The Founding Age

Yakutia was a concept originally coined by Fruitloopins and RainbowMasacre prior to their leaving of Somerset and joining of Niger due to the fact that trade was impossible between any nation. The idea was conceptualised as a town in which it was in an ideal place where no one could hold a continuous war. The idea of the nation was then formalized once the founders figured out that they needed a nation to not be dragged into needless conflict. The process of mining the needed gold then started and once the gold was gained, they decided to pick out an area. They picked a place in Eastern Russia which had a dying empire (Sakha) and made the town Kakariko (Utopia) on May 31st then immediately created Yakutia as a brand new nation. The construction of the nation now truly began.

The First Age of Expansion

The age of expansion started when Yakutia gained its first colony of Sri Lanka from Eve (Fruit's Egirl) who never really played the server and didn't want the nation to just fade out and die. This therefore marked the transition of Fruitloopins to governor and Rainbowmasacre to Chairman. Once this had happened, shortly after that Sakha and the large town of Lena had finally fallen. This increased the claim from the small forested valley in between mountains to all of North E-stern Russia. The falling of Lena also provided an opportunity for the nation to have livestock and an abundance of building materials. Saving gold.

RainbowMasacre quickly realised that Yakutia could not physically claim all of the land East of the Mountains so he made a plan to create a second nation. He went to the lesser-known third founder of Bumchoker (Thanos) and proposed the idea of Eastern Yakutia. The gold gathering process immediately presumed. Once the gold was gathered the nation was created to great applause and the claims of Yakutia against foreign powers were finally achieved. This marked the completion of the original goal of Yakutia (peace).

Second Age of Expansion

The second age of expansion happened when a friend RebornStratos suffered greatly from the destruction of Canberra and subsequently Australia. (now reformed). Therefore a new state was created, New Holland.The gold was gathered in literally one day by three people. This set a precedent for the unrivaled expansion of the Union and the creation of a community. After this, another nation was created named Perth. This place is a city-state. Perth is also a model of what the great Union aspires to be.

The Age of Refuge

This age came shortly after the second age of expansion. This was when the nations of Sobolevo, Sibir, and Far-East were created. Sibir was founded by Dukasv moving from his former dead empire of Bukovina, Dukasv came to the IUSR for protection. The Far-East was the culmination of former Russian Qing towns declaring themselves independent from the dying empire and then joining the IUSR as an autonomous republic much like the two nations in Australia, this large movement of towns bolstered the power of the IUSR and then acted as the final blow for the new Republic of China. Now the Russian IUSR has safe borders and acts to protect its constituents. The story of Sobolevo is unknown as that part of the Union has little communication with the rest of the Union.

The Age of Stagnation

Shortly after the age of Refuge, Rainbowmassacre stepped down as chairman of the IUSR, and in his wake, Bumchoker was appointed the new chairman of the IUSR, the proud alliance would soon begin to crumble after this. Rainbowmassacre had achieved everything he wanted to do with the empire, and after stepping down would leave, never to be seen again on the server. During Bumchoker's reign, nearly every nation would leave the IUSR, Sobolevo? Disbanded, Far-East? left the IUSR, Eastern Yakutia? Fallen, Sri Lanka? left the IUSR as well, during this time Eve also betrayed Fruitloopins, Fruit left Yakutia, and in the end, there were only around five people remaining in Yakutia. Eventually, though, Bumchoker started recruiting and doing more for Yakutia, he recruited multiple new members, including Tony (AKA Big Dog) TurquoiseNomad, Riyad_14, and more. Tony would go on to form his own nation the same day TurquoiseNomad joined and named it North Carolina, unfortunately, a few days later, Tony would be reported for being an alt by a player from Niger, and North Carolina would collapse. As for Riyad and TurquoiseNomad, they went on to form the towns of Isshin, and Oniwa, these two towns were just south of a new but rapidly growing town called Brandenburg, which was another town that belonged to Yakutia, the town was lead by MarshelImperium, who aspired to form a nation that belonged to the IUSR. A few weeks of nothing later, the IUSR was renamed to the IFS by Bumchoker, after the name was proposed to him by TurquoiseNomad. Another few weeks later, TurquoiseNomad would rejoin Yakutia and Riyad would continue to grow Isshin. With the IFS slowly dying Fruitloopins rejoined Yakutia, and talked Bumchoker into giving him the town back, as it was originally his, and that's where this era ends.

The Age of Reform

Shortly after getting ownership of Yakutia and the IFS Fruitloopins enacted major changes, by kicking out all nations but three, Yakutia, New Holland, and Perth, as all the others were dead, or had betrayed the IFS. Fruitlooins then promoted TurquoiseNomad to chancellor and demoted Thanos to the same rank. It was at this time that Thanos convinced Rainbowmassacre to come back to the server, and even if only for a day, Rainbow rejoined the server under the name Masrain, Rain would continue to log on, but only for the sole purpose of voting. It was during this time that secret tensions between TurquoiseNomad and MarshelImperium would swell, so with the support of Fruitloopins Turquoise kicked Brandenburg, (Yakutia's largest town at the time) out of Yakutia and the IFS, leaving them nationless. It was also during this time that Yakutia's relations with Rio Grande would improve drastically, but during the rewriting of this page, nothing has come from this relationship, nothing substantial anyway. And that is where the story of the IFS ends for now.


The IFS has 3 nations that form the International Federation of Socialism. These include the Capital District of Yakutia, the State of New Holland, and the State of Perth.


The IFS follows the Intercontinental Union of Socialist Republics, which runs a system of partial democracy. The process goes as follows:

  1. The Chairman proposes 3 successors or choses to stay another term.
  2. A vote is then held for these people.
  3. The new Chairman is inaugurated for 2 months.
  4. The Chairman then holds another election in 2 months.

Economic System

The IFS runs a system of Socialism between people and the pooling of resources to further individual towns and the nation. Each town is expected to share resources with that of the poorer towns and the richer residents are mandated to help the poorer residents.

Major Towns and Transportation

Major towns

  • Utopia, Primary Capital
  • Weezerville (Cybercity), Regional Capital
  • Andrapuchra, Regional Capital
  • FortEmu, Regional Capital and Largest city in the Federation
  • Perth, Regional Capital and Major Fortress
  • Rytkuchi, Ice farms
  • BunkerTown, Listening post
  • Farmers Only, Major factory farm
  • Fistiland, Regional Capital
  • Bilbilo, Dukasv's home
  • Okhost, Regional Capital

Major Transportation

There are two main modes of transportation too and from towns, not including teleportation, these include the Great Yakutian Ice Highway that has been built in the nether and connects the Eastern and Western portions of the Russian IFS (Rytkuchi to Barguzin) and the overworld Canal-Lena River-Ancient Ice Highway route which connects Iakoutsk, Utopia, and BunkerTown. There is also a new uncompleted ice highway aiming to connect all of the nation alcapitals together.

Leaders Present and Past

Chairman of the IFS

  • RainbowMasacre Minecraft Lenin (past)
  • Bumchoker The Silent (past)
  • Fruitloopins The First (present)

Leaders of each State

Leader of Yakutia

  • Fruitloopins (past)
  • RainbowMasacre (past)
  • xX_x_thanos_x_Xx (past)
  • Fruitloopins (present)

Leader of the Province of the East

  • xX_x_thanos_x_Xx (past)
  • durablecandy (past)

Leader of the Protectorate of Sri Lanka

  • princesseve_ (pre acquisition)
  • Fruitloopins (past)
  • princesseve_ (past)
  • Chowderfist (present)

Leader of the State of New Holland

  • RebornStratos (present)

Leader of the State of Perth

  • Fistandanthalos (past)
  • Cluck_San (present)

Leader of the Province of Kamchatka (Sobolevo)

  • Friomelles (past)

Leader of the Province of Chukota (Sbir Khanate)

  • dukasv (past)

Leader of the State of Okhost (Far-East)

  • ratdogman (past)
  • FadedCookie (present)
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