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Kaapkust is a nation in africa. It has territory in South Africa. It was founded on 16/12/2019

Political relations

Allies: The Brittain Realm, Land of Outback, Federation of Hawaiian Islands, Land of Maghreb, Dominion of Angola, Federation of KindomOfNorway

Alliance: United Peoples Alliance


King: General_T

Heir: bOOwling

Prince: JustTimo_013 , Frameer

Prime minister: Gercoz

Ministers: None


Kaapkust has 10 towns:

Kaapstad (capital)

Mayor: General_T123


Mayor: Apfel


Mayor: Aksel


Mayor: Frameer


Mayor: MrRoosmer


Mayor: Just_Timo


Mayor : Gercoz


Mayor : DavidBE


Mayor : bOOwling

The Underdark

Mayor : Mr.Dog91



The founding of the Kaap.

11 May 2019:

Kaapstad was founded by General_T123 and Just_Timo. They joined the server about 3 weeks before and had big plans on their minds. Create a town named "Kaapstad" in the South African area. everything went well. They build a lot of buildings and expanded quickly. Later

2019-06-15 18.14.00.png

The city was noticed by a player named QisCrafting who recently started/created the nation called "Free_State" With the then called "Gregtown"as their capital. One day when JustTimo_013 and General_T123 were building on the city, Qis and his Chancellors came riding down to Kaapstad on their horses asking Timo and General if they wanted to join Free_State, wo wich they gladley accepted. The relations between the two cities were very good. They joked, traded and build stuff toghether. One of those building projects were the ice road going from Gregtown to Kaapstad and north africa.

A few weeks and even months later the leader of the nation (Qis) was inactive for too long on the server, wich resulted in Qis getting kicked of the server. Before he was getting kicked, General noticed Qis and a lot of his chancellors being inactive, and so he approached them. But when their response came it already was too late. Qis got kicked from the server and General was promised the rulership over Free_State but unfortunately the leadership of the nation fell into the wrong hands. Instead of a Chancellor getting the rulership, the server chose a random person that joined only 3 days before Qis got kicked. This guy was a nation/town sniper. This guy demoted all the chancellors and anyone higher up in rank in the nation or in Gregtown, and didn,t respond to anything that we were saying to him. A long time had past and nothing hjappend to the nation. The city of Gregtown and Free_State didn,t grow, people left and that leader was almost never online. Everyone was asking for this guy to abdicate but all that effort later became useless. He sold the nation and finally responded to General with a cursed text and no actual words of meaning. General watched as the town got intoxicated with PH signs and more faul stuff. Seeing the ones nice looking City of Gregtown fall into a toxic city and undergoing many name changes that sometimes were toxic aswell. This gave General once the thoughts of taking back what is once set to be his and creat a rebellion. A South_African rebellion!

South African Rebellion.

30 November 2019

During the leadership of the second new ruler of South_Africa, Kaapstad mobilized. A lot of great members joined the city such as bOOwling and Neon_Shadow. They helped with raising gold for the rebellion and were there when Kaapstad declared itself independent! This independence happend at 30/11/19 after the amount

2019-11-30 15.16.49.png

of gold was reached! The in game nation was called SA_Rebellion and was part of the Commonwealth of Britain. Hoping to take the nation that was rightful land from General, the leader of South_Africa proposed a more peaceful way of handeling the situation. They became part of the Commonwealth aswell and came up with the idea of a South African alliance, wich was there to discuss south african borders and protection. The South African rebellion accepted these terms and helped with creating the south african alliance including Zuid_Afrika and Rhodesia, bringing an end to the rebellion.

The creation of Kaapkust.

16 December 2019

After the rebellion was over and peace was signed, the nation still had the name: SA_Rebellion wich ofcorse had to be changed. It took a few days until arrangements of changing its name were made. The chancellors and king of SA_Rebellion had chosen for the name of "Kaapkust" wich is "Capecoast" translated from Dutch. The nation would grow and settle more cities as well as invite more members. A new period had started until the end of december. A period of creat acomplishements as well as fast growth.

The great Decline.

26 January 2020

The nation was falling apart and started to be inactive. A lot of people left the nation deu to inactivity. Almost all of Kaapkust had lost its motivation. The nation of South_Africa was sold and so the South african alliance was disbanded. When these facts were noticed by the king of Kaapkust, the last partially-motivated citizens tried to motivate some people because Kaapkust was on the brink of Falling apart. At the 10 of february The nation joined a new alliance, called The United Peoples Alliance, putting a tiny bit of motivation in the shoes of the last few nation members.

The war of agression.

25 march 2020

Whilest the nation was struggling to survive on the minimum amount of members, A new nation arose out of now where in the middle of the namibian desert called "Kalahari". It threatened nearby city to leave the nations that they were currently in and asked them to join Kalahari. This is the period when more people from Kaapkust went online and tention arose. When the news spread. Other nation leaders in southern africa reported Kalahari being annoying. The nation of Kalahari Also set a lot of nations as an enemy as well as its ally Nyasa. Kalahari and Nyasa were part of the United Africa Allinace. This allinace agressivlt plopped down random towns in claims of othe nations. They also Created a new town called "Cape_Town". The tention really went up when Great Britain joined the Coalition and guaranteed support if any war would break out. This tipped the scale toward Kaapkust and all of the sudden the warmongerers waned to do peace talks. The demands of Kaapkust and its allies were: 'Disband United Africa and leave souther africa. They didnt want to disband the alliance but they did kind of leave souther afruca. Just as expected and just as the others said: "They run their mouth and find a way to still get stuff to work in their favour. They,re warmongering and toxic." (this was only for some of the Africa United alliance members. Not for all) Kaapkust later on declared war but no battles were fought deu to the enemies being to scared of conflict with more powerful nations. So they never logged on when danger was online. Kalahari kicked all their cities out of the nation except for cape_town. They renamed the nation to western_cape and set Cape_town as the new capital in the hopes that the leader of Kaakust would think that thatw as a new settled nation. Because General_T agreed to let new settled nations in southern africa do their thing. Afrter this whole conflict the war grew silent en so the war was ended with no victory for any side. Although the Kalahari were weekend and Disbanded, some could say Kaapkust won.

Kaapkust golden age.

5 June 2020 One day, General_T123 and bOOwling were noticing that the nation gold reserves were very high and didn,t know what to do with it since Kaapstad was over the townblock limit. (120/64) So they decided to re-create a new /n spawn and make it look way better. When they changed the /n spawn they gave a dropparty in the nice church of the city. This gave a lot more attention to the city and it grew rapidly. In this period sign shops also returned and the market place was expanded,foreign shops were established in Kaapstad, people joined the city, Western_Cape fell and foreign influence increased as well as the flag was changed to a new fresh one! It was truely a great time for the capital ad also for the nation! The old Gregtown fell Just before the 5th of june and a new gregtown for Kaapkust was settled there by a new mayor called Aksel. This city was doing well and it was expanding rapidly.It's during this period that Western_Cape and Kaapstad unified after the fall of Western_Cape. New towns were created (Johannesburg and Maseru). After the fall of Namibia , b00wling and General_T rushed to it to create a new town : Windhoek , the mayor being b00wling , showing how rapidly the nation grew. This event marked the end of the Kaapkust golden age. (04 July 2020)

General_T Stepping down the throne

13 August 2020

As the country was slowly declining due to inactivity , General_T temporarely gave the crown of the Kingdom of Kaapkust to b00wling , to legitimize his claims on the throne, making him the new mayor of Kaapstad. b00wling was given the mission to put the kingdom back on track. It's also at this time that two new towns were created : Oranjemund and Flying_Dutchman. The first thing that b00wling done was to promote the prime minister : Frameer , to the rank of prince making him part of the nobility and making the former minister : Gercoz , the new Prime Minister. As the new king , bOOwling started to recruit actively with General_T , reaching a new record of citizens in the country and settling 2 new towns expanding Kaapkust territory (Oranjemund , The Underdark). As the nation of SudwestAfrika was declining , bOOwling and General_T planned on settling a town there , which they did the 30th of August 2020 , uniting southern Africa,creating the 10th town of the nation and completing the goal they both had almost one year ago , when the SA_Rebellion was created. This event gave enough legitimacy to bOOwling to be the heir of the crown , and as his task was completed , he gave the crown of the Kingdom of Kaapkust back to General_T .

The construction of the great palace.

15 september 2020

General_T started the construction of a great palace. The total size of the palace was over 70x70 blocks and was the biggest project in all of Kaapkust history. <<<<More to be written soon>>>>

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