the beginning

Kareby was founded on the 15th of february, 2020 by Blaiez after moving 2 times and setting a goal to make his own town. in the beginning there was only one house but later the 2nd house was the bank of kareby its a 4 chunk building with the theme of old greek architecture made of all stone bricks.


Now kareby is a decent sized town with 92 chunks of land and will soon border New lomborg on the east coast of afrika in the south of mozambique. And now kareby has a 6 chunk spawn that was inspired by the US congress that is the proudest building of kareby it took about 4 days to build it wa built by blaiez and a little help by Eltortugo2. Kareby stretches over two coasts.



1. The residents of kareby is Blaiez, Witpop, Eltortugo2, Benjaminlakers, Ratasour, World_Of_FunYT and boomer.

2. Shootcity gave us an 8.7 rating.

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