The International Socialist Party was founded on November 20th on Terra Nova, being the successor to the International Socialist-Futurist Party and of the Trotskyist-Alternative for Socialism Party, and small anarchy party which merged.

They are a Left-Wing party bringing the ideals of freedom and equality to the masses via Reform or Revolution, they are not picky. Results are what matters.


Manifesto of International Socialism

Freedom- Freedom from fear, from want, from oppressive measures, of expression, of life.

Equality- Equality of genders, of race, of wealth, of status, of ideals.

Change- Change from below, from above, for better, for all.

International- International in application, in peace, in words, in deeds.

The Party

The Party is just an ideal, a manifestation of Us. We are silent. We know who We are. We are Anonymous. We are a group of like minded people. We thrive by random advertisements of Us in chat, simply by saying "International Socialist Party!". We have occasional unofficial meetings though within nations. We seek to change the world by infiltrating the nations to change them from the inside out. We strive for a united world, united in Freedom, Equality, Change, Socialism, and Peace. Let the nations be run for the People, the yearning masses who toil for all.

Party Branches

There are many branches to the Party spread about in many nations. Start your own today!

If your branch feels confident they may come out into the open, and join one of the Continental-Wide Central Committees who coordinate actions to better bring the results to all nations.

Although we have no hierarchy and no fixed locations our Central Committees meet in open building that have been commandeered from their Capitalist Overlords for the meeting. They did not know their locations and symbols of oppression were used for the Socialist goal!

Former conventions below:

Name of Meeting Central Committees in Attendence Location Resolutions
I International Convention Afro-ISP



(Former TAoS, ISFP, & Anarchists in attendance also)

Epic_Berlin Unify for Socialism & Founding Afro-ISP, Euro-ISP, & Asia-ISP Central Committees
II Convention Afro-ISP Dakar Establish a Stable Center for African Socialism
III Convention Euro-ISP Paris Establish a Stable Center for European Socialism
IV Convention Afro-ISP Lagos Co-ordination, Acceptance, & Support of the AU
V Emergency Convention Euro-ISP


Constantinople Infiltrate Qin &

Establish a Stable Center for Eurasian Socialism

VI Convention Afro-ISP


Dakar Declare the The Communist Republic Of Minecraft Discord to be Illegitimate
VII Convention Afro-ISP Dakar Opening of the 1st Socialist Center & HQ for Afro-ISP
VIIIe Convention Euro-ISP Constantinople Support of the Olympics & Pledging of Security Assistance for it
VIII International Convention Afro-ISP



Constantinople Condemnation of the UK against Scotland & Call for end of all major wars
IX Convention Euro-ISP London Support Nicola against Fascist Dexter in Scottish Coup
X Convention Afro-ISP


East Asia-ISP

Mosul Asia-ISP dissolved, replaced with MEIPS (Middle-Eastern International Party of Socialism) & East Asia-ISP, & Push for Freedom & Peace
XI Convention MEIPS Constantinople MEIPS dissolved as ISIS collapses
XII Convention Euro-ISP

East Asia-ISP

Aberdeen East Asia-ISP dissolved as political control of China passes to the new influx of Chinese players
XII Convention Afro-ISP


Saint-Marie Euro-ISP and Afro-ISP reaffirm socialist goals & Continue for international socialism
XIII Convention Afro-ISP Dakar Afro-ISP to reorganize into the 2nd International & Afro-ISP splits into 2nd International supporters & Afro-ISP(Rump)
XIV Convention Euro-ISP


London Euro-ISP dissolved into constituent parties by nations & vows to join 2nd International

Afro-ISP(Rump) dissolves

ISP Regions

Map of International Socialist Party Regions and Conventions >

After the XIII Convention the 2nd International was founded, being the home for future Socialist/Communist and far left parties.


Our main successor was the International Socialist-Futurist Party (ISFP), a party with very similar goals to Us. They existed in four nations by the time of the end of old EMC. There was also the Trotskyist-Alternative for Socialism (TAoS), a break-off of the ISFP. They were very much Trotskyist but in practice were not very powerful and since both were Socialist, they re-merged together to better achieve their common goals. A minor Anarchist party also combined, but they abandoned their Anarchist roots to focus on their communal roots.

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Relationship with Other Socialists/Communists

The ISP is not related to "The Communist Republic of Minecraft".

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