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Kentucky is a nation formed by a group of friends from Kentucky.


Early History 

Michigan Purchase 

The citizens of Radville had been saving up for a while, with around 830 gold in their bank, when Spiffles contacted problemsattic. He had a proposal: buy Michigan from its owner for 830, change the name to Kentucky. This would not only be beneficial to problemsattic, but to Spiffles, as he wanted the nation of Great Lakes to be named Michigan again. The deal was made on 12/26/19 over Discord, with the names being changed the next day.




Vine Grove


Problemsattic, RainbowGirl222, Jackson_James456, and DaysBeforeDying have been working and debating over a constitution for Kentucky. This includes exactly what sort of government it will be.


Additionally, it's important to write about the military, whether there is one or not. Like government, this can be very simple or very complicated at your discretion. If a nation only uses militia, feel free to just write that or detail them. If a nation has no military whatsoever and refuses to ever fight, that's another relevant point and should be discussed in the tab.


This can also be named Architecture/World wonders/whatever. This will be required for new wiki pages on nations in addition to town pages, but nations can obviously use buildings from any member town or any "territory" it owns. Natural wonders are perfectly fine as well.

Notable People

  • problemsattic governor of kentucky
  • RainbowGirl222 and Jackson_James456 co-leaders
  • Silly_gosling mayor of Lexingtown
  • DaysBeforeDying helped collect funds and wrote the main draft of the constitution
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