Italia is a nation located in modern-day Italy. The nation is part of the GRE.

1. Government

1.1 King/Imperatore

Italian King: 32OGre

1.2 Senate/Senatore (Mayors of Italia)

  • Rome: 32OGre (KING)
  • Carbonia: Federico20027
  • Genova: judebricks
  • San_Cataldo: BrickMayorGuy
  • Solis: Dapper_Snek
  • Hydruntum: BrentBourgignon (Previous Ruler)
  • Palermo: ByzantineRomanum
  • Castel_Ravello: themirro1
  • Turin: mlo22370
  • Bari: skydog609
  • Naples: FruitHoopz
  • Siracusa: Venusian03
  • Pisa: Matriarchy
  • Rimini: GugolMC
  • La_Valletta: YamiRei
  • Tuscany: Guzzo_1
  • Elba: alsjad (Praetor of GRE)
  • Vatican_City: Angelo_Cardinali (Pope Benedict XVII)
  • Amalfi: LegendPheonix26 (Historicus Of GRE)
  • Roma: Lvcivs
  • Treiste: Teukris
  • Milian: CrazyPansos
  • Pizza: FI1p

Army (GRE Army)

As a Province of the Greater Roman Empire, Italia is under the protection of the GRE army, which consists of 24 soldiers.

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