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Japan about a month before infighting begins

Japan one week after Shimazu Restoration

Japan on July 12th 2021

Conflict in Japan (9/6/2020 - 27/6/2020)

On June 10th, 2020, a moderator named Qorrin created the nation of Shimazu as an escape from Japanese politics and toxicity. Along with Shikoku, the towns of Hirosaki, Wakayama, Youshiken, Sapporo, and Yeosu followed him out. Qorrin stated that he didn’t want any conflict with Japan, but as expected, he got heavy backlash. The situation within the nation of Japan was also worsening. With the emperor having been inactive for so long, the nation began to suffer. The prince, KawadaJP, also announced his departure from emc, which meant that there was no clear successor. The citizens created an interim government, with Sairene being given the role of  regent. At some point, the emperor announced his official abdication from the throne and his departure from emc, crowning Sairene as empress. Shortly after that, the empress and 3 other notable Japanese players were banned, with allegations ranging from doxxing the emperor of Shimazu to the emperor of Shimazu faking the doxx in an attempt to get them banned. KawadaJP returned during this time to help lead the country, but when Sairene was unbanned, a power struggle began. Kawada asked to share power equally with Sairene, but she refused. Citizens claimed that as Synargle crowned her empress, she was rightfully the ruler of Japan, but others claimed that Kawada was the rightful heir because he was chosen successor before Sairene was put in power. On June 20th, 2020, the nation of Ryuzoji was created by UnreadiSpaghetti for fun, as he had never run a nation before. On June 27th, 2020, the Kawada loyalists created the nation of Date, with Kawada as the emperor. Another player, QqL, did not wish to be stuck in the middle of the fighting and created the nation of Hokkaido as a neutral zone.

Japan on July 30th, 2020

Early Civil War (27/6/2020 - 30/8/2020)

The next month was fairly uneventful, almost similar to a cold war. No official wars were waged, not any battles fought. However, there were many “skirmishes”, such as the hub 2 wars and the claim wars, which were little conflicts brought on by all 3 sides (Shimazu, Japan, and Date). On July 21st, the nation of Ishikari was created by StellarSamurai as a proxy nation of Shimazu to act as a northern nation spawn, and on July 24th, war broke out. Japan declared war on Shimazu, followed by Hokkaido declaring war on both Japan and Shimazu, and finally by Date declaring war on Shimazu and Korea. War was never declared between Japan and Date, but tensions were extremely high, with both nations rushing to gain alliances with foreign nations. Close calls between these nations included the almost-battle of Hachinohe, where a Japanese town fell and there were claim disputes, with soldiers from Japan rushing in to defend the area. Date quickly claimed the area before any battles broke out. Ryuzoji had been disbanded and reunited with Japan previous to this so they were not involved. Shimazu didn't make its situation any better however. On August 15th, the town of Seoul joined Shimazu, taking away prime Korean land. Shimazu defended this action by saying that the town was their territory before it was ever Korea’s, referencing a time where the Shimazu clan prospered in a previous civil war. The Koreans did not like this and declared war on Shimazu and peaced out with Date. Despite all out war being present, nothing much happened due to Shimazu’s policy of “defensive talk-to-the-handing’, and on August 30th, the proxy nation of Ishikari declared independence from Shimazu.

Japan one week before Date-Japan unification

Japan directly after unification

The 4th Japanese Empire and Mid Civil War (31/8/2020 - 23/12/2020)

Japan on November 17th, 2020

On August 31st, the 4th Japanese empire was formed when the nations of Japan and Date united under Kawada, with Hokkaido joining a month or so later. The prince of Japan, UnreadiSpaghetti, was against the reunification and so reformed the nation of Ryuzoji. Shortly after, Shimazu began experiencing a rapid decline, with the emperor being completely absent from emc. Ryuzoji and Ishikari had begun to gain support from foreign nations and the isles had grown peaceful once again until Japan had redeclared war on its enemies, including Ryuzoji, on September 14th. Japan had severely lost the upper hand, as Ryuzoji had joined the Syndicate. This war had 2 battles, with Japan winning one and losing the next. This war also included a planted town in Setana claims, where Aomori now claims. This war came to an end where Unreadi left Ryuzoji and moved to Germany, with a technical Japanese win over the Ryuzoji. The nation was moved to Aomori and was reformed into the 2nd Date nation. On November 3rd, a player named julianmxchoppa (Commander_Skeppy), had made the nation of Karafuto in northern Sakhalin, core Japanese land. On that day the only battle of the civil war to take place on Japanese land had occurred. The Japanese and Liechtenstein leaders fought against the Ishikari and Karafuto leaders, with at least 2 casualties on the Karafuto side and none on the Japanese. Karafuto would continue to exist, engaging in covert operations, including infiltrating the Japanese government, until it would be sold off. In response to Karafuto, the Japanese had the nation of Sibir join Japan as a colony.

Late Civil War (23/12/2020 - 6/8/2021)

Japan January 12th 2021

The document that ended the civil war

On November 23rd, Kawada abdicated the throne and his heir, Lord__Troll, became emperor. His reign was marked by the increase of support in reunification from all nations in Japan, resulting in the creation of the new Kamakura Alliance, created between Shimazu, Ishikari, and Karafuto, to help reunite Japan. There was one major issue with the 4th Japanese empire, mainly that the emperor carried the nation, supporting most towns and town funding with his own gold, causing the mayors to be reliant on him, and the long term results began to show. On December 23rd, Lord__Troll had abdicated the throne when the towns of Sendai, and Toyama were forcefully disbanded, with Hiroshima and Yamagata falling to disputed or unknown reasons. Lord__Troll gave the throne to Enigma731, leaving him to deal with the chaos, and not more than 1 week after his ascension, the towns of the towns of Oita, Himeji, Hiroshima, Kawada, and Iturup falling to inactivity, with Fuji (Shizuoka) being reclaimed after a deal gone wrong. Xia had invaded the eastern part of Hiroshima, and since their intentions of invading Japan had become clear, the emperor of Japan called for the other nation’s help. Approximately 2k+ gold had been put into a quick reclamation, spanning one month. Xia had realized they could not advance and their operations were halted. Ishikari and Date had presented their final terms for reunification during this time as well, and on January 22nd, Ishikari joined Japan as a northern nation spawn and soon after, Date and the long exiled Okinawa rejoined as well. On August 6th, 2021, Shimazu and Japan finally came to an agreement in which Shimazu became Japan's southern n spawn, finally ending the 4th Japanese civil war and reunifying the Japanese archipelago.