History of Kongsmark


Kongsmark was created by LegoDrage December 16. 2019. Kongsmark got claimed by LegoDrage March 25. 2020. The flag of Kongsmark is the original flag of resistance in Kongsmark on Rømø. Kongsmark joined Highlands in March 2020. After several threats from TomBLT (Britain) and Heinikin34 (Germany) was Kongsmark forced to leave Highlands and join Germany. Kongsmark joined Germany at April 3. 2020. Kongsmark is doing really good in Germany, and with a good community and residents. The resident Nethrie got a minister role.

Mai 25th decided the mayor and founder LegoDrage to make the earlier Counciller of Kongsmark, Your_Leader to mayor of Kongsmark.

On June 21, 2020, Britain gained control over Kongsmark. This caused the resident TotalTotem to leave Kongsmark and join Stocka.

Conflicts and battles

The SDW conflict

The SDW (South West Denmark) conflict was a local conflict between two unclaimed towns, Kongsmark and Tønder. Kongsmark was a small unclaimed town at Rømø when Tønder randomly showed up on the mainland Denmark close to Rømø. Tønder were driven by the player Geqx and were peaceful against Kongsmark at the beginning. In January wanted Geqx to claim and remove Rømø to use the space for an harbour. Geqx requested to buy Rømø and Kongsmark from LegoDrage for 36 gold. LegoDrage answered no and that started the SDW conflict.

The battle of Rømø

The battle of Rømø was an result in the beginning of the SWD conflict between Kongsmark on Rømø, and Tønder on the mainland Denmark. Because both towns were unclaimed began Geqx, the mayor of Tønder to attack LegoDrage, the mayor of Kongsmark. This ended up in several fights between Geqx and LegoDrage. The result came after 2 weeks when the mayor of Tønder asked for peace, Geqx offered 50 gold for peace. After the mayor of Kongsmark accepted the offer was there peace in 5 days until the mayor of Tønder left Denmark.

The Great Wall of Denmark

April 24 2020 announced the Kanzler of Germany that a border with Britain in Denmark was made just north for Kongsmark. The mayor, LegoDrage, got then a message from the Kaiser of Germany, Heinikin34, that he should claim all of the border. The mayor decided then to build a high wall going from the east coast of Denmark to the western coast of Denmark. The build began April 24 2020 and was done April 26 2020 at midnight. The wall is 182 blocks long and stretches over 12 chunks. The wall is today the greatest construction made in Denmark and will stand forever*. Picture of the wall further down.

Creation of Dania

The nation Germany bought the nation of Saxony and renamed it to Sverige and moved it to the town of Stocka in eastern Sweden. After problems in the town Kongsmark founded by LegoDrage, chosen LegoDrage, the earlier mayor of Stocka to move the nation to Denmark and renaming the nation Dania (Latin for Denmark).

Kongsmark became the capital of Dania but is still a Kingdom of Germany.

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