What is Jewtsuism? Edit

Jewtsuism is the belief in luck and grinding. Jewtsuism was created on November 19, 2018 by No_Jewtsu. Followers of Jewtsuism must obey the god of Jewtsu (not No_Jewtsu).

Story of Jewtsuism Edit

The Beginning Edit

No_Jewtsu, the leader of Beijing at the time, saw a strange being up in the clouds. The being told No_Jewtsu, "I am the god of grinding and luck, Jewtsu, I shall enlighten you with the powers of "grinding hard" to have you succeed on the journey to become a rich minecraft politician." No_Jewtsu thought this was absolute BS and accepted the thought that he probably has schizophrenia, so he turned back home.

The Realization Edit

No_Jewtsu saw Jewtsu, the god of grinding, on November 19, 2018! This time Jewtsu had something to give No_Jewtsu. Jewtsu gave him 13 feathers, 8 ink sacks, 38 pieces of paper, 2 leather, a sword called "Jewtsu's Dildo" and a pickaxe called "Gift of Grinding Hard." No_Jewtsu was very thankful. He quickly made a book and a quill. After he made the book and quill he quickly wrote down what he saw and heard what Jewtsu told him in the "Bible of Jewtsuism." He later accepted that he probably doesn't have schizophrenia. He put the bible in an ancient abandoned shrine behind a mountain near Los Angeles and called the shrine "Jewtsu Shrine". Jewtsu told No_Jewtsu that there's is a total of 3 shrines all located in the Americas and the only one that can find them is No_Jewtsu. If No_Jewtsu finds all of the legendary shrines he will obtain the true powers of "Grinding Hard." Once No_Jewtsu dies the powers of "grinding hard" will pass onto another person of great power who believes in Jewtsuism. When founding the religion No_Jewtsu thought of making the symbol of Jewtsuism a die. The die represents luck, because it takes luck to get what you want from grinding.

The 1st Jewtsuist Chruch and Conversion Edit

Constructed by No_Jewtsu on 11/20/2018. The church is used to practice the religion of Jewtsuism as well as converting the entire town of Los Angeles. No_Jewtsu makes an attempt to convert all of Los Angeles to convert to Jewtsuism. Los Angeles is successfully converted to Jewtsuism.

Who is Jewtsu? Edit

Jewtsu is a mysterious being that lurks in the sky above the clouds. He is said to be the one who puts all the gold in the ground. He is the one that gives us luck and fortune. He is RNGesus of the world of Terra Nova. He is what we love sometimes and hate sometimes. He is Jewtsu.

Information About Jewtsuism Edit

"The First Apothegm" - "Grind hard and fast, smoke grass, and eat ass."

"The Second Apothegm" - "If you stop, you get the glock."

"The Three Decrees"

  1. Grind
  2. Expand
  3. Invite

"Forbidden Whisper" - "November india golf golf alpha" or "November india golf golf echo romeo"

There is more information in "The Bible of Jewtsuism" which is located in the chest at Jewtsu Shrine

How to Follow Jewtsuism? Edit

List On Ways You Can Covert Edit

  • Build a shrine
  • Build a church
  • Do the practices

People who are not converted can do the practices, but in order to follow it officially they will have to do them consistently.

Official Practices of Jewtsuism Edit

You must do a daily grind of at least an hour and say The First Apothegm in nation chat, town chat or global chat.

Rules Edit

  1. If you own a town it must have 2+ members.
  2. Grinding for less than an hour shows that you are a disgrace to Jewtsu and Jewtsuism.
  3. Don't be inactive.

Legendary Shrines and Locations Edit

The Legendary First Shrine: "Jewtsu Shrine" - Located behind Big Bear Lake or San Gorgonio Mountain

The Legendary Second Shrine: Not Discovered

The Legendary Third Shrine: Not Discovered

Regular Shrines and Locations Edit

Pics Edit


1st pic: Jewtsu Shrine

Similar Gods/Religions Edit

  • RNGesus