Japanna flag.svg
Coat of Arms
Imperial Mon

Seal.pngImperial Seal

National Information
Full Name The Japanese Empire
National Anthem 君が代 (Kimi Ga Yo) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xsecx8-a8Pk
Name in Towny
Motto The World Under One Roof | 八紘一宇
Population 252
Chunks 5081
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Capital City Tokyo
Largest City Tokyo
Oldest City Owari
Established 1st Nation: 28-11-2018

2nd Nation: 15-05-2019

3rd Nation: 17-02-2020

4th Nation: 31-08-2020

Government Information
Leader Enigma731
Prime Minister
Political System Monarchy
Economic System Capitalism
Official Language Japanese & English
Official Religion Shinto & Buddhism
Army Size
Part of
Historical Information
Past Leaders FenZenyatta, Yllalen, Synargle, Sairene, KawadaJP, Lord__Troll
Past Capitals Niigata, Toyama, Ashikaga, Sendai/Japan

Japan (日本) is a nation that occupies most of the Japanese Archipelago, Korea, China as well as Eastern Russia. There has been four different Japans in the history of EMC being known as the First Japanese Empire, Second Japanese Empire, Third Japanese Empire and the Fourth Japanese Empire. Japan has one of the deepest histories on all of EarthMC and one of the oldest which has seen Four Civil Wars, fighting off different Chinese Invasions and eventually expanding outside of Japan itself.


Japan is situated mainly on the Japanese Archipelago, Korea, China as well as Eastern Russia. Throughout its history its had a presence in both Korea and Russia with various attempts at making a mainland stronghold. The Capital is Tokyo with the main cities being Tokyo, Taria, Owoina, Owari and Monbetsu. The nation has 51 cities and over 200 citizens in total.


The Government of Japan is led by the Emperor and the Ministers who is represented. The Imperial Family are those who are related to the Emperor and may even fill his role in his absence. The Ministers directly help the Emperor run the nations day-to-day tasks with some Ministers having a more crucial role such as the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Defense. All Japanese Mayors become Daimyo who are a crucial part of Japan with them taking direct access to the Emperors office to suggest laws or changes to the nation.

The Imperial Family

  • Enigma731 - Emperor

Current Ministers

  • Stefankar - Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Lord_Troll - Minister of the Treasury
  • Yaki_Yaiba - Minister of Interior

Imperial Advisors

  • Prismary
  • Prime_Lagos
  • CamToons
  • Rezolent_

Early History

Early days (19th November - 27 November 2018)

The first Japanese nation was found by the 7 original towns of Japan, which were: Sapporo, Chikugo, Mihama (Was Kyoto at the time) Kyoto (Was Osaka), Tokyo, Oboro-Maru and Sendai. The towns had collected 512g at the 14th November, however, the citizens decided to hold elections to decide who should be the Shogun and who should be the emperor. They held the election and Surfboy1 (SurfinNinja) was elected Shogun, with Neon_Krby losing to him. LostInMoonlight of old Tokyo was declared Emperor of Japan, by the citizens. The nation capital was decided to be Tokyo, and when SurfinNinja turned out to be inactive, LostInMoonlight took over the lead of the government.

1st Japanese Civil War (27 November - 3rd December 2018)

After LostInMoonlight took over the nation lead, he also turned out to be not very active, which upset Dan1804, the owner of Kyoto, who decided to take a 700g loan from Korea and he founded the nation of Oda_Shogunate, on the 28th November.

Oda_Shogunate ended up being very successful during its early days, convincing the majority of towns of Japan to join their nation. However this was going to change soon, as a new challenger approached, Niigata, Which was going to be created by FenZenyatta.

FenZenyatta spent the money he earned of selling Prussia (384g) on claims. The town of Niigata quickly reached 55 chunks, which made Niigata the largest town of Japan The largest town. FenZenyatta quickly stated that he was the most powerful town leader of Japan and started demanding more power from Dan1804.

Fen was seeking power but he didn't want to make a 4th nation, so he started messaging every of the 3 Japanese nation leaders. He ended up agreeing the most with LostInMoonlight of Tokyo, who promised reforms in the nation. That convinced FenZenyatta to leave Oda_Shogunate and join Japan.

Age of Choas (December 2018 - May 2019)

FenZenyatta was proclaimed as the Japanese shogun, however, LostInMoonlight never gave him the ownership of the nation. FenZenyatta was viewed internally as the leader but he only had the national Chancellor role in-game. He tried making reforms but they all failed as the nation was very inactive during the period. The most significant achievement of Japan during this age was Niigata becoming the 5th largest town on the entire server.

Around the 11th January, Tokyo owned by LostInMoonlight fell to inactivity. Niigata was the next town in the line of succession, which turned FenZenyatta into the emperor.

FenZenyatta got into talks with other citizens and agreed on calling in elections for the leader of Japan. The participants of the elections were FenZenyatta of Niigata, NeonKrby of Osaka-Kyoto, and Quil of Chiba. FenZenyatta won the election on the 10th February, with Quil_ coming second. All of the 3 were campaigning for a reformed Japanese government. Fen won with 70% of the votes

In the early days of this age, FenZenyatta reformed the Japanese discord and government. He opened a Government which helps him with dealing with stuff, he doesn't have time to deal with. During this age, Japan's population was rising sharply, to the point where Japan became the most populated nation on EMC, on the 28th February.

The two rebel nations, Oda_Shogunate and Tsugaru-shi also disbanded during this time period.

The Japanese succession crisis is what started Japan's downfall. It started with FenZenyatta making an announcement, talking about who could take over Japan after himself, and who it could be. FenZenyatta proposed it to be MLGTerra, a veteran from EMC Classic but the citizens didn't agree with his decision. . That was followed by other mayors disbanding their towns/quitting EMC.

2nd Japanese Civil War (10th May - 25th May)

On the 10th May, FenZenyatta had gathered a group of people who were interested in reviving Japan. Everything went as they planned, and they approached Surfboy1 who has been inactive during the Demise. However, they didn't get a response and Surfboy was uninterested in giving away the nation, and a civil war had begun.

On the 15th May, Neon_Krby, who was a chancellor in Japan, gave Chancellor to FenZenyatta and both of them removed every alliance Japan had and kicked every town out of the nation. After that was done, FenZenyatta created the nation Imperial_Japan, proclaiming himself as the new emperor. All the kicked towns proceeded to join Imperial_Japan, meaning Japan became a one-town nation.

No battles happened during this civil war, just as in the previous one. It ended on the 25th May when Surfboy finally disbanded his own nation.

Second Japanese Empire

This nation was made on the 15th day of May in 2019 with FenZenyatta as Emperor. On the 15 of May, FenZenyatta received a loan in form of gold from alek_b, and proceeded to create the nation "Imperial_Japan". His goal was to unite Japan under his leadership. Fen started a recruitment drive which started a flow of new players joining Japan. Many of those ended up being important political figures in the future Japanese history.

Synargle's First Era (16th June - 22nd July)

Synargle become the Emperor of Japan during this time and become a much loved part of the Japanese community. Under Syn's leadership Japan built the new underground shopping centre which become a popular shopping destination. On the 22nd of July, Synargle suddenly went offline and never returned again on his discord account. During this period, everyone was uncertain about what was about to happen. Snowyy_b ended up holding the capital of the nation, Ashikaga, and elections were made to decide the next Emperor. Yllalen ended up winning those.

Age of Fire (10th August - 29th August)

With Yllalen becoming Emperor, Japan become more weak on the regional scale with nations like Qing seeking to influence Japan further. They sent Baron_Sigma (Now Qorrin) to spy on Japan and make a nation there. Yllalen proposed a clan system of Japan which would see the united Japan fall into various different clans and eventually a civil war. Yllalen claims he did this under pressure from Qorrin (Baron_Sigma) and had no other choice. Japan did try to create a confederation of clans as a way of being unified but it did not last long.

After the ruin of the clan system, representatives of each group gathered to discuss reunifying Japan. Multiple options were proposed; eventually, a Japanese citizen by the name Fjolnir1 proposed the option of a user named Big Brother to take ownership. Big Brother was later revealed to be QqL, who quickly made a deal with Yllalen for ownership of Ashikaga. Ashikaga and Minamoto clans joined, with Shimazu declining, Yakuza and Ryukyu remaining in isolation.

An increasingly-intensifying standoff period between Shimazu and Japan began, with both racing for towns, this period ended with QqL kicking all towns out of Japan following a failed reunification.

3rd Japanese Civil War ( - January 6)

Upon the kicking of all Japanese towns by QqL, Alek_b, one of the remaining older players, decided to make a push for reunification. He immediately invited the kicked towns, as well as adding several Shimazu towns. He then renamed his nation to Imperial_Japan. Alek proceeded to join the Regional Powers and declared war on Shimazu, making Japan a theater of the Second Great War.

The war dragged on for months. Despite initial gains in the war, Imperial_Japan was stuck in a hiatus due to Shimazu's policy of "Defensive Talk-to-the-Hand-ing" (Self-imposed neutrality) and Alek's inactivity. Alek still attempted a policy of reunification, even with a different leader, and a handful of talks were held between Shimazu and Imperial_Japan. Multiple options were proposed, including introducing Arkas_King as the new emperor. In the end, however, the talks broke down, and the war was restarted, yet stuck in a stalemate. Multiple players on both sides grew tired of the war, with many becoming inactive.

Eventually, most core Imperial_Japan mayor's - Alek_b (Shikara), Krby (Tokyo), Booster_b (Komatsu), and Saayuuki (Shiga) - would sell their towns and move to the Niger town of Alpha. Snowyy and FenZenyatta, two other core Imperial_Japan members, went on to join them. KawadaJP, the final Imperial_Japan leader, joined Shimazu before shortly making his own nation of Asano.

Second Reunification Period (January 6 - February)

Following Alek's leave of Japan, several individuals attempted to move the gap. Synargle decided to make a return to Japan, Baron wanted to buy out the remaining towns, and a newly resurgent Qing, led by Mr_X1234, wanted to create a puppet nation in Japan led by QqL.

Initially, Baron assisted in Synargle buying the nation of Imperial_Japan, as well as its towns Shikara and Tokyo, in an attempt to keep Qing off the island. Imperial_Japan was promptly renamed to Tokugawa, and a new confederation was formed between Shimazu, Shimazu_North Tokugawa and Ashikaga. Asano clan led by KawadaJP refused to join the Confederation due to Shimazu being involved.

Shortly after, the town of Shiga was bought by QqL. Mr_X1234 also proceeded to buy the nation of Asano, with its town Hiroshima. Hiroshima was given to QqL, while Shiga was placed with RatDogGuy.

A few days later, Baron_Sigma quit the server, giving Shimazu to Goddess_Sairene. The leaders of the confederation, as well as QqL and Mr_X1234, joined to mediate peace.

After increased cooperation, Japan agreed to reunify under its new Emperor, Synargle.

United Japan (February - July 2020)

The nation of Japan remained relatively united until, Sairene was made the Empress of Japan by Synargle. At this time KawadaJP was meant to be the leader but wasn't present. This got him mad, which kicked off the 4th Japanese Civil War.

4th Japanese Civil War (July - Present)

Japanese 4th Civil War < More in-detail description of events

The Shimazu clan was made on the 10th of June 2020 with Qorrin leading it which caused massive anger in the rest of Japan. Japan at the time was still in its Golden Era and the majority of the nation was very unified. At the time, the Emperor Synargle was still busy with real life commitments so the nation had to rely on the Prince and Prime Minister. After a few weeks KawadaJP the Prince left EMC while travelling abroad home and stated he would not return and when Synargle eventually left Sairene was given Empress of Japan.

When KawadaJP returned 2-3 weeks later, he wanted his role of leader back. He asked Sairene to share the power which she refused so for a few days he was choosing in his head whether or not to make his own nation. Around this time Important players in Japan including Sairene, QqL, Fen and Fjolnir were all banned from EMC. Another huge loss for Japan was the "TrapGang" leaving which was built up of active and historic players such as IJustGotKarma, Sans, Fjolnir and Dane who moved to Lichtenstein.

Imperial Japan was made on the 27th of June 2020 with KawadaJP being its leader. Imperial Japan quickly began taking towns from Japan and fastly became a decently sized nation. The third to fall was Okuyama which was first led by Viinexx until leadership was suspiciously given to Yllalen who is famous in Japan for wanting his old nation back. Just after this came Ryuzoji led by UnreadiSpaghetti which recently became a Sri Lankan colony.

Eventually, in late August, Date and Japan agreed to unify, with KawadaJp as Emperor and Sairene as Empress. This changed the capital city to Sendai/Japan for a lengthy period of time only for the capital to be changed back to Tokyo in late November 2020 after Emperor Kawada stepped down and the new Emperor Lord__Troll was crowned .

NOTE: Not written by a Japanese, source was [1]

On 29 Sep, Sairene stepped down as Empress of Japan.

On 24 Nov, KawadaJP stepped down as Emperor of Japan

On 27 Nov, Lord__Troll was crowned as the new Emperor of Japan

On 24 Dec, Lord__Troll stepped down as Emperor of Japan

On 24 Dec, Enigma731 was crowned as the new Emperor of Japan



Leader(s): Yllalen, Qql

Fate: Disbanded after the finalized reunification


Leader(s): Baron_Sigma, Goddess_Sairene

Fate: Joined Japan and renamed to Japan_South as a proxy nation


Leader(s): Sumimasin

Fate: Disbanded after the finalized reunification



Fate: Clan abandoned before nation creation


Leader(s): RainbowssDoggo

Fate: Disbanded


Leader(s): KawadaJP

Fate: Disbanded after being sniped by the GRE


Leader(s): Phil

Fate: Sold to make Korea


Leader(s): Alek_b, Synargle

Fate: Sold to create Tokugawa


Leader(s): Synargle

Fate: Remade into Japan


Leader(s): KawadaJP, QqL

Fate: Joined Japan, moved to Monbetsu, and renamed to Japan_North as a proxy nation


The government of Japan follows an ideology of Reconstructive Accordoism. It is lead by an Emperor, who acts as the Head of State, with an elected Prime Minister acting as the Head of Government. The Emperor's direct family held honorary Prince/Princess roles,before the positions were abolished. The Prince 'srole now represents the successor to the Emperor.

Government of Japan (March)

Emperor: Synargle

Prime Minister: KawadaJP

Royal Family:

QqL, Goddess_Sairene


QqL, Arkas_King, Ozen1, IJustGotKarma, Goddess_Sairene, Sanss, Roineur, Taima, FenZenyatta

Government of Japan (April)

Emperor: Synargle

Prime Minister: Qorrin

Prince: QqL (from 9th-)

Ministers: QqL, Ozen1, Goddess_Sairene, KawadaJP, FenZenyatta, Arkas_King (to 7th), Echo (from 8th-), unkosamurai (from 8th-), Dane (from 9th-)

Government of Japan (May)

Emperor: Synargle

Prime Minister: Sanss

Prince: QqL

Ministers: KawadaJP, Dane, Sairene, TechSB, IJustGotKarma, Ozen1, Fjolnir, FenZenyatta

Proxy Nation's

Japan maintains two nations to act as teleportations:

Japan_North - led by QqL, currently in Monbetsu

Japan_South - led by Goddess_Sairene, currently in Kagoshima

Proxy nation leaders also hold honorary Governor titles.


Japan controls several provinces. Each province's citizens maintain the full rights of any Japanese citizen. The nation leader of each acts as a Governor of the region. After the beginning of the 5th civil war, Japan sadly lost its last province, vietnam.


Time: April 6 - ???

Governor: Spyder

Past Governor(s): IJustGotKarma


Time: April 10 - July 2

Governor: None (Part of Indochina)

Past Governor(s): QqL (April 10 - April 23) Ssansss (April 23 - May 27) TheEarlOfSkeen (May 27- July 4) as king until September 13)

Previous Rulers


LostInMoonlight the Inactive

LostInMoonlight was the first Emperor of Japan. He is remembered for his inactivity and lack of effort put into the nation. He lost his emperorship when his town, Tokyo, disbanded due to Inactivity.

Fen the Reformer

FenZenyatta gained power when Tokyo disbanded on the 20th January. However he wasn't viewed as an Emperor until he won the elections. The period of time between the fall of Tokyo and the elections was viewed as an "Interregnum" period by many Japanese citizens.

He was elected as the Emperor of Japan on the 10th February 2019. During his reign, Japan achieved many things, like becoming the most populated nation on /n list

Synargle the Pious.

Notable People


He was the 3rd leader of Japan. He was the owner of Niigata from December 1st, 2018 to March 19-20, 2019.


He was the 2nd internal leader of Japan. He owned the old city of Tokyo (now disbanded to inactivity), and was known for his extreme inactivity.


Neon_Krby founded the town of Sapporo, which was one of the founding towns of Japan. He later on moved to take care of Sendai (which is now annexed by Niigata). He proceeded to make towns in Alaska and China between his times in Japanese towns. He was the owner of Osaka-Kyoto, which was made on the ruins of old Kyoto (former capital of Oda_Shogunate ) on the 30th January. His current town of Choshi was mainly funded by FenZenyatta.


He was the first Shogun of Japan back in November. He became the Emperor in March 2019, during the Demise of Japan.

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