The Islamic State, or the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, was a nation located in the Middle East. Its capital was Mosul, the holy center of Islam. The nation operated under a government system directed by the guidance of the Qu'ran and imposes Sharia Law. The nation was founded on November 25, 2018 by MLGTerra, and died under the rule of watergod.


On November 25, 2018, MLGTerra resigned as the leader of France and founded the Islamic State in now disbanded Raqqa. At first, the Islamic State was very militaristic and engaged in several skirmishes, mostly against Byzantium.


Battle of Raqqa

Before the nation was founded, the town was involved in a major battle with Byzantium. MLGTerra attacked the town of Cilician_Armenia, with Byzantium quickly calling in reinforcements. Watergod and MLGTerra won the battle taking only one casualty.

Armenian Counter-Genocide

ISIS declared a jihad against Greater Armenia, which they lost after counter attacking twice.

Siege of Mosul

Mosul, the modern capital, was sieged by Greater Armenia and Byzantium on November 20, 2018. During the siege, the town was laced with holes and traps to suppress the attack. In the end, ISIS claimed victory suffering only one casualty with two defenders.

Battle of Al Hasakah

In response to the Siege of Mosul, the Byzantines and Armenians attacked Al_Hasakah, with ISIS having claimed victory in a very similar battle to the first, losing no men.

The Great Balkan War

In early January 2019, ISIS participated greatly in the Battle of Constantinople and various other skirmishes as an independent belligerent, just participating in order to kill players instead of fighting for a party.

Al-Jihad Mosque

The Al-Jihad Mosque is the grand holy site of Islam located in Mosul. It was designed by Toadally, and constructed by Toadally and watergod. It is a huge structure, and when complete, will be the largest single structure on EarthMC. Upon its completion, the Mosque will host monthly masses.


The front side of the Al-Jihad Mosque

The Mosque will hold housing for players within Mosul, shops, and the main base of operations for the members of Allah's Chosen.

Notable Players




Watergod is the current Caliph of the Islamic State. He has been apart of the nation since day one and has persisted to lead throughout the downfall of the nation during January and its recent rise.

Toadally (Ben Shapiro)

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Toadally (Ben Shapiro)

Toadally, or more commonly known as Ben Shapiro within chat, is the Holy Builder in the Islamic State. He designed the Al-Jihad Mosque and is planning other building projects.

Other Notes

ISIS claims Tibet as a colony and core state.

The Islamic State recognizes dukasv as one of the holy prophets of Allah.

Players found outside Mosul have and will be killed for digging sand.

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