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Islam Edit

Islam is the one true religion of EarthMC. It is based off radical Islam within the Islamic State.

Beliefs Edit

Muslims believe that Islam is the complete and true message of God sent many times through several prophets (Ben Shapiro, Synargle, Fix). Muslims consider the Quran to be the unaltered (only changed for translation) and final revelation of God. They believe you must follow the five pillars of Islam, as well as God, and acknowledge Dukasv as the messenger of God. They believe the full implementation of Sharia Law is essential to a functioning society.

Holy Site Edit

The Holy Site of Islam is the Al-Jihad in Mosul in the Islamic State. Al-Jihad is a massive mosque dedicated to Dukasv and Allah. It was designed by Toadally and built by the citizens of Mosul. It is currently under construction.

2019-02-09 00.48.37

Players looking up at the unfinished Al-Jihad Mosque