Early History

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The founder of Kerman, Tamar__ was a former citizen of Uruk. On February 12, 2020 Tamar contacted Pastersnacks the mayor of Uruk through discord about his decision to create a town. Pastersnacks was very helpful to him and helped find a good location and a name for the new town. When Tamar was ready to create the town the only Persian online at the time, EchoOcelot decided to help Tamar found the town in game. When they reached the location along the Persian Tamar created the town of Kerman. EchoOcelot decided to give Tamar some gold to help claim land.

Following the creation of Kerman around 5 people came to the new town and a massive PVP fight took place outside of the newly founded town. EchoOcelot and CorruptedGreed visited Kerman to help protect the town from the fighting happening right out of claims. During this time Tamar was killed and lost all he had. Finally when the fight was over the new town was left in grief.

Kerman as a small town.

Throughout Kerman's history the harsh mountainous region would play a huge role on how the city was formed, roads were built, and structures were made. The very first structure in Kerman was the town hall. The town hall was the first structure you would see from the old spawn. Later Tamar__ turned it into a staircase and added an extension to the top of the archway. The first two citizens in Kerman were Junkystuff36 and Unsuccessfulname (now AB84). Junkstuff36 would early on contribute a lot to the growing town but out of nowhere suddenly stopped playing with no explanation. Unsuccessfulname on the other hand stayed with Kerman and helped the town grow for a long time. His big contributions to Kerman will never be forgotten. After around 2.5 months of being with Kerman Unsuccessfulname decided to create his own town up north, Isfahan. Unlike Junkystuff36 is still a very active player and turned his old house into an embassy. I mention these two citizens because they are a crucial part to Kerman's development.

Kerman as a large town

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Kerman was developing rapidly. The town has around 28 citizens around this time, but sooner then later the population would fall. In only just a week the population would go from 26 to 16 to 11. The city had never been this low since its creation. Tamar took advantage of this time to renovate many of the old houses that were built. Kerman never had any building restrictions which allowed there to be some bad buildings. Tamar went on a time consuming mission to tear down old houses and build nice new ones in its place. After around 2 weeks of renovation the city of Kerman was dazzling. The city became a place for nice builds. But out of fear of having citizens create bad houses and ruin the town's asthetic many houses were built by Tamar. Also around this time Megaboy23, a citizen of Uruk helped Kerman build. Megaboy23 like Unsuccessfulname will never be forgotten for all the hard work he did and donations for Kerman.


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- Kerman Hall - Kerman Palace

- Kerman Tower

- Kerman Opera House

- Persia Imperial Bank

- Port Kerma

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