KAPSK is a nation in the Antarctic, which closely resembles a colony of the USSR, but it actually isn't. It's a nation with mainly German speakers. Nevertheless, the nation manages to inspire others in determination, as KAPSK was created as the result of months of grueling hard work from Diamant's part. The capital, that's also the largest town, is Mossow.

KAPSK runs on Diamant's interpretation of Communism, an economic system where private property only partially exists (please refer to the constitution of KAPSK).

Coat of arms or flag Name Population Size


MossowFlagge Mossow 7 29
DaskoWappenNeu Dasko 1 2
NewSnork New Snork 2 5
KüsteFlagge Coast

(belongs partly to Mossow)

1 1
CookBasis-0 Thomas-Cook-Basis

(belongs to Mossow)

No permanent population 5
HockBasis Hokkaido-Hock-Basis

(belongs to Mossow)

No permanent population 2
MatesorrFlage Matésôrr No permanent population 2
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