Jinhaizhen is a fairly new town, located in China, closest to the sea. It's a small port village, though it will eventually have it's fair share of small office buildings and other things.


Being new, the only remarkable history is the discovery of the flat plain on which Jinhaizhen sits on.

Early History


The Jinhaizhen plain was discovered by it's founder, FailureSnowy, after a few hours at server join wandering around the southern areas of Russia, the dear Mother Country. Slowly but surely, FailureSnowy started to build up small divisions and laid out plans for it's coastal port, of which is still small, slowly expanding.


  • Jinhaizhen Central Mine - Small mine located to the left of the FailureSnowy Estate looking from the sea
  • Jinhaizhen Port - Guess where
  • FailureSnowy Estate - Right of the Jinhaizhen Central Mine looking from the sea

Notable People

  • FailureSnowy

City Subdivisions

None as of now.


Dictatorship, though the dictator should not be corrupt nor cruel. The people have the right to overthrow said dictator if enough evidence is given that the dictator is committing acts of wrongfulness.

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