1920px-Flag of the Kalmar Union.svg
Town Information
Full Name The United Towns of Kalmar, Karlskrona and Borgholm
National Anthem “Du Gamla, Du Fria”
Name in Towny KalmarBanner Kalmar
Motto Länge Lever Kalmar
Established First Founding: January 9th, 2019

Second Founding: February 5th, 2019

Disbanded February 5th, 2020
Nation Flag of Sweden.svg Sweden
Population 17
Chunks 133
Continent Europe
Government Information
Mayor DalaliusHead Dalalius
Councillors SindroXHDHead SindroXHD
Political System Limited Democracy
Economic System Capitalist
Official Language Englishflag English

Drapeau suède Swedish

Norvège drapeau Norwegian

Official Religion Atheism


Historical Information
Past Nations Norway

NorrlandFlag Norrland



Past Mayors OiadHead Oiad
Past Councillors KvardekHead Kvardek

Elisa12341234Head Elisa12341234

Kalmar, officially known as the United Towns of Kalmar, Karlskrona and Borgholm, is a town located in the south of geographical Sweden. The town is currently in the nation of Sweden and is currently under the administration of Dalalius. The town was first founded on the 9th of January 2019 by Oiad, the first mayor of Kalmar during the rule under Norway and Solor. Shortly after its fall, it was founded again by Dalalius less than 24 hours after the town fell.

Kalmar has been split into 3 major area divisions, which are Kalmar, Karlskrona and Borgholm, of which, Kalmar is the biggest, followed by Borgholm then Karlskrona.

Kalmar, Karlskrona and Borgholm


Flag of Kalmar


The town of Kalmar was first founded on the 9th of January 2019 by Oiad, with assistance from Casper_2001. After the town fell on the 5th of February and restored on the same day, much restorative work had begun to repair the damage done by pillagers. On the first day of Kalmar's restoration, 633G was poured into land reclaiming, especially of the city centre.

The town of Kalmar was mostly of a residential town for new residents, and its foundation was laid by Oiad after the town was first founded. Currently, it is the largest of the three towns and has major infrastructure such as Kalmar Nordstasjon and Kalmar Centralstasjon, as well as the 'Karlskrona Pass'. The town hence forms the backbone of the three united towns.

The main architect of the town of Kalmar is Oiad.



Flag of Karlskrona

The town of Karlskrona was incorporated into Kalmar on the 14th of June 2020 as an autonomous territory of the town of Kalmar and Borgholm. The official name of the town has been altered to fit its new position and is known since then as the United Towns of Kalmar, Karlskrona and Borgholm.

The town of Karlskrona was an unclaimed port-town that was once constructed by Dalalius in June of 2019 and has been incorporated into Kalmar during the 'Second Expansion Age', which was driven by competition for Karlskrona and gold obtained from raiding Skogen, by _Cra6914, who had graciously donated 243G.

Karlskrona is the smallest of the three towns due to its recent incorporation into the union, however, major infrastructural projects have been started to involve Karlskrona as of writing on the 21st of June 2020, such as Karlskrona Vestasjon and the repairing of the Karlskrona Havn.

The main architect of the town of Karlskrona is Dalalius.



Flag of Borgholm

The town of Borgholm was first founded on the 9th of January 2019, alongside the town of Kalmar. It has been considered to be an integral part of Kalmar’s growth, for it is home to the many facilities found in the town. Before the Second Administration, Borgholm was understandably a part of Kalmar, without its own identity, however, due to the increasing importance of Borgholm, especially with the much-anticipated war plugin, the Island has been recognised as its own distinction and thus, a part of the United Towns of Kalmar, Karlskrona and Borgholm.

The notable walls of Borgholm island have been constructed by Oiad in its first phase but were left undone and completed by Dalalius. Much of the facilities present in Borgholm had been constructed by Oiad, and thus rather old facilities.

Borgholm is the second largest town within the Union of the Three and is further split into Löttorp and Borgholm municipalities, with each municipality having its own subway station, under the Kalmar Ekspressbane. The town was restored alongside Kalmar on the 5th of February 2020, less than 24 hours after Kalmar fell.

The main architect of the town of Borgholm is Oiad.


Rise of Kalmar

Kalmar was founded on the 9th of January 2019 by Oiad, who was the main architect of the foundations of present-day Kalmar. The town was funded by Casper_2001, and thus Kalmar was initially under Norrland before it fell under the domination of Norway.

Due to poor documentation, many of the details pre-May 2019 has not been, in its entirety, added to this page,

The rise of Kalmar also saw the construction of several buildings still found in Kalmar today, such as the inns and the main gate to Borgholm Castle.

Age of the First Growth of Kalmar


Map of Northern Europe dating from May 2019, with Kalmar being circled in red.

Phase of Inactivity

Failed Revitalisation of Kalmar

Fall of Kalmar


Individuals present roughly 5 minutes after Kalmar’s fall.

After 42 days of inactivity, Kalmar officially fell on the 4th of February 2020, ending the 392 days administration of Kalmar under Oiad. It is uncertain the exact timing of the fall of Kalmar, but it is estimated to be around 6.55 pm UTC, after which many from around EMC rushed to pillage the town of Kalmar, robbing it of all its valuable resources like diamonds and emeralds from the old storage depository (currently destroyed) while looting priceless artefacts from Kalmar. In addition, many of Kalmar’s buildings were vandalised and certain portions are torn down. Important buildings that suffered substantial damage include the inns found in the town centre, the Cathedral (Currently known as Katedralen av Kalmar), Borgholm Castle and its facilities (Currently known as Borgholm Slott), the towers of Kalmar (Currently known as Kalmar Museet) and the old residential street. Pillagers appeared shortly after the fall of Kalmar, primarily originating from Britain, who used the spawn in the nearby capital of the Kalmar Union (Currently known as Sweden), Nya Asgard as its break-out point.

Unbeknownst to most of the pillagers, who vyed for the items found in the Town Centre and Borgholm Castle, about 230 gold (which has since been retrieved) laid undiscovered in the residential street, which looked like part of the large platform, formerly a town known as Vetlanda, which might have contributed to the delayed timing at which the residential street was finally raided. With the aid of Dalalius directions, Bene1479, who was the former monarch of the KingdomOfNorway and someone who Dalalius trusted, was able to retrieve the gold from his former house in Kalmar amidst the chaos, which was then split two ways as a token of gratitude for not allowing it to fall into others' hands. The gold was then used in the restoration of Kalmar for purchasing materials and allowing more expansion efforts.

Initially, it was thought that every inch of Kalmar was pillaged, and looted. However, it has been discovered that a small underground bunker was left untouched by the brutal savagery outside. It was rediscovered in the midst of the construction of the Lagringssted, which was then declared by Dalalius, who had shared a statement:

"It is to my greatest delight that amidst all of the havoc that besieged the historic town of Kalmar, those up above has shone its benevolence on this town which fell into obscurity roughly nine months after its foundations were first laid. After thoroughly reviewing the discord of the Kalmar ran by Oiad, it was discovered that the bunker was built by a Kalmarian individual known as 'Vel', after which it was abandoned for unknown reasons. In light of many factors, the current Kalmar (town) Administration has decided to preserve this acquisition and open it for others to visit, for it symbolises the shining beacon of light amidst what seems to be a wholly gloomy situation. It symbolises the strength and unyielding nature of Kalmarian residents, may it be the former, current or future and after considering current affairs in Northern Europe, the significance of Bunkeren will be extended to all of Kalmarian citizens, where it symbolises the strength and unyielding nature of the Kalmar Union to what the town of Kalmar sees as wanton foreign aggression. I as the successor of Oiad, the first mayor of Kalmar, declare this site to be protected and regarded as a living history of Kalmar in its earliest days by the town of Kalmar."

It should be noted that hours after the fall of Kalmar, people still came in search of precious items and the town's antiquities.

Resurgence of Kalmar

Hours after Kalmar fell, Dalalius, the then-mayor of the town of Gävle, decided to leave his post to bring the town of Kalmar back into existence. With the aid of a few individuals, notably AnAverageSam, Utforskarmannen and Bene1479, Kalmar was brought back into existence now under the rule of the Kalmar Union (which has been renamed to Sweden). The town of Kalmar was badly pillaged, bone blocks were picked from their place in the inns, books and enchantment table were taken from Borgholm Castle and Nugget64 (Currently demolished), while priceless artefacts were stolen from their place in the depths of the Tower of Kalmar and the Kalmarian Cathedral. The town of Kalmar would like to thank a few individuals for their contributions and donations to the town of Kalmar. In its rebirth, Kalmar was given 150G by Utforskarmannen and 32G by AnAverageSam, which was poured into claiming territories once under the town of Kalmar.

On the first few days of the new Kalmar (town) Administration, some buildings and structures were decommissioned, for instance, the old storage facility and Nugget64, which were damaged by the pillagers. In addition, buildings like the inns, cathedral and some facilities found in Borgholm Slott were restored to almost 100% of its original design. In addition, several new structures like Lagringssted were also constructed (which was completed on the 7th of March 2020), which also led to the accidental discovery of Bunkeren when the flooring was being changed.

Due to the looting of many of Kalmar’s artefacts when the town fell, the current administration decided to name a few more items as sacred to Kalmar’s history, which was lost when the town fell and the looting began. Several of these items include the Kalmarian Armour Pieces (Previously owned by Rainbowhorsecake, a scout for the town of Kalmar), the Sword and Shield of Kalmar (Previously owned by Oiad), the Restored Kalmarian Leather (symbolising the town’s past as an animal metropolis), the Kalmarian Gold and the Books of Kalmar (Previously owned by Dalalius). These items can be found on the first level of the Kalmar Museet in Borgholm Slott.

Second Age of Growth of Kalmar

In the span of five months, Kalmar flourished into a town with 128 claims, while receiving several new residents, and at one point, being the most populous city in the Kingdom of Sweden with 13 residents. Additionally, Kalmar has been designated the home of a national building, the Cultural Centre, which have already been constructed.

Moreover, a marketplace has been built in place of the original Nasjonalbiblioteket, which was demolished after a vote by the Council of Four. The Marketplace plays host to 4 chunks and several shop-tents, which sell items ranging from wood to minerals, and is largely operated and manned by Kjøpe.

Under this period, Kalmar underwent its 'Second Age of Expansion', wherein one day managed to claim 20 chunks, including the town of Karlskrona and a large expansion of Northern Kalmar. This age of expansion has been credited to the fall of Skogen, a town with a display of gold blocks beside Kalmar, and _CrA6914, who had graciously donated 243G to fuel the town's expansion.


Map of the United Towns of Kalmar, Karlskrona and Borgholm on the 26th of June 2020

Internal Government System

The rebirth of Kalmar required the reworkings of the previous weaknesses of governing of the previous administration. Although good, flaws certainly do exist. From the 20th of February 2020, the town of Kalmar and Borgholm has decided to change its governing system from a semi-benevolent dictatorship to an electoral-appointed oligarchy.

Decree of the Four

The Council of Four forms the backbone of the representation of Kalmar both internally (nationally) and externally (internationally). The Council of Four, which includes the mayor of the town and three other residents. All members of the council hold equal voting and vetoing power.

  • The Council of Four is an Oligarchy largely influenced by Democratic values, where the mayor is a permanent member of the Council, while the other three members are elected to power by residents of the town of Kalmar, Karlskrona or Borgholm.
  • Elected members of the Council of Four should represent their town’s wishes in internal affairs.
  • No one entity in the Council of Four should wield more than or equal to 50% control over domestic affairs.
  • The Council of Four is concerned with the prosperity and general wellbeing of the people, and should these concerns be overshadowed by those of self-interests, the residents of the town may request a referendum for the stepping down of a member, with the assistance of the nation’s sovereign.
  • The Council of Four holds dictatorial power only over the internal wealth of the town, which does not include valuable possessions of the people of Kalmar and the building rights of the town.
  • The members of the Council of Four should not compromise or gamble internal security for self-benefit, such as misappropriating funds of the town for personal gains.
  • The Mayor in the Council of Four is the representative of the Council and the people, in national events like elections or sessions. However, the Mayor has to truthfully convey the wishes of the people and not those of his/her own.
  • In the absence of a member in the Council of Four, the power vested in the absent councillor is shared amongst the other three equally.

Timeline / Summary

January 2019

⟹ First Founding of Kalmar under the first administration by Oiad.

⟹ Construction of the Town Centre’s Inns.

⟹ Rule of Kalmar under Norway.

⟹ Construction of the Kalmarian Cathedral (Currently known as the Katedralen Av Kalmar).

⟹ Construction of Borgholm Castle (Currently known as the Borgholm Slott).

February 2019

⟹ Completion of the Kalmarian Cathedral.

⟹ Completion of the First Phase of the Borgholm Castle’s construction.

March 2019

April 2019

May 2019

June 2019

July 2019

February 2020

⟹ Fall and Pillage of Kalmar.

⟹ The revival of Kalmar under the second administration by Dalalius.

⟹ Rule of Kalmar under the Kalmar Union.

⟹ Refurbishing damaged architecture in Kalmar.

⟹ Demolition of the Automated Storage Area.

⟹ Repurposing the towers of Kalmar into the Kalmar Museet.

March 2020

⟹ ‘History of Kalmar, Volume 1’ written and placed in the Kalmar Museet.

⟹ Declaration of the new artefacts of Kalmar.

⟹ Planning and the Construction of the Lagringssted; Uncovering of the Bunker.

⟹ Demolition of NUGGET 64.

⟹ Donation of the original NUGGET 64 banners by MaxFI of Finland.

⟹ Kalmar Union renamed into Sweden.

⟹ Revamp of the Subway of Kalmar and her incorporation to Greater Nya Asgard.

⟹ Construction of 'Bunkerspeilet (English: The Mirror Bunker)’ officially commences.

⟹ 'Den Andre Byordningen (English: The Second Town Scheme)' officially commences.

April 2020

⟹ The first resident of Kalmar joins during the Second Administration.

⟹ ‘Andre Byggefase Av Borgholm Slott (English: The Second Phase of Construction of Borgholm Castle)’ officially commences.

⟹ Construction of 'Nasjonalbiblioteket (English: The National Library)' officially commences

⟹ ‘Kalmar Ekspressbane Plan (English: Kalmar Express-Line Plan)’ officially commences.

⟹ Construction of Borgholm Søstasjon (English: Borgholm South Station) and Löttorp Nordstasjon (English: Lottorp North Station) in part with the ‘Kalmar Ekspressbane Plan (English: Kalmar Express-Line Plan)’

⟹ SindroXHD and Elisa12341234, old members of Norway in Factions, join Kalmar.

⟹ ‘Andre Byggefase Av Borgholm Slott (English: The Second Phase of Construction of Borgholm Castle)’ is concluded.

⟹ ‘Kalmar's Handelsbåt Plan (English: Kalmar's Merchant Boat Plan)’ officially commences.

May 2020

⟹ ‘Kalmar's Handelsbåt Plan (English: Kalmar's Merchant Boat Plan)’ is put on a halt.

⟹ Kalmar is ranked as the 3rd biggest town in Sweden with 96 claims, behind Kongsvinger.

⟹ Kalmar is reconnected with the Transcandinavian Nether Highway.

⟹ Pest_Poom, the former mayor of Ragnar of the Kalmar Union, joins Kalmar.

June 2020

⟹ Kalmar has been designed the home for the Swedish Cultural Centre.

⟹ ‘Sverige Kultural Centre (English: Swedish Cultural Centre)’ officially commences.

⟹ ‘Sverige Kultural Centre (English: Swedish Cultural Centre)’ is concluded.

⟹ AnAverageSam, the former mayor of Donutville of the Kingdom of Sweden, joins Kalmar.

⟹ The Nasjonalbibliotek was decommissioned, and in its place, the Marketplace was created.

⟹ ‘Kalmar Nordstasjon (English: North Kalmar Station)’ officially commences, and concludes with much aid from _CrA6914.

⟹ Kalmar is ranked as the most populated town in Sweden with 17 citizens.

⟹ Kalmar's 'Second Age of Expansion' had begun, incorporating the town of Karlskrona.

⟹ DittyDitto, an old member of Norway in Factions, tells of his interest to rejoin Kalmar soon.

⟹ Kalmar's official name has been altered to 'the United Towns of Kalmar, Karlskrona and Borgholm'.

⟹ ‘Karlskrona Stasjon (English: Karlskrona Station)’ officially commences with much aid from _CrA6914.

June 2020

⟹ Kalmar joins Stockholm, which would become the United Kingdom of Sweden.

⟹ Kalmar's Second Defence statement has been written and documented and is in force.

Places of Interests

Borgholm Slott


Although the interior of the bunker seems very unappealing, it was designated the protected site status by the town of Kalmar for its symbolism of the strength, humility and resilience of all Kalmarians, past, current and future. It represents a beacon of hope for the revitalisation for the Kalmar Union and the end to all wanton foreign aggression towards the union.

Kalmar Museet


The Exterior of the Kalmar Museet

The Kalmar Museet was repurposed from the dilapidated towers of Kalmar, which was raided and pillaged by individuals from various nations during the fall of Kalmar on the 4th of February 2020. The pillaging of the towers also unveiled a lost storage room (which was raided of its valuables). The internal structure of the tower is reconstructed to fit the needs of the Kalmar Museet. The first level of the Kalmar Museet contains artefacts from the different periods of Kalmar’s existence since the 9th of January 2020, as well as a brief history of Kalmar.

The second level of the Kalmar Museet contains a small dining table, however, plans are made to change the second level of the tower into a regional museum.

The second level of the Kalmar Museet now houses the original banners of the NUGGET64 shop (demolished), which was graciously donated to the town of Kalmar by MaxFI of Finland.

The third level of the Kalmar Museet is closed off indefinitely for further renovations as it is dangerous to visitors.

Katedralen av Kalmar


Glitched blocks can be seen

The Kalmarian Cathedral was constructed in the early days of Kalmar, a period before May of 2019 by Oiad, the first mayor of Kalmar. Since the building was mostly left unmodified for a period of 9 months or so, some blocks inside Katedralen av Kalmar is glitched, such as the torch found at the entrance of the Kalmarian Cathedral. The architecture had sustained minor damage during the pillage of Kalmar during its fall, however, most traces of damage has been restored.

A new bell hangs above the stand located at the end of the Cathedral. On the bell imprints the names of the Kalmarians who made Kalmar (or the Kalmar Union; Sweden), what it is today. Moreover, items from several of these individuals are hanged on the bell.


Bell of the Righteous

Individuals from (or aided) the town of Kalmar whose names are found on the bell:

Oiad, the first Mayor of the town of Kalmar

• Oiad’s Flint and Steel is on display on the bell of the Kalmar Cathedral

Dalalius, the second Mayor of the town of Kalmar

• Dalalius’s Sword is on display on the bell of the Kalmar Cathedral

DittyDitto, the second Architect of the town of Kalmar

fish_on_ground, the third Architect of the town of Kalmar

Sandonas_05, the first Infantry General of the town of Kalmar

Rainbowhorsecake, the first Scout of the town of Kalmar

• Rainbowhorsecake’s Axe is on display on the bell of the Kalmar Cathedral

maraias, the Mayor of the town of Hardangervidda

Utforskarmannen, the former Mayor of the town of Nya_Stockholm (currently known as Uppsala)

• Utforskarmannen’s Pickaxe is on display on the bell of the Kalmar Cathedral

Bene1479, the former King of the KingdomOfNorway

Individuals from the nation of the Kalmar Union and Sweden whose names are found on the bell:

NordicFenris, the former King of the Kalmar Union

LiterallyADonut, the former King of Sweden

ENLS, the current King of Sweden

• ENLS' S.S. Atlantic is on display on the bell of the Kalmar Cathedral

Birbazoid, the first and former Councillor of the Kalmar Union

_CrA6914, the third Prime Minister of Sweden

GoodGardener, the first Treasurer of the Kalmar Union

Iinux, the former Minister of Culture of the Kalmar Union

Blackjesus, the former Mayor of the town of Oslo (currently British Oslo) and the former Chief of Police

randompops, the Mayor of the oldest town in the Kalmar Union known as Dread-Fort

Haikka11, the former Mayor of the town of Stoneridge and the Initiator of the ice network in Scandinavia

AnAverageSam, the former Mayor of the town of Donutville and an internationally renowned Map Artist



Frontal View of the Lagringssted

Arguably one of the largest storage in the whole of Scandinavia, it holds an impressive 190 double chests and 24 barrels. It is fit into a housing unit on land. It is built as a replacement for the now-defunct and demolished automated sorting machine constructed by Oiad. During its construction, the Bunker was also uncovered tucked away underneath the architecture. This structure was completed on the 7th of March 2020 under the second administration of Kalmar.


Interior of the Lagringssted




The Marketplace, or Markedet, is found in the city centre of Kalmar, and is managed by Kjøpe, a shopping chain. The Marketplace sells a variety of goods which can be found only in Kalmar between all of its shopping chains, such as Dark Oak Wood.

Map of Kalmar

The picture below was an outline map of the United Towns of Kalmar, Karlskrona and Borgholm (as of 13 June 2020). An updated version is still being made and would be released on a later date.

Kalmar Map

Map of Kalmar-Borgholm

Colour Codes
Black - Buildings for Residents

Deep Blue - Planned Constructions

Light Blue - Subway Stations

Light Green - Bunkers

Light Red - Notable Architecture for Visitors

Notable People


Oiad is considered to be Kalmar’s first mayor and its founding father, under him saw the construction of various architecture prominent to the Kalmarian (town) identity, such as the Borgholm Castle (Currently known as Borgholm Slott) and the Cathedral that sits on a hill overlooking the town centre of Kalmar (Currently known as Katedralen av Kalmar). Although his name fell into obscurity, his legacy lives on as the founder of Kalmar, and the buildings he built.


RockonJerry is considered to be the official architect of Kalmar and the first builder of Kalmar during the administration of Oiad, and is credited to have constructed the town centre and is the first builder of Kalmar. Although he is unknown to many including those in the town of Kalmar, his name lives on in the Names of the Righteous in the Kathedral av Kalmar.

Declassified Materials / Archive

Kalmar Forsvar Erklæring

Article 1:

 This article stipulates that in the event the town of Kalmar is being sieged, all forms of gold and other precious materials found in the town (regardless of possession; civilians or regional government) will be relocated and stored in the safe vault located in the Kalmar Subway Station for no minimum duration, and can be withdrawn when:

  1. The siege of Kalmar tilts in the favour of the aggressor, and the gold will be bound for an uncaptured allied town, where it is stored temporarily until Kalmar is liberated.
  2. The siege of Kalmar ends in favour of Kalmar and her allies.

The power, bestowed by the article in the defence statement, has to be ratified by at least three-fourths of the council of Kalmar to be in effect.

Article 2:

This article stipulates that in the event of a failure to defend Kalmar from a siege, and occupation is imminent, the following actions are advised to be taken:

  1. Destruction of the Kalmar Government Hall and bridges to deny Siegers access from key infrastructure remaining (to disconnect the reinforced Borgholm Castle from the mainland).
  2. After Kalmar’s gold is successfully relocated, the immediate and total destruction of railways leading to other towns.
  3. Destruction of farms and resources.
  4. Destruction of the city reinforced walls (excluding the reinforced walls of Borgholm Castle).
  5. Relocation of the official (governmental) records/agreements to an underground facility.

The Kalmar Forsvar Erklæring has been shelved on the 14th of March 2020 by the then administration of Kalmar for the confirmation of no war plugins by Felix months back.

Historic Photos of Kalmar


Borgholm Castle months prior to the fall of Kalmar.


Inns of Kalmar prior to the fall of Kalmar.


The town of Kalmar owns the faction of 'Norway' in the factions server. The faction is currently highly inactive and there are no plans to revive the faction on the server. Kalmar has constructed two bases, once which has since been raided since its conception while the other remains undamaged. The faction of Norway has been left inactive as its members, after the 19th of June 2019, decided to create a Minecraft Realms server and play on there instead.


'With the opening of factions, several of Kalmar’s most active residents moved over to start anew in factions (as by this time, Fix mentioned that a war plugin was not going to be introduced for fear of ‘boxed towns’, which refers to a traditional factions base without any houses or facilities a town would possess). Norway then became one of the most successful factions on the server (early days) before being relentlessly raided by another faction known as Sidorak, led by Taiihou. They made use of nether portals and minecarts in TNT to barge into the Manchurian base of Norway, essentially destroying many of Norway’s chests and supplies. This caused Norway to decide to shift to far-east Siberia, to get far away from Sidorak, which was at the other side of the world (off the world map off Hawaii). Remnants of the first base of Norway can be found in Manchuria, China (refer below for image), where a large stone wall, about five blocks thick, surrounds a small obsidian base.' [This excerpt is adapted from 'The History of Kalmar, Volume 1' that can be found in the Kalmar Museet in Towny]

After the shift to far-east Siberia, Norway invented a simple device that permanently prevented the random spawning of Nether Portals, by resetting the portal blocks when it is destroyed by TNT minecarts in order to ward off Sidorak. However, around this time, most of Norway’s faction members decided to play on a private Minecraft Realms server, leaving the faction of Norway inactive and deserted. As of the 21st of March 2020, no other faction has managed to break into Norway’s far-east Siberia base.


Name of Member Role / Position
Dalalius Builder
DittyDitto Leader
Elisa12341234 Chef
Endermitt N.A
Jacob N.A
Oiad Co-Leader
SindroXHD Farmer


Name of Faction Leader Name of Faction During the Leader’s Reign
DittyDitto Norway
SindroXHD Norway
Dalalius Norway


↣ Kalmar owns a faction under the name ‘Norway’ on the factions server. It was led by DittyDitto, before the faction became inactive and leadership was transferred to Dalalius. It is located in far-east Siberia, with its first base found in Manchuria.


Aerial view of the Manchurian base built by Norway in Factions, dated 13 March 2020.

↣ Kalmar was in possession of 501G before it fell on the 4th of February 2020.

↣ A resident of Kalmar was the sole constructor of the bridge linking Skåne and mainland Europe, which remnants of the bridge can be found today.

↣ At Kalmar’s peak led by Oiad, the town reached an astounding 50 people before server performance issues and long queues picked off residents one by one.

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