Kongsvinger Flag-0
Town Information
Full Name City of Kongsvinger
National Anthem
Name in Towny KongsvingerBanner Kongsvinger
Motto Kongs Kongs Kongs!
Established July 14th 2019
Nation Flag of Sweden.svg Sweden
Population 10
Chunks 185
Coordinates 2096, -11264
Continent Europe
Government Information
Mayor CrAface _CrA6914
Political System
Economic System
Official Language Englishflag English

French French

Drapeau suède Swedish

Official Religion
Historical Information
Past Nations
Past Mayors
Past Councillors

Kongsvinger is a moderately sized city, located in Western Sweden, on the bored with Norway. This town specialises in transportation and infrastructure and the citizens have vastly increased and improved the nation's infrastructure. This town possesses a range of unique features, including being the first town to have a proper train station before the integration of the two ice road systems in the Kalmar Union and Terra Mariana. It was also the only town to have a church before the city modernisation project. It was founded by _CrA6914, with help from King NordicFenris under the name "Matrand" on the 14th of July, 2019.


Pre-Town Creation

Before the town's official creation, _CrA6914 had arrived in the area from the Baltics between the 12th and 13th of July. He had sailed up the river from Gothenburg and had decided to create a town away from other existing towns. Having settled in an area with nothing much nearby, he set out building the town, starting with a mine, then a town hall, farm, and church. He also began building a stone path that would link an existing path to his town to enable easy access to Gothenburg.

Old Town

On the 14th of July 2019, NordicFenris, the King of what was then Sverige approached the soon-to-be mayor of this town. He had come in peace and explained to him that he will help him fund a new town. The mayor quickly accepted and Kongsvinger was integrated into Sverige. The oddly laid street pattern was due to the fact that the town was built before it had been claimed, therefore escaping the common grid pattern altogether.

As the town expanded in size, so did the population with the first resident - hennesseyyyy - living in the newly built residential district on the 6th of August, Just outside the city walls. Kongsvinger would go on to have 10 people living in the residential district and becoming a decently sized city. The old city included a small museum, a local shop and a church. It also contained a wall once the inner city had been built for protection, which was advised by King NordicFenris, who had recently had his wall built around Nya Asgard. The wall was made entirely out of stone bricks and contained a Northern Entrance as well as a western entrance, with H11 heading westbound towards Bergen via Hardanger, and H3 heading from the Northern Entrance of the walled city towards Skratta.

With tensions building between the Kalmar Union and Norway, the mayor decided to include a gate in both of its entrances to prevent unauthorised access and harassment from those in Norway. This gate would be connected to a daylight sensor and would close every night, and open again during the day. As a result of the conflict, one of the active citizens had left the nation altogether and became very inactive on the server, with his diaries discovered and now on display on the museum which clearly illustrates the thoughts and represents the severity of the tensions between the Kalmar Union and Norway.

New Town

After several months, the old city was removed due to its small streets and buildings, along with many buildings being stripped of its purpose for newer buildings. Furthermore, the existing city walls have been removed along with the old Market to make space for the new buildings. The removal of the old city has allowed for fewer streets; bigger, modern and better European-styled buildings and more public spaces to serve the interests of the residents. Pre-Built property prices had also risen due to the removal of the wall and the new views of the newer buildings to better represent modern-day Swedish architecture while still retaining some of the town's history, most notably, the preservation of the CTM headquarters.

The town continued with the style of architecture, as well as the wider roads allowing for more space on the streets. The longest street going straight through the centre of Kongsvinger and over the River Glomma is called Kungsvägen, which is translated to Kings Road. This was the second road built, with Fenrisvägen named after the former king being the first to be built. At this point, the population of Kongsvinger had begun to decline, due to the inactivity of the players. However, the mayor did not invite any more people due to the fact that the town had hardly been rebuilt and did not have any available plots for newer players who did not have the resources to build their own house in the style.

Having rebuilt the town, the mayor decided to rebuild the station underneath the CTM headquarters. He designed it with having 2 floors underground, with the very bottom floor containing the ice road tracks for the K line and line 3. This was laid out to accommodate an island platform, as well as a mezzanine, with the first level underground being a transfer point between Exit A (Kungsvägen and the HQ) and Exit B (Ambassadvägen), as well as the Kongsvinger Metro system. This station takes up 3 chunks underground and is one of the largest stations in Sweden in order to represent CTM.


The CTM headquarters

CTM headquarters

The CTM headquarters

The CTM HQ is the tallest building in the town and the first skyscraper ever built in the new financial district. It was constructed in late August 2019 in collaboration with nicosecci. Furthermore, a new train station was built underneath the tower, giving it another function other than to serve as the Headquarters of the company. The structure mainly consists of black stained glass and a unique squared concrete pattern covering the front and back of the building, at the moment, only the front has been covered and the back has yet to be decorated. Furthermore, it was decided that Kongsvinger Central Station would be located underneath the structure, allowing for easy access to the main street of the city -Kungsgatan- and the T-Bana. An additional exit would be created in the future on Ambassadvagen behind the CTM HQ in order to facilitate the transport of mobs.

Kongsvinger Stadshus

The Kongsvinger Stadhus (Civic Centre) is located on _______ Square and is the largest building aside from Kongsvinger Central Station. It will be able to host town conferences, supply tourists with information and the key areas in the city as well as hosting national meetings. The Kongsvinger Stadshus is mainly built of red concrete, all variations of quartz, stone bricks, spruce wood, black stained glass, and andesite. The building itself took 3 days to plan, and another week to replicate in the city, with the aid of Litematica. Stadshus also has a Kongsvinger T-Bana station located at the junction between Kungsgatan and Carlsvagen, serving line 1 and expecting to serve line 2 in the near future of the Kongsvinger T-Bana.


Kongsvinger Railway Station

Kongsvinger Railway Station is located under the CTM Headquarters outside the city walls. It serves the lines of 3 and K and is a huge transport hub in Western Sweden. It comprises of 4 floors, with the ground floor being a lobby, the B1 floor being the transfer area as well as the access to the T-Bana system, B3 being the mezzanine allowing for mob transport, and B4 comprises of an island platform with 2 tracks on either side of it, one being line 3, and the other being the K Line. In the near future, with more towns needing a connection, the K line will be converted from an express line into a conventional one, serving 8 stations across the UAS and it will be named Line 7.

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