​​​​​The State of Jefferson is a proud nation located in Northwest America. It hosts a booming economy, active citizenry, and established diplomatic relations with many nations in the area.



The State of Jefferson was founded in February of 2020 when the political issues in Cascadia caused the Lakeview's natives to believe that their values would be better represented by another government. For a brief period, the town of Lakeview was ruled as an independent town, sacrificing travel mobility for governmental independence. During this period BigChungaBunga, SirClarke, and CaptnClutch7810 mined and established stores to fund the founding of The State of Jefferson. 

Rapid Expansion

From February through Mid-April, the state of Jefferson entered a period of rapid expansion. The capitol quintupled in size, the nation added 6 new towns and grew in members from 3 to over 50 residents.

Sunset Confederacy

In February 2020, due to harassment by several nations in the area, a proposal was made to form a defensive alliance within nations on the west coast. After considerable discussion, the nations of Jefferson, Haida, RoughandReady, Salish, California, and North California elected to form the Sunset Confederacy. Their mission was to promote unity throughout the west through defensive force and diplomacy. Originally, it was thought the Pacific Republic would soon be part of the Sunset Confederacy. However, they decided to abstain from membership. Later on, Glacier Bay joined the Sunset Confederacy.

Rio Grande - Sunset Confederacy War

Soon after the Sunset Confederacy was formed it declared war on the nations in the Rio Grande. Jefferson warriors were involved in all the key battles including the Battle for Parliament in Salish, the Battle for LA in California, and the Battle for Barren in Jefferson. As one of the most active nations in the Sunset Confederacy, a Jefferson military has been formed and has taken defensive actions against the Rio aggressors. The war ended in a Rio Grande victory, though no territory was lost.


In mid-April, due to growing similarities between the two nations, RoughandReady and Jefferson decided to unite under the Jefferson banner. Jefferson welcomed the leaders and citizens of RoughandReady as equals and friends under our shared political system and set of values.



2020-05-23 12.23.43

Shops in Lakeview

Leader: CaptnClutch7810

Lakeview is the Jefferson Capitol and one of its largest towns. It was founded in Southern Oregon in January and was the first town in the State of Jefferson. It currently hosts a variety of resources for town members (blaze grinder, enchanting room, villagers, etc.), a large shopping district, the capitol building, and national offices. In the future, CaptnClutch7810 plans to build Jefferson's second ice race track in Lakeview and a large casino. 

Klamath Falls

2020-06-08 17.30.56

Klamath Falls Raceway

Leader: GroundXero

Klamath Falls is the second oldest town in Jefferson, founded in mid-March. It is made up primarily of treehouses, and pathways around town mean that no one ever needs to step foot on the ground. Its design lends itself very nicely to safety, and Klamath Falls is quite possibly the safest town on the entire server. 

Klamath Falls is also home to a race track known as Klamath Falls Raceway. Built from over 3000 packed ice, a racer can take a boat on this track to experience the town in a way unlike any other can offer. Twisting around trees at thrilling speeds, racers will need to use all of their skills to claim victory on this technical course.


2020-03-27 23.22.08

Barren Construction

Leader: dempy2003

Barren was founded by katgamess in March 2020. It is currently located where Placerville, RoughandReady once was. Dempy2003 took over the mayorship in April/May of 2020 so that katgamess could pursue another town. This castle based town features a dark oak forest, castle walls, and an ice road that leads to North California. Barren boasts a medieval building style with a large castle keep at its center. It offers more ice road connections than any other town in Jefferson and has a beautiful man-made lake at its center.

Gold Beach

Leader: IceBot201

Gold Beach was founded in early April 2020. It is founded west of Lakeview on the coast of North America where the Cascadian town of Anastoria once stood. In addition to keeping good relations with the Cascadians to the north, IceBot201 is currently working on rebuilding the town into a metropolis for the arts and for religion within the State of Jefferson.

New Oxford

Leader: Arathorn52

New-Oxford was founded on the 5th October 2019 by Arathorn52 and Jimi_Jay who left the server in January 2020 on the ruins of Flagstaff (Arizona). The town since welcomed the headquarters of the Bank of New-Oxford and ADC Architecture. A museum will also open his gates soon. New Oxford takes pride in its shop, museum, and police force.

Oasis City

2020-05-06 18.29.42

Oasis City Tower

Leader: Collines

Oasis City is a concrete jungle with an amazing skyline located in the California desert very close to Lakeview. It features impressive skyscraper construction with builds oriented to be both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Oasis City offers a full connection to all Jefferson towns through ice ways and also there is free access to farms for all citizens. Additionally, a residential housing district is being constructed along the western edge in the hopes of housing future residents.



Seal of Redmond

Leader: NoneAvailable

Redmond was founded in early May 2020. While also offering a full range of amenities to new players, Redmond features a contemporary-medieval building style. In addition to that, Redmond offers both above ground and below ground road connections to neighboring towns. Located in Central Oregon, Redmond plans to expand to fit more residential homes in the future while maintaining good relations with our Cascadian neighbors.

Lake Tahoe

Leader: Seedy (AKA Sxxdy, Sperm, Mr. Eps)

Lake Tahoe is one of the oldest and well-respected towns on the West Coast. Boasting a large castle and the only other /n spawn in Jefferson, Lake Tahoe is one of the largest towns in the nation. Additionally, Lake Tahoe was once the capitol of the Californian nation. With a large residential area, public resources, and a rich history, Lake Tahoe is one of the most influential towns throughout the west.



Shasta Construction

Leader: _tom_69

Shasta is a Japanese styled town that was founded in late May 2020 by _tom_69, the location of Shasta is right on the real-life locations of Lake Shasta and in-game it is west of Klamath Falls and Lakeview. the main stand out features of Shasta is its large 15 chunk palace/museum and its map art canvas area also Shasta is the first town in Jefferson and one of few towns on the server to have its very own wild parrot, caught by _Tom_69 in the African jungles. _tom_69's plans for Shasta include setting up large villager trading halls for his town members to use and to help him make god gear for his shops, also he wants to claim the Shasta mountain and have a fully developed resident district there complete with shops, farms etc.


Leader: Kartees

Lompoc was founded by _tom_69 in Late April/Early May 2020. However, due to disagreements with the current Californian government, _tom_69 decided to sell Lompoc to Kartees and start Shasta to be closer to the Jefferson Capitol. In addition to being the former capital of California, Lompoc boasts impressive desert construction over its eighty chunk claim area.

Kami House

Leader: Block Dandy

Kami House was founded by Block_Dandy in Late May/Early June of 2020. Although it is a smaller town, it has a well developed underwater base with everything from a nether portal to several large farms. Although a young town, Kami House has tremendous potential to grow to be one of the best towns on the west coast given its underwater location.

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