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Baltic States
Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms

National Information
Full Name Great Kingdom of Land of Baltic States (GKLBS, GBS)
National Anthem "Bella Ciao" (ORIGINALE)
Name in Towny Baltic_States
Motto ,,God save Baltic States"
Population 5
/n list page no info
Capital City Sealand coat of arms federal2.jpg Sealandria
Largest City Sealand coat of arms federal2.jpg Sealandria
Oldest City Sealand coat of arms federal2.jpg Sealandria
Established 02 March 2020 7:23 GMT+
Disbanded 26.08.2020
Government Information
Leader Crown.png
Prime Minister FranczixUpdate.png FrancziX
Political System Crown.png Reformed Absolute Monarchy
Economic System Mzl.afnqvhfl.png Free Market (no taxes, no limits, everyone can trade with everyone)
Official Language Englishflag.jpg English

Polish flag.png Polish

Official Religion Roman Catholicism
Army Size 5
Dominions -
Part of
Historical Information
Past Leaders
Past Capitals

Kingdom of Baltic States (GKLBS, KBS) is a nation located in the Baltic Sea, west of Terra Mariana, north of Poland and east of Denmark.



Everything started on 13.12.2019 when PolishGamerYT joined EMC after long break. He found a Cobblestone platform and he declared it as his. He officially created Sealandria 28.12 2019.


When Sealandrian platform wasn't yet claimed, it was griefed a lot of times.

Terra Mariana

Sealandria joined Terra Mariana on the 01.01.2020 and from very beginning Sealandria wanted to create nation

Own nation

It got founded on the 2nd March 2020 at 7:23 (GMT+ Timezone)

First they wanted to name it United Baltic Duchy but it was too long name so they called it Baltic States instead.


After creating the nation, the Stabilization Era occured. They discovered that there is a lot of below Sealandria's Capital so they opened "Sealandrian Iron Mine".

In one month they excavated 200 iron ores.


Baltic States (BS) are allied with Terra Mariana ,Scandinavia (nation) and Imperial Canada. It also has friendly relations with Poland.


The Baltic army is called "Jūras Pestīšana" which, in Latvian, means: "The salvation of the sea" . The constitution states that every citizen is a soldier during a war and that there is compulsory service for a minimum of one month during peacetime.


Baltic States is ruled by a King (Great King / Emperor) and a Prime Minister. Now there are 2 Kings: PolishGamerYT as the Main Great King and FrancziX as the Prime Minister and the Second Great King.


Partial Government

Former government:

  • Taureau_Fou92 - former minister of defense

Honorary citizenship:

  • PolskiPieselQ - ★ Bruv ★: for being the most active and the best citizen ever
  • MorrisYTB - ★ Primair ★: for beign first casual citizen



Most of citizens in Sealandria (capital) are Poles, King and Prime Minister are Poles too and a few residents are Poles aswell. For a short period of time, they had an Arab as a citizen but one day he left and never back. The first citizen was MorrisYTB ( it is not known if this is a good nickname) but he also left and never came back.

National Emblems

Emblem Description

Inverted flag of Terra Mariana , is to emphasize that the Baltic States are still part of Terra Mariana

Coat of Arms

IRL coat of arms of United Baltic Duchy, sometimes it's showing on flag

War Banner / Flag Used during wars on shields etc.
BELLA CIAOOfficial Baltic States Anthem Anthem

Bella Ciao - it's favourite song of PolishGamerYT IRL. Used during official national events.


Lp. Name Flag Mayor Chunks Population
1. Sealandria
PolishGamerYT 26 3
2. Coasteria
FrancziX 16 2

Past towns

Lp. Name Flag Mayor Present nation
1 farm_city none Taureau_Fou92 Hunnic Empire


BSSA - Baltic States Space Agency

LionBlast - weponary company

EarthMC FM - not working anymore radio

The Sea Times - official baltic states newspaper

Useful links

Constitution -

Discord Server -