This town isnt much, but it is still nice

Istanbul (formerly known as Alakol) is a fairly small town which was formed on the coast of lake Alakol. founded on 3/3/19 by Alexxx2048Hydra_ And part of Bactria. it is quite small for such an old town, at only 8 chunks. it doesn't help that Istanbul is a one-man town.


Pre-Town History:

Future mayor Alexxx2048Hydra_ first joined EarthMC on February 21st, 2019, after stumbling upon SalC1 in his YouTube recommended feed, and after seeing his EMC video, He decided to join.

Alexxx first spawned in just south of where Istanbul would be, after seeing the lake, he decided to stay there. and thinking it would be funny to recreate the Valley of Wheat from 2B2T, he started to break all the nearby grass to get seeds for the future farm.

One day, Mining_Tzar noticed the isolated farmer, and went out to meet him. After some friendly conversations. Alexxx decided to join Far_Alexandria, but still stayed at where the settlement now lies.


On march 3rd, 2019, Alexxx had gathered enough gold to finally form his town, which he had decided to name Alakol and, after he messed up a countdown. he had formed his town of Istanbul, which still stands to this day.

Alakol no more

At midnight of August 1st, Alexxx noticed on the GRE discord that Justinian was paying 16 gold for someone to rename their town to Istanbul, since turkey was renaming their city. Alexxx quicky asked how to rename a town in chat and, after learning the command, Renamed the town to Istanbul, where he waits for his payment from Phillybob.

Contributions to Bactria and to Rome

Alexxx has been very helpful to several towns and nations, giving Theodoro and Neapolis flags, as well as giving his home country of Bactria a new and improved flag. you can see them on their respective pages

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