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The Kingdom of Khmer (also known as Khmer) was a short lived nation in modern day Cambodia. It is mainly known for it's war of independence from Siam which failed.


Before Khmer, there was another short lived nation in the region named simply, Cambodia. This nation fell apart due to a glitch, Siam and Vietnam were given the go-ahead from the previous leader to do whatever they wanted with the land. It was decided the land would be split between the two nations.

War for Independence (Siamese-Khmer War)

A new leader appeared, Of Russia, he looked to creating a new Cambodian nation. This was unknown by Siam and Vietnam until messages were received by Fluxify I with threats from the pre-established nation. This prompted Fluxify I to put Siam into a full readiness of invasion if a nation appeared in the region.

At 22:00 on 23 March 2019, Of_Russia created Khmer, Siam instantaneously launched an invasion from Bangkok with the support of Byzantium and Qin. Of_Russia was quickly killed, this promoted Khmer to declare Siam an enemy.

Siam re-organized and were re-inforced with Byzantine forces and later Qin forces and they then launched a second offensive into their capital whilst Khmer citizens hid in claims whilst soldiers would try bait the Siamese troops into attacking soldiers with iron armor but they took 14 losses trying to bait.

At 23:20 EST, Khmer conditionally surrendered to Siam with a message which read "Stop attacking us and we'll be your puppet". Khmer entered into peace talks with Siam. Fluxify I brought up the fact that Of_Russia was willing to become a puppet state of Siam when they conditionally surrendered. Of_Russia decided to denounce the statement, saying that nothing was said about becoming a puppet state of Siam. Fluxify I wanted Khmer to pay war reparations and also pay for the rights to Siamese land in Cambodia. Negotiations went on for two hours until no agreement was reached.

Fluxify I announced that an agreement wasn't reached at 01:15 EST on the 24 March and another attack happened. Of_Russia was caught outside claims with Diamond armor on, Fluxify I and Mining Tzar attacked him in the water whilst he was desperately trying to get back to claims. In Of_Russia's realization that there was no hope for him, he pvp-logged.

The second peace negotiations begun, 01:25 EST and an agreement was eventually reached 01:40 EST. Khmer would have to pay 20g as reparations, 75g for rights to the land of Siamese Cambodia (which meant claims are supposed to be removed when the gold is fully paid) and Khmer should accept full guilt for the war. The war ended 01:46 EST with a decisive Siamese victory.

After the War

Citizens of Khmer began to flee the nation after being attacked and killed by Siamese troops. Of_Russia again threatened Siam after losing the war but wasn't taken seriously by Fluxify I at all. The nation soon got bugged after changing it's name to Royal_Thailand and Indochina and the nation was disbanded.