Kalos is a town in central Scandinavia that is north of the city of Oslo it was founded on February 22nd 2019 by Jordaz0321. Current members include Jordaz0321(Mayor), Willcraft53(Treasurer), Kieferking(Trusted), Mikk_d, and Coolbro878. Current notable builds include Lumiose tower, The bank of Kalos, and The Oslo-Kalos railway.


Early History

Founded by Jordaz0321 on February 22nd 2019 Willcraft53 and Kieferking joined the same day. Also on this

day the small village was visited by the president of Norway Magenent and joined his nation.

On February 24th Construction was completed on the Oslo-Kalos railroad.

On February 27th Mikk_d joined Kalos and construction began on Lumiose tower.

On February 28th Coolbro878 and Theduckyparty joined Kalos Construction was finished on Lumiose tower and The bank of Kalos.

Notable Construction

Lumiose tower was completed on February 28th 2019

The bank of Kalos was completed on February 28th 2019

The Oslo-Kalos railway was completed on February 24th 2019

Notable People

  • Jordaz0321(Mayor)
  • Willcraft53(Treasurer)
  • Kieferking(Trusted)
  • Mikk_d
  • Coolbro878
  • Theduckyparty
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