Keshaism is one of the many Religions on EarthMC. People who adhere to this faith are known as "Keshists". The litergical languages are English and Spanish. The Current Lord Pope (head of faith) is Icecyristal67, also known as Ice.


Keshists are known to workship their "soul-spirit", their one and only godness Kesha Rose Sherbert, also known as Kesha. Keshaism originated in 2019 somewhere in the Amazon Rainforest. Kesha is said to have built this temple with her own bare hands before decending to the spirit realm permamently. Keshists enjoy western pop culture as Kesha is a famous singer-songwriter who sings hits like "TikTok" and "Die Young". The Kesha Holy Bible is the holy book of the Keshists. The words of Kesha are interpreted into this book.

Holy Site

The Holy Site of Keshaism is the Holy Temple in Veida in Columbia. 

Other Religious Sites

North Bogota Kesha Temple (South American Holy Temple) - North Bogota, Columbia

Representatives from the Spirit Realm

Position & Name RSR's Seat Notes

Lord Pope Icecyristal67 (Great Lord Ice)

        Veida Representative of Kesha
Lord Chancellor Wyttie (Lord Wyttie) North Bogota       Leader of South American Keshaism
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