Kabul is a city located in central asia. City was created on 2019 october 20th at 17:10 est. Kabul is a locater behind of mountains.Kabul was created by Alihann03.


 Before creating a town there was a  town named Bactra but they deleted their town after that Alihann03 were planned to create West Doryoo and they did it after that he discuis with Mining_Tzar and he think they must do a towns name to  Bactra.Alihann03 said to wxbisxbi to make town name to Bactra but they decided to make name is Kabul.  Kabul is a city created by Alihann03. He funded %70 of  price of town. wxbisxbi funded %30 of town. After creation Alihann03 give wxbisxbi to mayorship.And now wxbisxbi is a mayor of the town.



Mayors of Kabul :

  • Alihann03
  • wxbisxbi (Currently)

Notable Peoples 

  • Alihann03
  • wxbisxbi
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