Japan Edit

Japan is a nation located on the Japanese islands on EMC. The nation was made on the 19th November, 2018.

The current and the third leader of Japan is FenZenyatta. He owns the city of Niigata, which is the capital of Japan.

Japanese History Edit

Early days (19th November - 27 November) Edit

The Japanese nation was found by the 7 original towns of Japan, which were: Sapporo, Chikugo, Mihama (Was Kyoto at the time) Kyoto (Was Osaka), Tokyo, Oboro-Maru and Sendai. The towns had collected 512g at the 14th November, however the citizens decided to hold elections to decide who should be the Shogun and who should be the emperor. They held the election and Surfboy1 (SurfinNinja) was elected Shogun, with Neon_Krby losing to him. LostInMoonlight of old Tokyo was declared Emperor of Japan, by the citizens. The nation capital was decided to be Tokyo, and when SurfinNinja turned out to be inactive, LostInMoonlight took over the lead of the government.

The Civil War (27 November - 3rd December) Edit

After LostInMoonlight took over the nation lead, he also turned out to be not very active, which upset Dan1804, the owner of Kyoto, who decided to take a 700g loan from Korea and he founded the nation of Oda_Shogunate, on the 28th November. DitheryGames (Hirosaki_jizo) of Hirosaki actually rebelled first, by creating the nation of Tsugaru-Shi on the 27th November. He actually collected the money for that nation by himself, leaving him debt-free.

Oda_Shogunate ended up being very successful during its early days, convincing the majority of towns of Japan to join their nation. However this was going to change soon, as a new challenger approached the nation of Japan, Niigata. The town location was chosen by FenZenyatta's friends on the 29th November. A day later, they made the town. However, FenZenyatta was still processing his sale of Prussia at that time, which made him unable to join and take over the nation until the 1st December.

FenZenyatta spent the money he earned of selling Prussia (384g) on claims. The town of Niigata quickly reached 55 chunks, which made Niigata the largest town of Japan on the day the town was taken over by FenZenyatta. The largest town before that was Chikugo. FenZenyatta quickly stated that he was the most powerful town leader of Japan and started demanding more power from Dan1804, the owner of Oda_Shogunate. He refused however and stated that Fenzenyatta didn't understand enough of Japanese politics. Fen was seeking power but he didn't want to make a 4th nation, so he started messaging every of the 3 japanese nation leaders. He ended up agreeing the most with LostInMoonlight of Tokyo, who promised reforms in the nation. That convinced FenZenyatta to leave Oda_Shogunate and join Japan. He started convincing the other towns to join back, and Oda_Shogunate quickly became a 1man nation.

Age of Depression (3rd December - 19th December) Edit

The age of depression started after the civil war died down. There is no official date but japanese politicans say this age started between the 1st and 3rd December. FenZenyatta was proclaimed as the Japanese shogun, however LostInMoonlight never gave him the ownership of the nation. FenZenyatta was viewed internally as the leader but he only had the national Chancellor role in-game. He tried making reforms but they all failed as the nation was very inactive during the period. The most significant achievement of Japan during this age was Niigata becoming the 5th largest town on the entire server.

Age of Hope (19th December - 10th January) Edit

On the 19th December, the moderator Synargle made the town of Gensokyo in Japan. The town was located in the place where Gifu exists today. The two active towns of Japan at that time, Niigata and Tottori, decided to name his town the Ceremonial capital of Japan, while the towns of Niigata and Tottori would form the government. However, there was an issue keeping this from happening. LostInMoonlight was at his peak of inactivity and never had the chance to log in to hand over the nation to Synargle. Everyone was mainly inactive during this time, with FenZenyatta only being only online during 6 days of this age. This age ended when Synargle quietly disbanded his town on the 10th January and left the japanese politics scene.

Age of Silence (11th January - 2nd February) Edit

Around the 11th January, Tokyo owned by LostInMoonlight fell to inactivity. Niigata was the next town in the line of succession, which turned FenZenyatta into the emperor. His town grew during this age, but he didn't implement many changes to the nation as he didn't think the nation was active enough. He donated gold to new towns in Japan, which quickly turned Japan into a powerhouse on /n list.

Reformation (3rd February - 10th February) Edit

The Reformation was sparked by a rising amount of active towns in Japan, which seeked a true government, which never had the chance to form before. FenZenyatta got into talks with other citizens and agreed on calling in elections for the leader of Japan. The participants of the elections were FenZenyatta of Niigata, Neon_Krby of Osaka-Kyoto and Quil_ of Chiba. (Not known yet) won the election on the 10th February, with (blank) coming second. All of the 3 were campaigning for a reformed japanese government.

Government Edit

This section will be added when the winner of the elections sets the new government into power.

Notable People Edit

FenZenyatta Edit

He is the 3rd and the current leader of Japan. He has been the owner of Niigata since the 1st December 2018.

LostInMoonlight Edit

He was the 2nd internal leader of Japan. He owned the old city of Tokyo (now disbanded to inactivity), and was known for his extreme inactivity.

Neon_Krby Edit

Neon_Krby founded the town of Sapporo, which is one of the founding towns of Japan. He later on moved to take care of Sendai (which is now annexed by Niigata). He proceeded to make towns in Alaska and China between his times in Japanese towns. He is currently the owner of Osaka-Kyoto, which was made on the ruins of old Kyoto (former capital of Oda_Shogunate ) on the 30th January. His current town was mainly funded by FenZenyatta.