Königsberg is the Prussian Capital,which was founded on the 13th November by FenZenyatta.



Danish age: 13-20 November

Age of growth: 20-23 November

Prussian age: 23 November - March 2019

Polish age: March - Current

Early History (Danish age)

The Danish age lasted from the 13th November to the 20th November.

On the 13th November, FenZenyatta saw a small unclaimed settlement in the area of Königsberg. He thought the area was too good to let free and while he had 2 stacks of gold in his enderchest, he decided to create the town of Königsberg. He spent the first two days on terraforming the area and the rest went on mining gold and building the castle walls.

Königsberg joined the nation of Denmark during this age. Denmark helped the town out with delivering materials, tools and potions.

He was the only member of this town for this age. There were a few visitors here and there who needed a quick teleport but no one stayed for longer than 2 days.

Age of growth

On the 20th November, 4 people with polish background joined the Town. They quickly agreed on disagreeing with the current Polish government and so they planned out a new nation, Prussia. During this period, lots of gold was collected. The period ended on the 23rd November when Königsberg reached 512 gold ingots.

Prussian age

The Prussian age of Königsberg started on the 23rd November after the town mayor, FenZenyatta announced that the town had enough gold to make a nation. The accomplishment was celebrated by the town members but later when an attempt was made on making the nation, they realised it wasn't possible due to /t deposit being disabled. The nation doesn't exist in-game but that didn't stop the members from planning out all of the details of the soon to be Prussian nation.


Castle wall

The project of making walls around the town was started on the 15th November, during the danish age. This project isn't fully finished yet. The walls are about to get decorated and the towers will get rooms built inside of them.

City hall

The city hall is a project announced at the 20th November, at the beginning of the age of growth. The building will begin on the 25th November.

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