Kamchatka (also known as Nigerian Siberia) is a territory founded by Kingdom of Oyo settlers after fleeing violence from local villages. The territory was founded on the 6th of January 2019 by RuseOwl. The country plans to secure the peninsula which can be seen by the walls that have been built around the capital ciy. The country wishes to create it's own unique identity of being Oyo citizens as well as creating a country with it's own culture. This can be seen by the construction of the grand cathedral being built in Krai as well as the multiple shrines dedicated to the mythos of Cythulu.


As Kamchatka is a fairly new country there hasn't been much events besides the ones noted above.


Kamchatka has a complex regional political structure with 4 main levels of power. The highest position is Chancellor with RuseOwl having the position, the Prime Minister is PurpleSalmon1134 which is a position where he is second in command over the country. The level below that is made up of Ministers who are in control over different areas of government. Executives and Governors have almost the same role except Executives help the Governors who are Mayors of towns in Kamchatka. Ministers and Governors have the power to vote on issues with regards to towns and the country.

As Kamchatka is part of the Kingdom of Oyo they also have Senators for each town in Kamchatka (which are the Mayors). Kamchatka also has Congress members that represent Kamchatka in the Congress of Oyo.

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