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this is the story of emc player kobikraft, mayor of kraftier

beginning of his story

kobikraft first heard of the server in november 2019 and thought that it would be fun but at the time he did not know the server ip. months later in march he then logged on for the first time and spawned in the middle of america and in his time in americsa he opened his first gold crate and got 2 gold built a small house near chicago and made a boat then he set sail to europe where he got killed. a few days later he logged on again the queue was a line of 150 4 hours later the queue was over he opened a second gold crate and got 5 gold he traveled to. new zealand and looked for food but found none then he went to tasmania where someone gave him some food then he was invited to newbelleville in ancient egypt where he built a nice house and got ready for life he remained in the town until may 6th and during that 6 weeks there he also got himself god sword and god armor, in late aprilhe got in a couple of fight's and was threatend by the_imapler because at that time most of the world was at war with ancient egypt. he also got called a scammer multiple times because he was trying to sell 10 stacks of redstone for gold but this one guy said that 1 gold is worth 45 stacks of redstone kobikraft did not like this and said that he was the real scammer.


on may 3rd he messaged 57gorky and asked for them to help fund him for his own town. at the time after buying stuff he had 27 gold and needed 37 more gold to make his own town 57gorky told him that when he was at 44 gold 57gorky would give kobikraft 20 gold. so kobikraft tryed as hard as he could to get gold and he was selling redstone sand iron and opening his gold crates everyday. the reason he wants his own town is because he was being bullied for been in ancient egypt everyone said it was the worst country on the server so he made the decision to leave on may 3rd. on may 6th he logged on and messaged 57 gorky saying he had 44 gold and was ready to make his town and 57gorky told him to meet in mersa so kobikraft left ancient egypt and went to mersa where he was given 20 gold and made his new town and called it kraftier he then started a farm and house. on may 8th Kobi got his first resident todaystheday who helped start the town and farm and over the next day the town grew rapidly but was attacked on may 16th and one resident bmoboy lost all his gold on may 18th minecookie200 joined craftier and so did his friend and they were the most active players in the town and mine cookie became the town builder and has built all houses since he joined him and his friend begged for Kobi to go to war with them and on may 20th they went to destroy the great pyramids of Egypt where Kobi lost his god armour and then on the 21st of may Kobi got his stuff back and started selling his own book cowfish monster and he found an evil man along his adventure emperor 6k who said his town sucked and the problem was solved in the Maldives for now on may 22nd when there was a hunt for emperor and Kobikraft killed him and he also moved to Nubia that day. in the following week kobikraft struggled to get new residents but his town size grew 10 chunks he was getting good luck with gold crates on may 25th kobikraft opened his metro and shop he sells a lot of plants sand emerald and glowstone so far he made 2g from selling stuff