up of 11 Administrative Regions which are represented by Senators within the Indochinese Government. The Chao Phraya and the Mekong Rivers are the main rivers that flow throughout the Indochinese Peninsula. The capital, Bangkok is located on the predominantly flat Chao Phraya river valley, which runs into the Gulf of Siam. Old Siam was mainly built around the Chao Phraya river as it a great connection between towns built around the river.

Indochina is a unity state; composed of 11 Administrative Regions which are represented by the Senators.


Foreign relations

The foreign relations of Indochina are handled by the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Indochina is allied with several nations because of the Commonwealth and Rajasa Pact, the nations two most reliable alliances they participate in. Recently, Indochina has taken an increasingly more active role within international affairs by participating in conflicts globally and developing ties to nations inside and outside Asia.

Armed forces

The Royal Indochinese Armed Forces constitute the military of the Kingdom of Indochina. The head of the Indochinese Armed Forces is the king, although this position is only nominal. The armed forces are primarily managed by the Ministry of Defence of Indochina, which is headed by the Minister of Defence, Jump_Fox. The military has been tasked with participating in conflicts involving Indochina, such as the Second Falklands-Malvinas War, First Indochina War, Indochinese-Yunnanese Border Dispute, and the Second Philippine Civil War, ensuring Indochinese interests are secured during these conflicts.

Naval Forces

The Royal Indochinese Navy, Indochina's naval warfare force, was established in 2018 as the Royal Siamese Navy. It was modernised in 2019 with the construction of two frigates, one named the HIMS Saiburi, which is located at Bangkok and another named the HIMS Kraburi, located in the Andaman Sea near Hua Hin. The RIN headquarters is located at Chumphon.

List of Towns

Name Province Mayor Population Size Founded
Bangkok Star.png Central Siam Fluxeeh 20 620 2018 11/16
Ayutthaya Northern Siam Chrysler1930_ 2 15 2021 04/06
Hua Hin Central Siam Isekung_MC 7 187 2019 12/05
Chumphon Southern Siam Livvyxx 1 177 2019 12/24
Kantharalak Eastern Siam Char332 7 96 2020 05/11
Phuket Southern Siam Bravoxd 1 41 2020 02/24
Vinh Northern Vietnam GuyKakyoin 52 563 2018 12/24
Saigon Southern Vietnam sqluu_ 1 108 2018 11/05
Dan Thanh Southern Vietnam Lesenburg 1 13 2021 03/10
Kuala Lumpur Malaya Lumpoon 8 316 2020 10/02
Saiburi Malaya Jump_Fox 1 18 2020 12/21
Perak Malaya Sacsach 1 18 2021 04/19
Cherating Malaya MTDino 1 7 2021 03/22
Terengganu Malaya flurrry 1 32 2021 04/16
Pursat Cambodia Taveth 1 70 2019 12/18
Roanapur Cambodia LeoitoV2 1 86 2019 12/05
Phnom Penh Cambodia existingbeing 4 74 2020 07/04
Kalewa Burma Aalovelyworld 1 1 2021 04/10
Andaman Is. Andaman Islands duccisnotamused 1 31 2021 03/04
Padang Sumatra Ab_ss 1 23 2021 03/07

Notable People

  • Fluxeeh - A Founder and King of Indochina.
  • Lumpoon - Member of the Indochinese Royal Family, Mayor of Kuala Lumpur and Former Prime Minister.
  • Jump Fox - Member of the Indochinese Royal Family, Head of the Indochinese Armed Forces.
  • Taveth - Member of the Indochinese Royal Family, Military Commander.
  • GuyKakyoin - Builder and current Mayor of Vinh, Military Commander.
  • existingbeing - Mayor of Donaldgrad, Minister of Foreign Affairs.
  • Char322 - Mayor of Kantharalak, Minister of Recruitment.
  • TheEarlOfSkeen - A Founder and former King of Indochina.