Early Life

John Edward Wilfred (Born 8th December, 1970) is a British Politician and the current Mayor/Sheriff of Nottingham. John Edward Wilfred was born in Berlin, Germany on the 8th of December 1970 to parents Thomas Manson Wilfred and Bertha Wilfred (née Kampla). Despite being born in Germany, Wilfred spent most of his early life in Damascus, Syria. It is still unknown as to why Wilfred was brought here when he was young, regarding the matter he said "When we returned to Berlin, people gave us odd looks but it also looked they knew full well why we had been to Syria, it felt alienating, it felt like everyone but me knew why we went there". Upon his return to Berlin, Wilfred took up jobs at Local Farms, Mining Facilities and Restaurants. In 1990, when working at a German Restaurant in Berlin, Wilfred entered a debate with a group of drunken KPD Supporters who protested Erich Honecker's leadership of the party. It was here that he found his passion for Debate and Politics, saying "Debate makes the world go around, When I was 19 I had a debate with members of the KPD that lasted for 3 and a half hours. However, I made the mistake of arguing with Communists for that long, I had no time to argue, I had work to do!".

Life in Britain.

In 1992, When he was in 21, He joined his father in London to work at a newly opened accounting firm, despite having no experience in accounting. He was found out rather quickly and was sacked a month later. He then found work at a newsagents and worked there until 1994. Wilfred joined the Whig Party that same year. In 1995, he moved to York and worked there for 12 Years as a British Correspondent for the Canadian Newspaper 'Boom', which would later become The Blockbuster Insider. Wilfred worked as a freelance editor for several local newspapers around York and Grimsby before settling the City of Nottingham in 2018, a name he'd got from a concerned war veteran who had wrote in to a local newspaper asking If the Crown required his service in driving the 'Invading Pakistani force' from the British Isles.

Personal Life

Wilfred has been fond of Moroccan Culture since going there in 2006, saying "The history is a rich one, I would say richer than the history of a Spain or even an Italy or Greece, yeah, it's one of my favourite places to visit". Wilfred has also admitted to being a terrible builder, stating "My building ability is far worse, I'm waiting for the day that I'm ousted from my own city for being a god-awful architect"

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