Kalmarunionen was a nation located in the Nordics (not to be confused with the later nation of Kalmar Union). Not much is known about the nation because its history was barely documented. According to the older version of this article its old capital was Murmansk (not to be confused with the later Finnish town of the same name) and the former leader was Konstantin XIV. During the last months of the nation's existence, the leader of the nation was LatiosinKalos and the capital was Makanu, located on the west coast of Finland between the towns of Turku and Vaasa. The nation also had at least one other town, Edelweiss, which was located in eastern Karelia, on the same spot where there now is the town of Yartsevo. The nation and the town of Makanu were dissolved on July 4, 2019 due to the leader's inactivity.

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